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AUST CHAMP Mindura My Way Or No Way

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Australian SUPREME Champions

NSW 9-Jul-2012Whatajack Rebel (Aust. Supreme Champion) (Crystal Walker,Judi Purss & Garry Butler)
NSW 8-Apr-2013Whatajack Fire Fly (Aust Supreme Champion) (Garry Butler)
VIC 19-Apr-2013Baylock Master Brew (AUST SUPREME CHAMPION) (Kimberley Azzopardi)
QLD 7-Nov-2013Classicyds Cum Nc Th Real Thing (MBIS, Royal BIS Australian Supreme Champion) (Jason, Nadia & Melaine Attridge)
QLD 14-Mar-2014Jacattack Bean A Skylark (Multi BISS Multi RUBISS Supreme Ch) (Hobbs/Cartner)
NZ 24-May-2015Hollybrook Bobby Dazzler (AUST Sup Ch / NZ Ch) (Jeanette Jack)
NSW 8-Oct-2015Joelleigh Hidden Treasure (SUPREME CH) (Leesa Musgrove)
VIC 5-Jun-2017Classicyds Get Smart (Sup Ch) (Jason,Nadia & Mel / Kimberley)
NSW 21-Oct-2018Joelleigh Diamond Indus Skys (AUST GRAND CH) (Leesa Musgrove)
VIC 14-Mar-2019Weisnjac Lets Get Rocked (Supreme Ch) (Weisnjac Kennels)
NT 1-Aug-2019Occuli Stardust Angel (Multi BIS, Multi RUBIS, Sup Ch) (S Gordon)
NSW 1-Aug-2019Joelleigh Ziggy Stardust (Aust Supreme Ch) (Leesa Musgrove)

Australian GRAND Champions

NSW 1-Jan-1990Joelleigh Darya Ye Noor (AUST GRAND CH) (Leesa Musgrove)
NSW 8-Aug-2006Ozjack Dream Prince ET (Aust Grand Champ) (Garry Butler)
QLD 11-Sep-2006Jr/Wessex Thorn Boy M.E (Grand Ch And Master Earthdog) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
NSW 28-Sep-2007Whatajack Ice Dancer (Aust Grand Champ) (Garry Butler)
NSW 8-Oct-2007Ziliam Doya Know Banjo (AUST GRAND CH) (Elizabeth Pennesi)
QLD 6-Apr-2008Whatajack Sockettoem (Aust Grand CH) (Mrs D Horne)
VIC 25-Jan-2009Palanquin Persephone (Dual Ch (T) & Grand Ch) (Nikki Smith - Weisnjac Kennels)
VIC 30-Aug-2009Mindura Main Attraction (Aust Gr Ch) (Mrs Kerri Johnson)
NSW 1-Nov-2009Lemosa Mr Energizer (Grand Ch) (Lemon /Salter/Mills)
NSW 1-Dec-2009Lemosa Im The Man (Aust Grand Ch) (A E Knight/ S Lemon/V Salter)
QLD 21-Sep-2010JRWessex Blaze of Glory (Grand Champion) (Jason & Nadia Attridge)
QLD 10-Sep-2011Lemosa My Sweet Destiny (Australian Grand Champion) (Jason & Nadia Attridge)
NSW 26-Sep-2011Joelleigh Althatglitters (Grand Ch) (Leesa Musgrove)
QLD 1-Jan-2012Ouwitllemate Boodwah Babe (Aust Grand CH RUBISS Multi BIG) (Donna Horne)
VIC 24-Jul-2012Darraye Billy Buttons (Grand. CH.) (June Ellis)
WA 30-Dec-2012Warwick Wannabe Boss IMP NZL (Australian Grand Champion) (Vicki White - Battlestar Kennels)
NSW 7-Jun-2017Covejack The Duke (Aust Grand Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW 4-Jun-2018Covejack Winkipop (Aust Grand Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)

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