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WA Abshe Excel (BIS Ch) (A. Adamopoulos)
VIC Acacian Aiming High (Aust Ch Neuter Ch) (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian Bella Donna (BISS Aust Ch) (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Acacian Super Natural (Aust Ch) (Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Adoringgold Eye Of The Storm (AI) (Supreme Ch) (Lorraine Harrowfield)
NSW Alnclair Bring It On ET (AUST CH) (Rachel Shapter)
QLD Alnclair Pink Diamond at Dobro (BISS Champion) (Liz Molnar)
NSW Alubyc Georgia (Grand Ch) (M & P O'Sheehy & J & J Mackender)
QLD Alubyc Mystery Girl (Aust Ch) (S & M Careless)
QLD Alubyc Tullymorgan (Champion) (W & K Vowell)
WA Ambermist Serenade (Champion) (Ruth Connah)
WA Ambermist Tequila Sunrise (Ch) (Debra Turner)
NSW Aneiraby Sirius Charm (Grand Ch) (Mick & Pauline O'Sheehy)
VIC Annador Just IT And Abit (Aust Ch) (Goldshyne Kennels)
VIC Annador Little Miss Splendid (Ch.) (Mrs D & Miss A Alexander)
NZ Arctique Let The Thunda Roll (CH) (Liz Steed)
NZ Arctique September Rain (NZ & AUST. CH.) (Liz Steed)
NZ Arctique Summer Rain (CH) (Liz Steed)
SA Argandab Bentley (Australian Champion) (Paula Goodall & Sheila Rammell)
TAS Ashiya Wishes N Dreams (Aust Ch) (Dunfriar Kennels)
NSW Athalow Addicted to Sin (BISS MRUBIS Gr Ch) (Bob & Barbara McNab)
NSW Athalow Wild At Heart (Aust Champion) (M Magnayon)
QLD Aubairn In Rapsches (Aust Ch) (Nick and Tina Wolverson)
QLD Aubairn Podsofpepper (Aust Ch) (Nick and Tina Wolverson)
NSW Aursauver Air Force One (Aust Ch) (David Griffin)
NSW Aursauver Game Set N Match (Gr Ch) (David Griffin)
NSW Aursauver High Flyer (Aust Ch) (Mrs Coleen Stirton)
NSW Aursauver Of Anfield (Aust Ch) (Mr David Griffin)
NSW Aursauver Organised Crime (Aust Ch) (D Griffin)
NZ Autumn Light at Salhouse (CH) (Carole McNie)
SA Baradav A Reason To Smile (ai) (Australian Grand Champion) (Barb & David JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Crime Does Not Pay (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr D M & Mrs B A Joseph)
SA Baradav Dream Come True (Australian Champion) (Mr DM & Mrs BA Joseph)
SA Baradav Flying Solo (SUPREME Champion) (Barb & David JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Framed In Gold (Australian Champion / Neuter Ch) (David & Barb JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Goinplaces CCD (Australian Champion) (David & Barb JOSEPH)
SA Baradav Iwoodream (Australian Champion) (David & Barb Joseph)
SA Baradav Law N Order (AI) (GRAND Champion) (Barb & David Joseph)
SA Baradav Noble Affair (AI) (GRAND Champion / Neut Grand Ch) (Barb & David JOSEPH)
NSW Baradav Out N About CD.RAE (Ch. Neut. Aust Ch) (Tanya Martyn)
SA Baradav Shes Got The Look (ai) (Australian Champion) (Barb & Davdi Joseph)
SA Baradav Tribute To Pop (AI) (Australian Champion) (Barb & David Joseph)
NSW Baradav Wicked Ways RN (Aust Ch) (Tanya Martyn)
TAS Beaucroft Devil Wears Prada (ABBIS Aust. Ch.) (Beaucroft Kennels & Denise Wadsley)
TAS Beaucroft Fait Accompli (MULTIPLE RBISS AUST CH) (Beaucroft Kennels & Mr. P. Stevenson)
VIC Beaucroft Faith In You And Me (AI) (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Elizabeth Mitchell)
VIC Beaucroft On The Same Paige(AI) (Aust Ch) (Ms Carol Hobbelen)
VIC Beaucroft The Brigadier (Aust. Ch) (Beaucroft Kennels)
TAS Beaucroft The Cadet (ABBIS & BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Beaucroft Kennels /D & J Wadsley)
TAS Beaucroft The Cadet (AUST. GRAND CH) (Beaucroft Kennels/D & J Wadsley)
VIC Bicklewood Goodwill Hunting (Australian Grand Champion) (Mrs Wendy and Dr Ian Johnson)
NSW BlueBreeze Barefoot Princess (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Cover Girl (Aust. Gr. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Hero Of Never Land (Aust. Gr. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Legend of Saltire (Aust. Gr. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze Property of a Lady (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze The First Lady (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW BlueBreeze The Flying Scotsman (Aust. Ch.) (Debra Stubbings)
NSW Bonett Bride Merchant Traveler (Imp Hun) (Aust Ch. & Hun. J Ch) (Emma Clark)
SA Brackendell River Song ET (Aust Grand Champion) (Brackendell)
NSW Bradleen All Cashed Up (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Teresa Anderson)
QLD Bralmico Liberty Lace (Aust & NZ Ch) (De-arne Hargreaves)
QLD Bralmico Nordic Majik (Ch) (De-arne Hargreaves)
QLD Bralmico Vintage Genes (BIS Ch) (De-arne Hargreaves)
NSW Brygolden Oatly Tyrone (Aust & NZ Ch) (Mick & Pauline O'Sheehy)
NSW Burragundy Brace Yourself ET (MBISS MRUBISS AUST CH) (Skye Stephens)
NSW Burragundy Dusty Drover (Grand Champion) (Pauline & Tim Kelly)
NSW Burragundy Ned Kelly (CHAMPION) (D&S Piper / T&P Kelly)
NSW Camelot Quapaw's To Oz & Back (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (A. Adamopoulos/P.Herschman/K. Wood)
QLD Camelot's Always in Trouble at Wysiwyg (Imp USA) (RUBIS Aust Grand Ch.) (A. Adamopoulos/P. Herschman)
VIC Camuka Monarch ofthe Glen (Aust CH.) (Mark & Jane Hodges)
SA Chaleur Acclaim To Fame (Grand Champion) (Mrs Ruth Thompson)
SA Chaleur Black Tie Affair (MBIS MRUBIS BISS SUPREME CH) (M, C & K Harding)
SA Chaleur Catwalk (AI) (Australian Champion) (Mrs Ruth Thompson)
SA Chaleur Craftsman (ai) (Aust Ch    ) (Mrs Ruth Thompson)
SA Chaleur Enchanted (CH) (Mrs Ruth Thompson)
SA Chaleur U Had Me At Hello (Aust Ch) (Mrs Ruth Thompson)
SA Chaleur Unforgetable (GRAND CHAMPION) (Mrs Ruth Thompson)
SA Chaleur Valentino (Supreme Champion) (Mrs Ruth Thompson)
SA Chipala Have A Little Faith (Australian Champion) (Paula Goodall)
QLD Clangold Allita CDX (Aust Ch) (Miss C Ryan)
WA Conarhu Gonwith The Wind (Aust Ch) (Ruth Connah)
QLD Cornerstone's California Tan CD ET (Imp USA) (Ch) (Wysiwyg)
QLD Cruftine Forian Gold CDX (Mulit BIS Aust Ch) (Miss C Ryan)
SA Dobro Arcade Fire (Aust Ch) (Chris & Rebecca Sommer)
QLD Dobro Dellaluna (Champion) (L Molnar)
WA Dobro Diamantina (Grand Champion) (Carla O'Donnell)
NSW Dobro Diamond Edge (AI) (BISS Champion) (Liz Molnar)
SA Dobro Golden Slipper (Australian Champion) (Mr DM & Mrs BA Joseph)
QLD Dobro Kimberlee Diamond (Aus Champion) (Mrs B.Kent)
QLD Dobro Master Blend (AI) (Champion) (Liz Molnar)
NSW Dobro Samurai Guy BISS (Champion) (L Molnar)
QLD Dobro Sky at Night (Champion) (Liz Molnar)
NSW Dompetan Glenn Archer (Aust CH) (Geoff and Patricia Woodman)
QLD Doncari Josiah UD (BIS Aust Ch) (Miss C Ryan)
VIC Dream Max Anja Pärson (Imp Swd) (Aust Ch) (Jane Fall)
TAS Dunfriar Beauforth (BIS/Aust Ch) (B W & S A Courtney)
TAS Dunfriar Golden Idol (Aus Ch) (Bryan , Sherridan & Amelia Courtney)
TAS Dunfriar The Brave (Aus Ch) (Dunfriar Kennels)
QLD Dykinta Beech Wood (Ch) (W Atkins & C & J Chambers)
QLD Dykinta Never Ending Story (AI) CD RAE (DUAL CH (RO) NEUTER GRAND CH SUPREME CH) (Miss C Ryan)
NSW Dykinta Northern Laddie CCD CD RAE RM NRA (Aust Champ) (D & V Harris)
NSW Dykinta Secrets Safron (Aust Ch) (Bronwyn Gaywood)
NSW Dykinta Skai Fyre E.T. (Aust Ch) (Donna Puttock)
QLD Dykinta Southern Breeze (Aust Ch) (Nicole Van der Walle)
NSW Dykinta Spring Loaded (Supreme Ch  ) (Wendy Atkins)
NSW Dykinta Super Nova (Aust Ch) (Wendy Atkins)
NT Dykinta Zenith Zevi CD RM RAE (Ch Neut Aust Ch) (Liz Denholm)
NT Dykinta Zenith Zevi RN (Aust Ch) (Liz Denholm)
QLD Edgecombe's Wysiwyg Chaos Bound For Botany Bay (Imp USA) (Am/Can.Ch Aust. Sup Ch.) (A. Adamopoulos/D. McAllister)
SA Elbadari Freij Zandra (Australian Champion) (DM & BA Joseph)
QLD Emperosgold Story of Hearts (BIG Aust Ch) (WA & KDL Vowell)
NSW Euraidd Just A Gigolo UD NRA (Aust Ch) (Jan Dixon & Louise Patterson)
QLD Euraidd One Night Stand CCD UDX RAE RM NRA (Obed Grand Ch RO Ch) (Jan Dixon & Louise Patterson)
NSW Eurogold Double Jeopardy (Aust Ch) (G & K McNee)
NSW Eurogold Eye Catcher ((RUBISS) Aust Ch) (Karin Connell)
NSW Eurogold Eye Witness (Aust Ch) (Karin Connell)
NSW Eurogold Intuition (Aust Ch) (Karin Connell)
WA Fantango Cant Buy Me Love (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Debra Turner)
VIC Fantango Here Comes The Sun ( AI) (BISS Aust.Ch.) (Mrs P Hodges & Ms J Salvestrin)
SA Fantango Love Actually (AI) (Aust Ch) (Clare & Rebecca Sommer)
VIC Fantango Playing For Keeps (AI) (Aust Ch) (Goldshyne Kennels)
TAS Fantango Reach For The Sun (Aust Ch) (Patricia Middleton)
VIC Fantango Say It With Style (Aust Ch) (Goldshyne kennls)
WA Fantango Westside Story (Aust Champion) (Jackie Crawford)
NZ Fantango What Happens in Vegas (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Miss J Bedford & Ms J Salvestrin)
NSW Fernamber Apparition (Aust Champion) (D & V Harris)
VIC Fernfall Beyond Heaven (Aust Ch) (Elizabeth Mitchell)
VIC Fernfall China Rose (Aust Ch) (Jane Fall)
VIC Fernfall Daydreambeliever (Aust.Ch) (Jane Fall)
VIC Fernfall Gives Me Goosbumps (Ch) (Jane Fall)
VIC Fernfall Gleneyre (AUST CH) (Annador Kennels)
VIC Fernfall Let Me Entertain You (Ch) (Jane Fall)
VIC Fernfall Sea Legend (Aust Ch) (Jane Fall)
VIC Fernfall Sun Power (Aust Ch) (Jane Fall)
VIC Fernfall Take It To The Limit (AI) (Aust Ch) (Jane Fall)
VIC Fernfall Time Traveller (Aust Ch) (Christine Pulis)
VIC Ferngold Commodore (Aust. Ch.) (Beaucroft Kennels)
NSW Fetchnpoint Knee Jerker ET (RUBISS Grand CH) (Skye Stephens)
NSW Fetchnpoint Catch Of The Day ET (Ch) (Skye Stephens)
TAS Giltedge Angel Dust (Champion) (Darlene Petterwood)
NSW Giltedge Blackwatch (Ch) (Kim Handley)
NSW Giltedge Cat Got Your Tongue ET (Ch) (Skye Stephens, Kim Handley, Tiffany Plat)
NSW Giltedge Do You Like Apples {AI} (MBISS, BIS, RUBISS, RUBIS CH) (Skye Stephens & Kim Handley)
NSW Giltedge Faithful (Aust Ch) (Michelle Strain)
NSW Giltedge Roll Out The Red Carpet CCD RN ET {AI} (CH) (Skye Stephens, Kim Handley,Tiffany Platt)
TAS Giltedge The Poet (Grand Ch) (J&D Wadsley/Beaucroft Kennels)
NSW Glenaic News Alert(NZ) (AustCH) (A Cooper & G Jackson)
VIC Glentreve Playing With Fire at Goldsmith {IMP NZ} (Aust/NZ CH) (S and J Wraith/ Price/ Fletcher)
QLD Goldbrior Evening Shadow (Aust Ch) (Darren Grimes)

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