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BIS BISS AUST GR CH Tahtan Black Adoniss
(AD & AE Finlaison)

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NZ Azzaro All Black Knight (Grand Ch  ) (Karen & Ernie Leslie)
VIC Azzaro Knight-Rider (Imp NZL) (BIS NZ & Aust Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
NZ Azzaro Storm Trooper (Ch) (M Lawrence, C McManus & K Leslie)
SA Carnoustie Let The Game Begin (AI) (J Newton, S Timmermann, R Cornum)
SA Carnoustie Mr Bojangles (AI) RUBISS (Aust Ch) (Steve & Carolyn Bennett & Sarah Auld)
SA Carnoustie Myth and Magic (Aust Ch) (Steve & Carolyn Bennett & Sarah Auld)
QLD Charnnah Catching The Action (AUST GRAND CH) (Graham & Cheryl Smith/Karen Gay)
QLD Charnnah Causin A Sensation (AUST CH) (Karen Gay)
QLD Charnnah Forged By Fire (AUST CH) (Karen Gay)
QLD Charnnah Marc Inthe Dark (AUST CH) (Karen Gay)
QLD Charnnah Over Hot Coals (Aust Ch) (Karen Gay)
NSW Clanset Autumn Harvest (ai) (M Maccormick)
NSW Clanset Hot Shot (BIS BISS AUST SUPREME CH) (M MacCormick)
NSW Clanset Rain Dance (Meg Maccormick)
NSW Clanset Spring Into Action (Aust Ch) (M MacCormick)
NSW Clanset Stormin Norman (BISS CH) (Finlaison/ Hunt)
WA Deveron Amazingly Easy (Multi BIS Supreme Ch) (Dr L Beer & Mr M Norton & MIss M Briggs)
WA Deveron Amazingly Easy (BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Beer, Norton & Briggs)
NZ Deveron Caught in the Moment (imp Aust) (Karen & Ernie Leslie & Dr L Beer)
NZ Deveron Caught In The Moment (imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Karen Leslie)
VIC Deveron Easier Said Than Done (BIS BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Dr Linda Beer & Mr Matt Norton)
SA Drumdaroch Beamers Run (AI) BISS (Aust Supreme Ch) (Steve & Carolyn Bennett & Sarah Auld)
VIC Drumdaroch Sky Of Dreams (Aust Ch) (Dr L Beer & Mr M Norton)
NZ Drumtreve How Special (Lynley Drummond)
VIC Drumtreve Special Someone At Deveron (Imp NZ) (Dr L Beer)
VIC Goango Black Boss (IMP Finland) (AUST CH) (Sue Natoli)
SA Jamanelph Norman King (Aust Ch) (Mrs M King)
VIC Kemsley A Wish Come True (Aust Ch) (Sue Natoli)
VIC Kemsley Dare To Dream RN (RUBIS. RUBISS. MBIG. CIB/Aust Gr Ch.) (Natalie Collins)
VIC Kemsley Make A Wish (CH) (Ricky and Stephanie Govan)
VIC Kentigern Dark Clansman ET. (CH.) (E. & S. Slabon)
VIC Kentigern Dark Enchanter (Ch) (E. & S. Slabon)
VIC Kentigern Dark Highlander CCD. RA. ET. (T. CH. NEUT. CH. TS. GRAND CH) (M. K. Yarnold)
VIC Konnierose Kamikaze for Kemsley (Sue Natoli)
QLD Latchmere Awaken Thedragon (Karen Gay)
VIC Latchmere Hell Raiser (P Nicol)
VIC Latchmere The Pagan (Aust Ch) (Carol Nicol & Dean Jones)
NSW Lochtay Boston Legal (MBIS, MBISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Kerry Bell)
NSW Lochtay Briars Sharrow (BIS AUST GR CH) (Kerry Bell)
NSW Lochtay Dark'n Stormy (MBIS MBISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Kerry Bell)
NSW Lochtay Full Metal Jacket (AUST CH) (Kerry and Emily Bell)
QLD Pintettea Black Magic (Donna Bruckner)
QLD Pintettea Gothic Black AI (Donna Bruckner)
VIC Settmore Dreams Of The Night (Mr J Moore & Miss K Orr)
NSW Tahtan Black Adoniss (BIS BISS AUST GR CH) (AD & AE Finlaison)
QLD Tahtan Firestorm (AUST GRAND CH) (Karen Gay)
NSW Tahtan I Shot The Sheriff (AI) (Finlaison/ Hunt)
NSW Tahtan North By NorthWest (Ch) (Finlaison/ Hunt)
NSW Tahtan Oliver Twist (BIS/ BISS Ch) (A & A Finlaison)
NSW Tahtan Ostentatious (MBISS CH) (AD & AE Finlaison)
NZ Tahtan Shot at Fame (Imp-Aust) AI (NZ Ch) (Lynley Drummond)
VIC Triseter Celtic Blu (Aust Ch) (Esther Joseph & Sandra Williams)
VIC Triseter Celtic Flash (Aust Ch) (Jason Moore & Esther Joseph)
VIC Triseter Celtic Ice (Grand Ch.) (Triseter Kennels)
VIC Triseter Celtic Jai (BIS,BISS, Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
SA Triseter Celtic Nickel (T Edwards, A Fraser & E Joseph)
VIC Triseter Celtic Playboy (AI) (MBIS Sup Ch) (Mr J Moore)
VIC Triseter Celtic Seal (Aust Sup Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
VIC Triseter Celtic Yale of Brodruggan (AI) (Triseter Kennels)
SA Triseter Ebonie Yarra (AI) (MBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
SA Triseter Ebonie Yukon (AI) (BISS MRUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Tracie Edwards & Esther Joseph)
VIC Triseter Ebonie Zeus (BISS & BIS Grand Ch) (Triseter Kennels)
NSW Warchant Barnaby (BIS BISS AUST GR CH) (Ferguson/ Finlaison)

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