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Aust Ch Ornac A Play On Words
(Sally Underwood)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

SA 2-Aug-2012Martinridge Whisperin Secrets (BIS Australian Supreme Champion) (B & S Martin)
VIC 5-Aug-2012Setterlands Tamburello At Pendoric ( Imp NZ ) (BIS & BISS Aust Supreme Ch & NZ Ch) (L& AM Hearn & Mr & Mrs Heskett)
QLD 8-Aug-2012Yarramo Minerva (Multi BIS. Aust Supreme Ch) (Tony and Marg Norton)
VIC 31-Aug-2012Shelomith Vice Regent (Aust Supreme Ch) (Gail Cleland)
SA 16-Oct-2012Martinridge Work O Art (BIS Australian Supreme Champion) (Bernie and Sheridan Martin)
SA 23-May-2014Martinridge Flirting WTulane (Supreme Champion) (B Martin)
NSW 5-Dec-2018Fantango Red Bull (Sup. Ch.) (Mr. P. Middleton & Ms J. Salvestrin)
QLD 1-Oct-2019Eireannmada Versace (Australian Supreme Ch) (Greg Browne & Lorraine Sanney)
VIC 24-Nov-2019Rhiannon One For The Money (Australian Supreme Champion) (Marina & Jacinta Scott)

Australian GRAND Champions

SA 17-Jun-1998Martinridge Kiss O Fire (Grand Ch) (Peter and Bernie Martin/ M. Winch)
VIC 20-Jul-1998Pendoric Fire N' Ice (A.I.) (Multi BIS RUBISS Grand Ch) (Anne-Marie & Leigh Hearn)
SA 11-Sep-1998Marigold By The Way (Grand Ch) (Peter and Bernie Martin)
SA 9-Dec-1999Martinridge Pure Delight (Grand Ch) (Peter and Bernie Martin)
SA 1-Aug-2000Eireannmada Times Square (Grand Ch) (Bernie Martin)
QLD 30-May-2001Yarramo Dinny Dunmore (Aust Grand Ch) (Tony & Margaret Norton)
VIC 30-Jun-2001Eireannmada At Harvard (Grand Ch) (D & G Cleland & G Browne)
SA 11-Nov-2003Martinridge Vintage Crop (Grand Ch) (Peter and Bernie Martin)
QLD 23-May-2005Yarramo High Amex (Aust Grand Ch) (Tony & Margaret Norton)
VIC 24-Jul-2005Eireannmada Fortuitous (Mult BIS/ Multi BISS American & Australian Grand Ch) (Greg Browne and Leslie Russell)
VIC 2-Nov-2006Eireannmada Springtime (BIS, BISS Australian Grand Ch) (Greg Browne)
QLD 19-Feb-2007Yarramo Lauda OMalley (Aust Grand Ch) (Tony & Margaret Norton)
SA 13-Sep-2007Martinridge Flamin Glory (Grand Champion) (B Martin)
QLD 16-Apr-2008Yarramo Thaun OFire (Aust Grand Ch) (Miranda Norton)
SA 13-Oct-2009Martinridge Flirtini (Australian Grand Champion) (Bernie Martin)
VIC 19-Apr-2010Rhiannon Resplendence (Australian Grand Champion) (Marina and Jacinta Scott)
VIC 29-Apr-2011Pendoric Perfect Angel (RBISS Aust Grand Ch) (L& AM Hearn & M/s Alyson Baker)
SA 4-Jan-2012Rhiannon Rouge Amour (Aust Grand Champion) (Mrs G & Dr R Nettle)
VIC 23-Jan-2015Eirean California By Design (AI) (Australian Grand Champion) (Mr K & Mrs D Anderson)
QLD 30-May-2018Eireannmada Breakfastattiffany (Australian Grand Champion) (Greg Browne)
SA 30-Apr-2019Martinridge Date With Destiny (GRAND Champion) (B Martin)

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