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SA Danelyne Once Upon A Dream (Aust Ch) (Shontelle Davies)
SA Danelyne Out Of The Woods (AI) (Tracy Whiter)
VIC Danelyne Rave Review (BIS AUST CHAMPION) (Mrs Sue Burrows)
NSW Danelyne She's Got The Look for Tantallon JW[imp Aust] (U.K. English Ch.) (Inez Cooke)
VIC Danelyne Sweet as Sugar (CHAMPION) (Mr R & Mrs M Buckland)
SA Danelyne The Final Straw(ai) (Aust. CH) (V7z Place)
QLD Danelyne The Patriot (AUS CH) (Janelle Shailer)
SA Danelyne Walk the Line (AUST. CHAMPION) (V&Z Place)
SA Danelyne Whos That Girl ( (v.&Z. place)
NSW Danestorm Darkside Otha Moon A.I (Aust Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
NSW Danestorm Herdit Onthgrapevin A.I (Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
NSW Danestorm Mystical Moon A.I (Aust Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
NSW Danestorm Rumours N Gossip A.I (Aust Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
SA Danesworld Built HSV Tough (AI) (Tracy Wallage)
SA Danesworld Coco Chanel (Aust Ch) (Tracy Wallage)
SA Danesworld Rebel By Choice (AI) (Aust Ch) (Tracy Wallage)
SA Danesworld Rebel By Design (AI) (Aust Ch) (Jane-MarieWells)
QLD Danetastic Duncan Donuts (BIS BISS Australian Champion) (Donna Burnett)
QLD Danetastic Gota Hav Faith (Australian Champion) (Donna Burnett)
QLD Danetastic Loony Joony (RUBISS) (Donna Burnett)
SA Danetastic Wild Child (Australian Champion) (Lynne Halliday)
WA Dante de Bouleum (imp SRB) (A and M Furst)
VIC Darjoce Bennie Scott (J Hayward & D Payne DARJOCE KENNELS)
VIC Darjoce Davinchi Code (AI) (Darjoce Kennels)
NZ Darjoce Dita Von Teese (AI) (Marg & Tony Hopping)
VIC Darjoce Forrest Gump (AI) (Jos & Darren Payne - Darjoce Kennels)
VIC Darjoce Hope N Glory (Jos & Darren Payne)
QLD Darjoce Miracle Maker (Sally Gough)
VIC Darkat Abracadabra (BISS AUST CH) (Craig & Lynne Taylor)
VIC Darkat Achtung Baby (AUST GRAND CH) (Kathy Smith)
VIC Darkat Agent Provocateur (MBIS MBISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Tracey Coyle)
VIC Darkat Angelina Ballerina (BISS AUST CH) (Kathy Smith Darren Ripper)
VIC Darkat Apanchito Passion (AUST CH) (Kathy Smith)
VIC Darkat Asti Riccadonna (RUBISS AUST GRAND CH) (Kathy Smith)
SA Darkmatter Poison Ivy (Scott and Candice McLeod)
SA Darkmatter The Dark Knight (Scott and Candice McLeod)
NSW Dharug Velvet (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
QLD Divadanes Dartists Choice (AI) (T. Cox)
QLD Divadanes Delilah (Matthew & Rechelle Brown)
QLD Divadanes Dundee Superstar (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Grand Beauty (Matthew And Rechelle Brown)
QLD Divadanes Hit The Mark V Sharcon (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Limited Edition (AI) (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Made ov Bluestone (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Made You Look (BISS, RUBISS Aust. Ch.) (V Lansbury)
QLD Divadanes Million Dollar Baby (Tony cox)
QLD Divadanes Need For Speed (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Prophecy Fulfilled (T. Cox)
QLD Divadanes Set In Stone (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Shes Got Th Look (Cox)
NSW Divadanes Tomahawk Rising (AI) (BIS RUBIS RUBISS Australian Supreme Champion) (E&M Taggart)
TAS Djoce Hope N Faith (BISS Champion) (Kerry Adams - Kayem Great Danes)
WA Dragos Dark Angel (M Mitchell)
WA Dragos Eternal Angel (M Mitchell)
QLD Eleganser Anser Anser (A Ward & A Bjornerem)
QLD Eleganser Aurora Australis (Aust Ch) (A Bjornerem)
QLD Eleganser Behaving Badly (Andie Crouch / Ane Bjornerem)
NSW Eleganser Beloved Beech (K Loseby & A Bjornerem)
NSW Exjaes Between Friends (CH) (Dee Milthorpe)
VIC Flaunt-It Von Gigantic Blau (IMP Hun) (Kerry McKinnon)
NZ Grand Fawns Zeus for Congistador (BIS BISS NZ Ch) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
WA Grand Royal's Foxy Charlotte Corday (Imp SWE) (Aust Ch) (G E Hoeksema)
WA Grand Royal's Invincible Caesar(Swe) (G E Hoeksema)
NSW Great Bels Jersey (Imp Denmark) (Kirsty McLaughlin)
VIC Halcyondanes Kaminari (Aust Ch) (Ms A Donnan)
NZ Harlamor Hot Fuzz (Tania Sylvester)
NZ Harlamor Just Go With It (Ch) (Tania Sylvester)
NZ Harlamor Just Like Heaven (Tania Sylvester)
NZ Harleton Devil Wears Prada (Tania Larsen)
NSW Harlvalley Bandit (Jeff & Janette Cook)
NSW Harlvalley Minnie the Moocher (Jeff & Janette Cook)
NZ Helmlake Xotic Fashion at Crestwell (Imp UK) (NZ BIS & BISS Ch) (E Craig, Gillian Hapi & J Barkas)
QLD Heloroy Ace (Lisa and Laurie Innes)
QLD Heloroy Bent-On Ace Of Spades (AI) (Australian Champion) (Heloroy Great Danes)
SA Heloroy Bent-On Like a Tuxedo (AI) (Australian Champion) (Candice and Scott McLeod)
VIC Heloroy Bent-On Mystical Charm (AI) (Cathryne Scarratt Kay)
QLD Heloroy Bent-On Watch Her Now (AI) (Debbie Bent)
QLD Heloroy Bent-On Willows Future (Heloroy Great Danes)
SA Heloroy Benton Lke At Tuxedo (AI) (Ch) (Scott and Candice McLeod)
QLD Heloroy Born Ace (Loree Sellars)
QLD Heloroy Sure She Will Impress (Loree Sellars)
QLD Heloroy Willows Triple Threat (Heloroy Great Danes)
SA Heradane Pretty In Pink (ai) (Tracy Whiter)
SA Heradane Special Agent (AI) (Tracy Whiter)
NSW Hildydane Angelic Brunhilde (Peter & Anna Schultze)
NSW Hildydane Apollo (Aust Ch) (Ms H Schliefert)
SA Hildydane Athenah (Australian Champion) (P Jacques)
QLD Hildydane Beau Zest (Aust Champion) (Kerrie Loseby)
NSW Hildydane Beautiful Babette (Aust Ch) (Ms H Schliefert)
NSW Hildydane Beautiful Yvette (Aust Ch) (Evette Taggart)
SA Hildydane Bent On Genevieve (AI) (Australian Champion) (Tamara Howie)
NSW Hildydane Bent on Greta Garbo (AI) (H. Schliefert)
SA Hildydane Calibre (Australian Champion) (Patricia Jacques)
SA Hildydane Emperor Klaudius (Australian Champion) (Patricia Jacques)
NSW Hildydane Empress Kristina (Aust Ch) (H F Schliefert)
WA HildyDane Gorgeous Aussy Girl (A and M Furst)
NSW Hildydane Hyperion (Aust Ch) (Ms H Schliefert)
NSW Hildydane Imperial Guy (B & K Loseby)
NSW Hildydane Incredible Blade (Aust Ch.) (B Donnelly)
NSW Hildydane Indianah Jones (Aust Ch) (Ms H Schliefert)
QLD Hildydane Jennevieve (Aust Champion) (Bruce and Kerrie Loseby)
NSW Hildydane Lord Igor (Aust Ch) (Ms H F Schliefert)
NSW Hildydane Lord Nelson (Aust. Ch.) (A.& M. Marshall Notradane Great Danes)
NSW Hildydane Olympiah (AUST CH) (Bruce & Kerrie Loseby)
NSW Hildydane Pablo Picasso (Aust Ch) (H F Schliefert)
SA Hildydane Pagan (GRAND CHAMPION) (P Jacques)
SA Hildydane Princess Ines (Megan Enright)
NSW Hildydane Queen Beatrix (H F Schliefert)
NSW Hildydane Rasputin (Aust Ch) (W King)
NSW Hildydane Sapphire Queen (W King)
NSW Hildydane Tatiana (Paul & Jessica Taylor)
NSW Hildydane The Kaiserin (Aust Ch) (Ms H Schliefert)
NSW Hildydane The Vagabond (Nuria Armengou & Vernon Perry)
NSW Ikatchn Showpiece (Aust Ch. Multi BISS) (Kirsty McLaughlin)
NZ Inkworks Obiwon Kenobi (Imp Aust) (Tania Larsen)
NSW Inkworkz Aayla Secura (ai) (AUST CH) (Inkworkz)
NSW Inkworkz Bo Katan (ai) (Inkworkz)
NSW Inkworkz Bobba Fett (ai) (AUST CH) (Inkworkz)
NZ Inkworkz Obiwon Kenobi (ai) (Tania Larsen)
NSW Inworkz Ahsoka Tano (ai) (Inkworkz)
QLD Jazzebella Bad To The Bone (Jacinta Reynolds)
QLD Jazzebella Im Hot U R Not (AI) (Australian Champion) (Narelle Reynolds)
QLD Jazzebella Juz Cruzn (Australian champion) (Narelle Reynolds)
QLD Jazzebella Little Hottie (Narelle Reynolds)
NSW Jazzebella S'Dansk Hot Stuff (AI) (Australian Grand Champion) (Julie Hyde Stordansk Kennels)
VIC Jazzebella Tears From Heaven (Narelle Reynolds)
VIC Jazzebella Tears From Heaven (F. R Clifton)
NSW Justdane Diamond Lil (Aust Ch) (Ms H Schliefert)
TAS Kaoota Kalisha (Susan Grant)
TAS Kaoota Karri (Champion) (Susan Grant)
NSW Kaoota Kira Li (AI) (Multi R/U BISS Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
TAS Kaoota Kitai (Champion) (Susan Grant)
TAS Kaoota Koa (Susan Grant)
QLD Kashanby Dali's Dream (Australian Champion) (Narelle Reynolds)
QLD Kashanby Di Vinci's Design (Karen O'Keefe)
QLD Kashanby Drysdale's Damsel (Karen O'Keefe)
QLD Kashanby Monet (Karen O'Keefe)
TAS Kayem Been There Dun That (AI) (Champion) (Kerry Adams)
TAS Kayem Devils Hocus Pocus (Champion) (Kerry Adams)
VIC Kayem High Hopes (AI) (Gayle Revill)
NSW Kayem Petes Johnny Jackson (Pete Littlejohn)
NZ Kaynyne Flyin Solo at Lapsewood (Multi BISS RUBISS NZ Ch) (Gary Withers)
NSW Kochak Jerome Kern (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
QLD Kochak Kaos (Aust Ch) (Paul & Debbie Daly)
QLD Kochak Lucrezia Borgia (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Paul and Debbie Daly)
NSW Kochak Omnipotent (Multi BISS Australian Champion) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Kochak Quentin Crisp (MULTI BIS RUBIS RUBISS SUPREME CH) (Chris Mascord)
NSW Kochak Rebel Rebel (BIS BISS SUPREME CH) (Debbie Selden & Mark Bradburn)
QLD Kyeye Howzat Davo (Des & Theresa Morgan)
NZ Lapsewood Ladyhawke (BISS NZ Ch) (Gary Withers)

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