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Korpi Capital K
(Ms E McKay)

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VIC A is for Awesome (Imp Nor) (Aust Ch) (T MacDonald & N Toohey)
NSW Armahani Diamond Dansut (AI) CCD RA ADX JDX SDX SPDX GD HT ET JC WPD FMCh (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (M Gurney)
VIC Armahani Heliodorr Halu (AI) RA JC (Aust Supreme Ch) (K Yeap & J L Lincoln)
VIC Armahani Heliodorr Hohde (AI) (M. Scriven and J. Lincoln)
TAS Armahani Heliodorr Hulivili (AI) ET (Supreme Champion) (Rachael Holloway & Jacqualine Lincoln)
NSW Armahani Iolite Ihana (AI) HT ET JC WPD FD (Aust Ch) (M Gurney & J Lincoln)
TAS Armahani Iolite Ilo (AI) HT (Aust Ch) (Rachael Holloway)
VIC Armahani Iolite Ilolas (T Gibson & J Lincoln)
NSW Armahani Iolite Into (AI) ET WPDX (Aust Ch) (N Boyd & J Lincoln)
VIC Armahani Jade Jalokivi (S Hollis & J Lincoln)
NSW Armahani Jade Jylha (Aust Ch) (N Brown & J Lincoln)
VIC Armahani Kunzite Kruunu (AI) JC (Aus Ch.) (Ms M Thomas Ms S Dillon & Ms J Lincoln)
VIC Armahani Kunzite Kuutamo (AI) CCD RE JDX SPD GD HT ET JC (N Wain & J Lincoln)
VIC Armahani Lapis Lazuli Lemmitty (J Lincoln & N Green)
VIC Armahani Lapis Lazuli Loimuta (J Lincoln & T Misiurak)
VIC Armahani Lapis Lazuli Lurjus (J Lincoln & S Guyett)
VIC Armahani Moonstone Mahti (AI) (C Latta & J Lincoln)
VIC Armahani Moonstone Mainnas (AI) (J Lincoln & T Russell)
TAS Armahani Moonstone Movtta (AI) (Rachael Holloway)
VIC Articmal Golden Duke (AI) RA JDX ADX SPD SD GD ET (Aus Ch) (Mrs C Sia)
ACT Ausvarg Dixie (Aust Ch) (Caleb Fryar)
QLD Ausvarg Iina (B Bowles & R McGill)
ACT Ausvarg Linnea (AI) (C M Howard)
VIC Bouvet Mega Bucks (AI) (Angela Kelly)
VIC C'est Louis Armstrong des Chevaloupsgreg CD RAE HSAs (Imp USA) (Aust Supreme Ch & Dual Ch (RO)) (J L Lincoln)
VIC Calaban's Dirty Dancing RE ET JC (Imp USA) (C.I.B. Am Ch Aust Ch) (J L Lincoln)
NSW Caleebra Burberrys Summer (AI) (Aust Ch) (L & L Dickenson)
QLD Caleebra Captain America (AI) (Australian Champion) (N Naismith)
NSW Caleebra Diamond Empress JC (Australian Champion) (K Sergiacomi)
NSW Caleebra Elixir of Love (AI) JC (Australian Champion) (J Johnson)
NSW Caleebra Fearless Heart (AI) JC (Australian Champion) (S Chouffot & G Brassington)
VIC Caleebra Fearless Hero (AI) (Australian Champion) (S Leary)
NZ Caleebra Gardian of the Galaxy (Imp Aust) AI (Nicola Aitken (nikki))
QLD Caleebra Heart Of Winter (Shareen Chouffot)
QLD Caleebra Summer Loving (AI) (B Bowles & R McGill)
VIC Caleebra Summer Sweetheart (AI) (Shareen Chouffot)
QLD Cockatoopark Cozi Up To Me (B Bowles & R McGill)
QLD Cockatoopark Dimonds R For Eva (B Bowles & R McGill)
VIC Janoby Frilly Nickers (Grand Ch.) (Janoby Knls)
VIC Janoby Get Ova It (Aust Ch) (Janoby Kennels)
VIC Janoby Glitz N Glamour (Aust Ch) (Janoby Kennels)
VIC Janoby Im A Rock Star (CH) (Janoby Kennels)
VIC Janoby Kaboom (AI) (Sharne Quinn)
VIC Kalevi Cheri Flora HT (RUBIS/MBIG/MRUBIG Aust Grand Ch Neuter Ch) (M. Scriven and Kalevi Kennels)
NSW Kalevi Fire and Flame (BIS/RUBIS AUST SUP CH) (M. Scriven)
VIC Kiehtova Amour Armelle (CH) (Adrian & Carole Woollard)
QLD Kiehtova Amour Artur (CH.) (B Bowles & R McGill)
VIC Kiehtova Blackfoot Nuna (AI) (Adrian & Carole Woollard)
VIC Kiehtova Blackfoot Yansa (AI) (Adrian & Carole Woollard)
NSW Korpi Capital K (Ms E McKay)
NSW Korpi Desert Rose CCD RN DWDF.S ET WWPD (CH) (Ms E McKay)
NSW Korpi Ladyarabellamountain (Aust Grand Ch) (Miss N Archer)
NSW Korpi obsidion in the sky (Ch) (Ms E McKay)
NSW Lecibsin Sametti RN (Imp UK) (MBISS Australian Champion) (S Chouffot and G Brassington)
VIC Lempo Aussie Affair (Mel Scriven)
VIC Lempo Blackbird (AI) (BISS /Austr. CH) (A. Kelly)
VIC Lempo Independance Day (RuBISS Ch) (Helen Green)
QLD Lumottu Jolteon (Ch) (Brianna Page and Nicole Toohey)
VIC Lumottu You Can Fly (Aust Ch) (N Toohey)
VIC Magpielane Morning Song CCD RE JDX SD SPD ONYX ET JC WPD (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (N Boyd)
VIC Magpielane Shooting Star (Ch) (Mrs C Sia)
NSW Miavig Summer In The City (GC & Mrs SV Burnside)
WA Mirawee All My Heart (AI) (J Plummer & S Laurin)
WA Mirawee Cuddleme Fiercely RN (Aust Ch) (Barbara and Sarina Laurin)
NSW Orical Juha of Arcadia (AI) WPD. ET. (Grand Ch MRUBIS/RUBISS/MBIG/MRUBIG) (L. Mills & K. Innes)
NSW Orical Kirsi Of Jove (AI) (Grand Ch MBISS MRUBIG) (L. Mills & K. Long)
NSW Orical Liz of Finlandia WPD. (Ch) (L. Mills & R. Petrzalka)
NSW Orical New Beginnings (AI) (Aust Ch) (L Mills)
NSW Orical Sofia of Chianti (AI) ET. WPD.RN (Ch) (L. Mills & K. Long)
WA Peikkovuoren Maatuska (CZ JCH EUJW-14 Aust CH) (Barbara and Sarina Laurin)
NSW Snofyre Alluring Arya (Aust Ch, Neut Grand Ch) (Andrew Townsend & C Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Beyond Odinsson (Ch) (C.Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Dutch Dominator (AI) (Aust Ch) (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Fortune Favrs th Brave (Aust Ch) (C. Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Galactic Empire (Ch) (T. Coser)
NSW Snofyre Hear Me Roar (AI) (Aust Ch) (S Larielle-Barclay/C Rogan/C Fitzgerald)
ACT Snofyre Iconic Adventure JC (Aust Ch) (J Richards & C Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Iconic Comet (Aust Ch) (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Jewell of Success (Aust Ch) (C.Fitzgerald, A&S Taylor)
NSW Snofyre Kreating Kaos (AI) (Aust Ch) (S Larielle-Barclay/C Rogan/C Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Legend of the Brave (AI) (Aust Ch) (Sally Townsend & C.Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Legend of Tomorrow (AI) (Aust Ch) (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Never in Doubt (Jaxon Campain & Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Never Say Never (Chrissy Fitzgerald & Luke Hurst)
ACT Snofyre OMG Oh What Kaos (G Richards and C Fitzgerald)
QLD Snofyre OMG What A Dream For Theldaroy (L C & R A Seare)
NSW Snofyre Perfect Crime (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Perfect Love (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Quest For Honour (T & C Coser & Fitzgerald)
NSW Staalon Heartwhole Harry (Imp Fin) (Aust Ch) (GC & Mrs SV Burnside)
VIC Taigakoira Buoremus Davvir PT (BISS Ch.) (Simone Dillon & Meagan Thomas)
VIC Taigakoira Elon Ilo (Aust Ch) (Huey Miin Lim)
VIC Taigakoira Tahtien Valo (AI) (MBIS MBISS Supreme Ch) (Ms H Lim)
NSW Terhakan Lusmu WPD. ET. (Imp Fin) (Ch) (L. Mills)
VIC Theldaroy Call Me Madam (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Caitlin Williams)
VIC Theldaroy Keep The Style (Grand Ch) (G Knowles and R Seare)
NSW Theldaroy Lumipalo Vidar RN ET WPD (CH) (Ms Elle McKay)
NSW Theldaroy Suklaa Crispello (Aust Ch) (K Sergiacomi)
QLD Theldaroy Suklaa Nuitale Noire (CH) (Sarah West)
VIC Theldaroy Very Dynamic (Gayle Knowles and Ros Seare)
QLD Theldaroy Xpensive Treasure (Aust Ch) (L C & R A Seare)
VIC Theldaroy Ynot Addsome Spice (Roslyn Seare)
QLD Theldaroy Ynot Show Uv Got It (Aust Ch) (LC & RA Seare)
QLD Tundrai Arctic Bear (Miss M Curtis and Mr M Warby)
VIC Turnukan Ivalo TD ET (Imp Fin) (Ch & Neut Ch) (L. Mills & M. Sparrow)
WA Ukkonen Sirius Impact JD (Aust Gr Ch) (B&S Laurin and L Valentine Vagg)
TAS Zuleika Bombe Cerise (Rachael Holloway)
TAS Zuleika Le Bombe (Rachael Holloway)

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