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VIC Armahani Amethyst Apina (Aust Ch & Aust Neut Ch) (T Field)
NSW Armahani Bloodstone Bilaidit RE (Australian Champion & Neuter Champion) (S Chouffot and G Brassington)
VIC Armahani Crystal Cumma (Neut Ch) (B Mawer)
VIC Armahani Crystal Cuovgat (Aust Ch Aust Neut Ch) (C Latta)
NSW Armahani Diamond Dansut (AI) CCD RA AD JDX SD GD SPD HT ET JC WPD FMX (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (M Gurney)
VIC Armahani Emerald Eloisa (F Boal)
ACT Armahani Goldstone Ginttal (AI) (Aus Ch) (L Broadbent & J Lincoln)
TAS Armahani Heliodorr Haave (Lee, Richardson and Armahani)
VIC Armahani Heliodorr Hohde (AI) (M. Scriven and J. Lincoln)
NSW Armahani Iolite Ihana (AI) HT ET JC WPD (Aust Ch) (M Gurney & J Lincoln)
TAS Armahani Iolite Ilo (AI) HT (Aust Ch) (Rachael Holloway)
VIC Armahani Jade Jumalatar (F Boal & J Lincoln)
VIC Armahani Kunzite Kruunu (AI) (Aus Ch.) (Ms M Thomas Ms S Dillon & Ms J Lincoln)
NSW Articmal Dynamic Fortune (Aust Ch, Neuter Ch) (C Fitzgerald & I Maddock)
NSW Articmal Tarkya Kastanja (Aust Ch) (Cassie Howard)
QLD Ausvarg Coco Chanel (CH) (B Bowles & R McGill)
QLD Ausvarg Dimity (CH.) (B Bowles & R McGill)
NSW Ausvarg Dixie (Aust Ch) (R & F Holtkamp)
QLD Ausvarg Iina (B Bowles & R McGill)
WA Brambleway Aslakka (Aust CH) (LC & RA Seare and B & SE Laurin)
VIC Calaban's Dirty Dancing RA ET JC (Imp USA) (Am Ch Aust Ch) (J L Lincoln)
NSW Caleebra Armani Acqua RN JC (Australian Champion & Neuter Champion) (J Johnson)
NSW Caleebra Armani Diamond RE JC FM ATD (Australian Champion) (L Sundstrom)
VIC Caleebra Burberrys Brit (AI) RE (W Kassell)
NSW Caleebra Burberrys Summer (AI) (Aust Ch) (G & S Burnside)
NSW Caleebra Calamity Jane (AI) (L Sundstrom)
NSW Caleebra Diamond Empress JC (Australian Champion) (K Sergiacomi)
VIC Caleebra Diamonds Are Forever AD JD SPD WPD (CH) (C & B Ralphs)
NSW Caleebra Elixir of Love (AI) JC (Australian Champion) (J Johnson)
NSW Caleebra Fearless Heart (AI) JC (Australian Champion) (S Chouffot & G Brassington)
ACT Caleebra Gardian Gamora (A & J Knight)
NZ Caleebra Gardian of the Galaxy (Imp Aust) AI (Nicola Aitken (nikki))
QLD Cockatoopark Boldasa Bentley (AI) (B Bowles & R McGill)
QLD Cockatoopark Cozi Up To Me (B Bowles & R McGill)
QLD Cockatoopark Pridea Bentley (AI) (B Bowles & R McGill)
NSW Dagolas Kullannuppu (Imp Fin) (Fin Ch Aus Ch) (L. Mills & S. Gillett)
NSW Dagolas Ystava TD. RN. WPD. (Imp Fin) (Ch) (L. Mills)
NSW Dagolas Zeena WPD (Imp Fin) (Dual Ch (T)) (L. Mills)
QLD Fidelis Gratia Finnica (Fnl) (Ch) (Col & Ros Seare)
QLD Fidelis Haltiatar (imp FNL) (Aust. Ch.) (Miss M. Waters)
NSW Finnesse Aim For Success (AI) (Aust Ch) (C Fitzgerald & K Thompson)
QLD Furballs Glass Walker (Aust Ch) (Roslyn Seare & Katherine Hay)
TAS Furballs Reach For The Stars (Kathryn Hay)
VIC Janoby All About Aura (Ch) (Janoby Kennels)
QLD Janoby Bacto Theld Aroy (Aust Grand Ch/ Neuter Ch) (Col & Ros Seare)
VIC Janoby Ever So Wild (Aust Ch) (N. Toohey)
VIC Janoby Frilly Nickers (Grand Ch.) (Janoby Knls)
VIC Janoby Glitz N Glamour (Aust Ch) (Janoby Kennels)
VIC Janoby Im A Rock Star (CH) (Janoby Kennels)
VIC Kalevi Cheri Flora HT (RUBIS/MBIG/MRUBIG Aust Ch) (M. Scriven and Kalevi Kennels)
NSW Kalevi Danish Freja (Mrs C Howard)
VIC Kiehtova Amour Armelle (CH) (Adrian & Carole Woollard)
VIC Kiehtova Blackfoot Nuna (AI) (Adrian & Carole Woollard)
VIC Kiehtova Blackfoot Yansa (AI) (Adrian & Carole Woollard)
WA Korpi Desert Enchantress (Aust Ch) (Barbara & Sarina Laurin)
NSW Korpi Desert Orchid RN ET (CH) (Ms E McKay)
NSW Korpi Desert Rose CCD RN DWDF.S ET WWPD (CH) (Ms E McKay)
NSW Korpi Halla Dolly (Champion) (Ms Elle McKay)
NSW Lecibsin Sametti RN (Imp UK) (MBISS Australian Champion) (S Chouffot and G Brassington)
VIC Lempo Black Widow (AI) (M. Scriven)
VIC Lempo Blackbird (AI) (BISS) (A. Kelly)
VIC Lempo Independance Day (RuBISS Ch) (Helen Green)
VIC Lumiturpa Emmi CCD RE JD HT (Imp FNL) (Aust Grand Ch) (J L Lincoln)
VIC Lumottu Wild Secret (Aust Ch) (N Toohey)
VIC Lumottu You Can Fly (Aust Ch) (N Toohey)
VIC Magpielane Morning Song CCD RE JDX SD SPD ONYX ET JC WPD (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (N Boyd)
QLD Mirawee Power Of Love (Aust Ch) (LC & RA Seare)
VIC Orical Anni of Oulu (Aust Ch) (L. Mills & M. Sparrow)
NSW Orical Jordie of Chianti (AI) (Lauren Mills)
NSW Orical Katja of Mikkeli (AI) (S. Bendixsen & L. Mills)
NSW Orical Kirsi Of Jove (AI) (Aust Ch BISS) (L. Mills & K. Long)
NSW Orical Liz of Finlandia WPD. (Ch) (L. Mills & R. Petrzalka)
NSW Orical Mystery Wish TDX ET RN (Ch) (Lauren Mills)
VIC Orical Secret Wish (Neutered Champion) (M. Sparrow & B. Hagg)
NSW Orical Sofia of Chianti (AI) ET. WPD. (Ch) (L. Mills & K. Long)
WA Peikkovuoren Maatuska (CZ JCH EUJW-14 Aust CH) (Barbara and Sarina Laurin)
NSW Sibermoon Niina (Aust Grand CH) (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Alluring Arya (Aust Ch, Neut Ch) (Andrew Townsend & C Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Alluring Asha (Aust Ch) (N. Ara & C. Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Cauzin Bedlam (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
QLD Snofyre Dutch Desire (ai) (Ch) (LC & RA Seare & C Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Dutch Dynasty (AI) (Aust Ch) (Sally Townsend & Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Fortune Favrs th Brave (Aust Ch) (C. Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Hear Me Roar (AI) (S Larielle-Barclay/C Rogan/C Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Iconic Comet (Aust Ch) (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Iconic Dancer (L.Wiley)
NSW Snofyre Jewell of Success (Aust Ch) (C.Fitzgerald, A&S Taylor)
NSW Snofyre Kreating Kaos (AI) (Aust Ch) (S Larielle-Barclay/C Rogan/C Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Legend of the Brave (AI) (Sally Townsend & C.Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Made to Achieve (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Never Say Never (Chrissy Fitzgerald & Luke Hurst)
QLD Taigakoira Sydamessa Finlandia (Ch) (B Bowles & R McGill)
NT Theldaroy Anychanceforakiss CCD, RN, DWD-FS, ET (CH) (Elle McKay)
QLD Theldaroy Best Example (Aust. Ch) (Miss M. Waters)
QLD Theldaroy Bewitching Magic (Aust Ch) (M & T Brady)
QLD Theldaroy CAll Me Kielo AD JD (J Gill)
QLD Theldaroy Call Me Madam (Aust Ch) (LC & RA Seare)
QLD Theldaroy Dusty Diva (Ch) (L C & R A Seare)
NSW Theldaroy French Scandal (Aust Ch) (Lc & Ra Seare)
QLD Theldaroy High Acclaim To Fame (Ch) (LC & RA Seare)
QLD Theldaroy NuoriRaikeaJaVapaa HT (Aust Ch) (L C & R A Seare)
QLD Theldaroy NVus Whispers (AI) (Ch) (Lc & Ra Seare)
QLD Theldaroy NVus Whispers AI (Ch / Neuter Ch) (L C & R A Seare)
QLD Theldaroy Paasiainen Lahja (Australian Champion) (LC & RA Seare)
QLD Theldaroy Suklaa Nuitale Noire (CH) (Sarah West)
QLD Theldaroy Suklaa Ylakannella (Aust Ch) (LC & RA Seare)
WA Theldaroy Theway Todream (Aust Ch & Neut Ch) (Barbara & Sarina Laurin)
QLD Theldaroy Unxpctd Charm (CH) (Mr M & Mrs E Siltala)
VIC Theldaroy Very Dynamic (Gayle Knowles and Ros Seare)
VIC Theldaroy wild about me (ch) (Janoby Kennels)
QLD Theldaroy Wild Not Me (Aust. Grand Ch.) (Miss. M. Waters)
QLD Theldaroy Wild Wild Ways (Aust. Ch.) (Miss. M. Waters)
QLD Theldaroy Xpensive Treasure (L C & R A Seare)
VIC Theldaroy Ynot AddSome Spice (LC & RA Seare)
QLD Tositouhun Eve Example (Imp Fin) (Aust Ch) (LC & RA Seare)
NSW Toujour Doux Divine Disney RN (Aust Ch.) (B & M Borg)
VIC Toujour Impec Illusive Ivy RN (Karen Collis)
WA Ukkonen Sirius Impact (Aust Ch) (B&S Laurin and L Valentine Vagg)
QLD Watersedge Alias Anja (Aust. Ch.) (Miss M. Waters)
QLD Watersedge Destinys Child (Aust Ch) (Melissa Waters)
QLD Watersedge Sno Lily (Aust. Ch.) (Miss M. Waters)
QLD Watersedge Sno White (Aust. Ch.) (Miss M. Waters)
QLD Watersedge Tiger Lily (Aust. Ch.) (Miss M. Waters)
QLD Watersedge Tru Colours (IID) (Aust. Ch.) (Melissa Waters)
QLD Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Aust. Ch.) (Miss M. Waters)
QLD Yobhonden Big Bone To Pick (M & T Brady)
QLD Yobhonden Big Hole To Dig (Aust Ch) (R & S Morrison and M & T Brady)
ACT Yobhonden Big Song And Dance (Neuter Champion) (L & S Fielding)

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