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CH Korpi Desert Rose CCD RN DWDF.S ET WWPD
(Ms E McKay)

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VIC A is for Awesome (Imp Nor) (Aust Ch) (T MacDonald & N Toohey)
TAS Armahani Heliodorr Hulivili (AI) ET (Supreme Champion) (Rachael Holloway & Jacqualine Lincoln)
VIC Armahani Kunzite Kuutamo (AI) CCD RE JDX SPD GD HT ET JC (N Wain & J Lincoln)
VIC Articmal Golden Duke (AI) RA JDX ADX SPD SD GD ET (Aus Ch) (Mrs C Sia)
QLD Ausvarg Night Fury (Ch) (Melanie Curtis)
VIC Janoby Get Ova It (Aust Ch) (Janoby Kennels)
NSW Kalevi Fire and Flame (BIS/RUBIS AUST SUP CH) (M. Scriven)
QLD Kiehtova Amour Artur (CH.) (B Bowles & R McGill)
QLD Lapinlumon Velho Imp Den (Aust Ch) (LC & RA Seare, C Fitzgerald, M & T Brady)
QLD Lapinlumon Zutki (Imp Swe) (Grand Ch) (RA Seare)
VIC Lempo The Black Mamba (Aust Ch) (M. Scriven)
QLD Lumottu Jolteon (Ch) (Brianna Page and Nicole Toohey)
WA Mirawee All My Heart (AI) (J Plummer & S Laurin)
NSW Orical Jukka of Finlandia WPD. ET. RN. (Ch) (L. Mills & T. Chan)
NSW Snofyre Dutch Dominator (AI) (Aust Ch) (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Galactic Empire (Ch) (T. Coser)
ACT Snofyre Iconic Adventure JC (Aust Ch) (J Richards & C Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Legend of Tomorrow (AI) (Aust Ch) (Chrissy Fitzgerald)
NSW Snofyre Never in Doubt (Jaxon Campain & Chrissy Fitzgerald)
VIC Taigakoira Buoremus Davvir PT (BISS Ch.) (Simone Dillon & Meagan Thomas)
VIC Taigakoira Elon Ilo (Aust Ch) (Huey Miin Lim)
QLD Taigakoira Kultainen Tilaisuus (Ch) (Brianna Page)
QLD Theldaroy Anyone Dare To Diffa ET (Neut Ch Supreme Ch) (Lc & Ra Seare)
NSW Theldaroy Lumipalo Vidar RN ET WPD (CH) (Ms Elle McKay)
QLD Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aust. Grand Ch.) (Miss M. Waters)
QLD Watersedge Sno Storm (Aust. Ch.) (Miss M. Waters)
NSW Watersedge Under SouthernCross (Melissa Waters)
QLD Yobhonden Big Paws To Fill (Aust Ch) (E Infante, J Tanner and M & T Brady)
TAS Zuleika Bombe Cerise (Rachael Holloway)
VIC Zuleika Gold Digger (Stephanie Ives & Rachael Holloway)

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