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Guardacor Black Magic
(Michelle Minardi)

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NSW Allevatore Blue Ivy (Aust Champion) (Donna Blundell)
WA Armorcor Darla (Ch) (Mr C Wyrewenaden)
WA Armorcor Drogo (Ch) (Mr C Wyrewenaden)
QLD Awesomissimo Aurelia (Australian Champion) (Shelley Shaw)
WA Awesomissimo Fausto (David Allen / Belinda Allen)
QLD Awesomissimo Flora (Shelley Shaw)
VIC Hiworx Blue Moon (Australian Champion) (Michelle Minardi)
NZ Itacor Ebony Dream (IMP AUST) CGC B (NZ CH) (S Mischefski - Numoda)
ACT Kylasha Blue Moon (Aust Ch) (Nicole Tetley)
ACT Kylasha Goddess of The Moon (Nicole Tetley & Lana Opbroek)
ACT Kylasha Out for Vengeance (Nicole Tetley & L Opbroek &Donna Collins)
NSW Kylasha The Impaler (MULTI CIS. MULTI CIG. Gr Champion) (Nicole Tetley and Lana Opbroek)
NSW Kylasha Turn it up (BIG Aust Ch) (Nicole Tetley and Lana Opbroek)
NSW Lamastino Sonic Boom (Aust CH) (O. J & A. J Holland & F & M Crisa)
VIC MMDIVINE Black Thunder (Michelle Minardi)
VIC MMDivine Evie Wild Child (Aust Ch) (Michelle Minardi)
VIC MMDivine Phoenix of The Rising (Australian Champion) (Michelle Minardi)
QLD Ozcor Saxon (Australian Champion) (Shelley Shaw)
NSW Redgladiator Queen Sheba (Milan Farkas)
NSW Redgladiator Balisto (Australian Champion) (Milan and Rosalyn)
WA Sebpietro Ammo (Belinda Allen)
QLD Sebpietro Rodolfo (Mrs S Shaw and Mr P & Mrs S Cimarosti)
ACT SPQRKA Queen Athena (AI) (April Costa)
WA Spqrka Freyja (Aust Champ) (Belinda Allen)
NSW Thoreoz Im Sexy and I know it (Aust CH) (Mr O. J Holland & Mrs A. J Holland)
NSW Thoreoz Lagertha (O. J & A. J Holland & P Franchi)
NSW Thoreoz lets get ridiculous (CH) (Mr O. J & Mrs A. J Holland)
NSW Thoreoz like a wrecking ball (Mr O. J & Mrs A. J Holland)
NSW Thoreoz Princess of Power (Aust CH) (O J & A J Holland THOREOZ Kennels)
NSW Thoreoz Versace rose gold (Mrs O. J & Mrs A. J Holland)
NSW Thoreoz Walking in Memphis (Mr O. J & Mrs A. J Holland)
ACT Velhogranja Brit (Aust Ch) (Nicole Tetley)

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