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Champion Ecirp Corey Rose
(R & K. A Price)

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NSW Blackfox Hoodoo Voodoo (Australian Champion) (Blackfox/M.L.Piket)
NSW Blackfox OMG Contessa (Australian Champion) (Paris maxfield)
NSW Blackhills Let There Be Rock At Riverlands (IMP NZ) (AUST CH) (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
NSW Blackhills Rock With Emelpee At Riverlands (Imp NZ) (Australian Champion) (Monica Piket)
QLD Bravehunt Hide N Seek (Aust Ch & Senior Earthdog) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
QLD Bravehunt Sugar N Spice (Aust Ch) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
NZ Charlemagne Living Doll (NZ CH) (C tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Rebel Rouser (NZ CH) (C Tolley)
VIC Charmisty Get In Line (CH) (Betty Carter)
NSW Clayco Bone Of Contention (Ch) (Mills / Knight)
QLD Clayco Bones Luna Bell (Ch) (Robyn Scott)
QLD Clayco Finnish Lass (S Mills & Fascianelli B & Scott R)
ACT Clayco Make A Scene (Aust Ch) (Meaghan O'Shannassy)
NSW Clayco Shake It Off (Mrs A Knight & Mr S Mills)
NSW Dnalwon Royal Trinket (Gr Ch) (Scott & Sharon Norman)
VIC Ecirp Alysha Rose (RUBISS Aust Ch) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Corey Rose (Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Enchanted (Grand Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Endeavour (Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Eternity AI (Champion) (R & KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Fame (Champion) (R and KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Fantastique (Australian SUPREME CHAMPION) (R & Ka Price)
VIC Ecirp Firey Mist (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Heaven Sent (Australian Supreme CH.) (R Price and N Newett)
VIC Ecirp Inverness (RUBISS Aust Ch) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Magnifique (Champion) (R & KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Montana (Australian Champion) (R & K A Price)
VIC Ecirp Morning Star (Australian Champion) (R and KA Price)
NSW Ecirp Reminiscent (CHAMPION) (R and K A Price)
VIC Ecirp Requiem (CHAMPION) (R and K A Price)
VIC Ecirp Sensation (Grand Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Shine (R Price & R Burson)
VIC Ecirp Starlet (Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Terrifique (CHAMPION) (Ms R and Mr KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Trinket (BISS  Aust Ch) (R & K. A Price)
NSW Elrancho Simply Deevyne (Australian Champion) (B and Mrs S Fulloon)
NSW Elrancho Simply Xquisit (B and Mrs S Fulloon)
QLD Emelpee High Class (Evan and Benita Mangin)
NSW Emelpee Believe in Me (Australian Champion) (Ms.M.L.Piket)
NSW Emelpee Cocktail Party (Australian Champion) (M.L.Piket)
NSW Emelpee Hey Big Spender (Ms.M.L.Piket)
NSW Emelpee Let's Elope (Australian Champion) (M.L.Piket)
NSW Emelpee Let's Rumble (Australian Champion) (Ms.M.L.Piket)
NSW Emelpee Little Town Flirt (CH) (M. Piket)
NSW Emelpee Little Town Flirt (Australian Champion) (Ms.M.L.Piket)
NSW Emelpee Material Girl (Australian Champion) (B and Mrs S Fulloon)
NSW Emelpee Rhapsody In Blue (Aust Ch) (S Fulloon)
QLD Firezan Cat Ballou (Aust Ch) (B. Duncan)
NSW Firezan Khaleesi (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Bowe)
QLD Foxanatic Pretty Delantii (L & S Flood)
QLD Foxanatic Sling Shot Sal (L & S Flood)
QLD Foxcrag Imn No Angel (Aust Ch) (PG & SH Hewinson)
VIC Foxier Delores Fantasia (NZ & AUS CH) (P Fulcher)
VIC Foxier Fairy Fae (Ms P Fulcher)
QLD Isinheart Black Pepper (K & T Kopp)
QLD Isinheart Indiarnah Marie (Trish & Kerry Kopp)
QLD Isinheart Lady Georgia (Robyn Scott)
QLD Isinheart Madame Angelique (Robyn Scott)
QLD Isinheart Summerlilly (Trish & Kerry Kopp)
QLD Keighhly Lady Penelope (Kerry and Trish Kopp)
QLD Keighly Amelia Joy (Champion) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Imogen (CH) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly jazmine (Mr. K.N. & Mrs. J.A. Hort)
QLD Keighly Jeannie Marie (Champion) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Raina (K & J Hort)
WA Mirolinda Stop Looking Im Here (Australian Champion) (S Friday - Mirolinda Kennels)
WA Mirolinda Thru Th Lookin Glass (Australian Ch) (Shirley Friday)
QLD Mystreebox BossaNovaBaby (June Mann & Georgie Horspool)
QLD Mystreebox La Carlotta (Aust Ch) (Lester & Supranee Flood)
NSW Opara Aurora Miss (Paris Maxfield)
NSW Opara Aurora Miss (Australian Champion) (Ms.M.L.Piket)
NSW Opara Bold Majesty (Paris Maxfield)
NSW Opara Queen Zenobia (Paris maxfield)
NSW Opara Style N Grace (Paris maxfield)
VIC Optimo On Wings of Sunrise (Ch) (K. & J. Campbell)
VIC Optimo Ona Moonbeam (Sup Ch) (Jan and Ken Campbell)
VIC Optimo Once Ina Blue Moon (Ch) (K & J Campbell)
VIC Optimo Optical Illusion (Aust, Fin, Swe, Czech Ch WW-14, EUW-14, CZW-14, FIW14, HEW-14, SEW-14) (Ken & Jan Campbell)
VIC Optimo Out of the Blue, AI (Mr K & Mrs J Campbell)
QLD Pennypuplane Jossie (Bob McKee)
NSW Pinnacle Diamonds R Furever (Sandy & Amanda Evans)
NSW Pinnacle Own The Moment (Imp NZ) (NZ & Aust Ch) (J&L Rowles & A Evans)
NSW Pinnacle PS Eye Love You (Imp NZ) (NZ Ch) (Sandy & Amanda Evans)
NSW Pinnacle Reason to Believe (IMP.NZ) (NZ CH AUST CH) (Ms.M.L.Piket)
NSW Pinnacle Snow No Mercy (NZ Ch) (A & S Evans)
QLD Priorswood Bobcat (Aust Ch) (Lester & Supranee Flood)
NSW Riverlands Pin Up Girl (AUST CH) (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
TAS Riverlands Ramblin ROSE (ch) (S McMahon)
TAS Riverlands Ramblin Rose (ch) (Mrs S McMahon)
NT Santop Abby Road (Mrs M Doyle)
NT Santop Cinderella (Aust. CH) (Mrs M Doyle)
NSW Santop Fire N Ice (Scott & Sharon Norman)
NSW Santop Lady Madonna (Aust Ch) (Scott & Sharon Norman)
NSW Santop Pandora (Aust Ch) (Scott and Sharon Norman)
NSW Santop Whos That Girl (CH) (S & S Norman)
TAS Sasgar Get Your Game On (Trish Kopp)
VIC Sashgar Sunrise Dreams (Ch) (Ken & Jan Campbell)
NSW Selwor Sailor Moon (John Rowles)
NSW Selwor Seventh Wonder (AI) (Aust Ch) (J Rowles)
NSW Selwor Sneak Peek (Aust Sup Ch) (Mr J S Rowles)
NSW Selwor Straight Sets (J Rowles)
NSW Selwor Sweet Victory (Imp NZ) (Aust Sup Ch) (J & L Rowles)
QLD Spotfox Nardia (Bob McKee)
QLD Spotfox Polly (Bob McKee)
VIC Sundar Star of Sunshine (Ch) (K & J Campobell)
QLD Sunfox Mary Gold (Ch) (John Conroy)
NSW Tamard Colour Me Purple (Tamara Mayo-Ramsay)
QLD Tamsam Pa Ote Huka (imp NZ) (Aust. Grand Champion) (PG & SH Hewinson)
NZ Tamsam Too Right I'm White (NZ Ch) (P Plimmer & S Seddon)
NSW Triplefun Inverelle Lass (BIS AUST CH/) (J/V Morriss)
WA Triplefun Memphis Belle (Aust Ch) (J. Purss and D. Bowe)
VIC Triplefun Our Destiny (CHAMPION) (J & V Morriss and R Price)
QLD Triplefun Too Hot To Handle (CH) (Olivia Mangin)
NSW Triplefun. Our Destiny (Aust Ch) (J/V Morriss /R Price)
QLD Waitapu Wicked Ways (BIS Aust Champion) (J Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Batteries Not Included (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Dawn Breaker (Aust Ch) (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Instyles's Y Me (CH) (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu It's All About Me (Australian Supreme Champion RUBISS RUBIS) (Jane L Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Wilma Witch (Jane Cantlon)
VIC Wedigit Paparazzi's Huntress at Ecirp (Am Ch, Ch) (Robyn Price-Killeen)

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