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AUST CH Bydahl Black Bounty
(Kerry Bell)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

NSW 12-Jul-2012Clanset Hot Shot (BIS BISS AUST SUPREME CH) (M MacCormick)
NSW 18-Jul-2012Lochtay Boston Legal (MBIS, MBISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Kerry Bell)
NSW 18-Jul-2012Lochtay Dark'n Stormy (MBIS MBISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Kerry Bell)
SA 12-Oct-2012Drumdaroch Beamers Run (AI) BISS (Aust Supreme Ch) (Steve & Carolyn Bennett & Sarah Auld)
VIC 25-Jan-2013Deveron Dark Skies ET (BIS BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Dr Linda Beer & Mr Matt Norton)
VIC 8-Feb-2013Deveron Easier Said Than Done (BIS BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Dr Linda Beer & Mr Matt Norton)
SA 21-May-2013Triseter Ebonie Yukon (AI) (BISS MRUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Tracie Edwards & Esther Joseph)
VIC 8-Apr-2016Triseter Celtic Playboy (AI) (MBIS Sup Ch) (Mr J Moore)
VIC 27-Oct-2017Triseter Celtic Seal (Aust Sup Ch) (Triseter Kennels)

Australian GRAND Champions

NSW 3-Jan-1998Tahtan Black Agnes (BIS/ BISS AUST GR CH) (A & A Finlaison)
NSW 2-Aug-2000Lochtay Brodie (BIS BISS AUST GR CH) (Kerry Bell)
NSW 27-Jan-2001Lochtay Briars Sharrow (BIS AUST GR CH) (Kerry Bell)
NSW 15-Aug-2004Tahtan Black Adoniss (BIS BISS AUST GR CH) (AD & AE Finlaison)
VIC 6-Nov-2005Rokeena Eliza Bennet JD FMCh CGC O-NJC OJC NAC TN-N TG-N NCC (BIS BISS Grand Ch) (Dr Linda Beer & Mr Matt Norton)
NSW 7-Jun-2008Warchant Barnaby (BIS BISS AUST GR CH) (Ferguson/ Finlaison)
VIC 18-Dec-2008Triseter Ebonie Zeus (BISS & BIS Grand Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
QLD 12-Sep-2009Tahtan Firestorm (AUST GRAND CH) (Karen Gay)
SA 22-Aug-2010Triseter Ebonie Yarra (AI) (MBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
VIC 9-Feb-2012Triseter Celtic Ice (Grand Ch.) (Triseter Kennels)
WA 18-Jul-2012Deveron Amazingly Easy (Multi BIS Supreme Ch) (Dr L Beer & Mr M Norton & MIss M Briggs)
SA 5-Sep-2012Triseter Celtic Beela (Aust Grand Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
VIC 29-Nov-2019Kemsley Dare To Dream RN (RUBIS. RUBISS. MBIG. CIB/Aust Gr Ch.) (Natalie Collins)

New Zealand GRAND Champions

NZ 1-Jan-1990Azzaro All Black Knight (Grand Ch  ) (Karen & Ernie Leslie)

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