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NZ Champion Triscole Sassii
(Trish Andrews)

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VIC Eurabbie Hattara (Ch) (Rachel Robinson)
NSW Eurabbie Kuputza (Aust Ch) (R Mayo-Ramsay)
NZ Eurabbie Meilkki - IMP Aust ( NZ Ch   ) (Trish Andrews)
NSW Eurabbie Unikko (R J Mayo-Ramsay)
NZ Fudge Noble Wolf of Burswood ( imported Canada) (NZ Champion) (Trish Andrews)
NZ Kaarli of Kalevala (NZ Champion) (Trish Andrews)
NSW Siru (imp Fin) (Aust Ch) (Rosalie Mayo-Ramsay)
NZ Triscole Kultainen Tytto (Trish Andrews)
NZ Triscole Nikkoletta (NZ Champion) (Trish Andrews)
NZ Triscole Sassii (NZ Champion) (Trish Andrews)
NSW Villihanhen Australian Kulta imp Finland (Sophia Tromp)

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