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Aust CH Casmara/JR Cornelius
(Fran Kinnear)

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NSW Aidan Bayleys N Ice (IMP NZ) (NZ CH/AUST CH/AUST NEUTER CH) (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
NZ Ashlands Mastercard (Ch) (Wendy O'More)
SA Atorae The Alter Ego (Atorae Kennels)
WA Battlestar Courage Under Fire (Vicki White)
WA Battlestar Take Metothe Church (Ms V E White)
VIC Baylock Midori Splice (CH) (Ms. Kimberley Azzopardi)
VIC Beaconway Malung Memory (Aust Ch) (Alicia & Michael Mann)
VIC Beaulieuhill Piccasso (Sophie Scott)
NSW Bekmar Al Jolson (AUST.CH) (Sheryn & Wayne Muir)
NSW Bekmar Edith Piaf (Sheryn & Wayne Muir)
NSW Bekmar Starley (MRU-BISS-BIG-MRUBIG CH) (Mrs.J.Clifford)
NSW Bekmar Tori Amos (Mrs.J.J.Clifford)
QLD Belljacks Believe In Magic (Aust Ch) (S & K Whyatt)
QLD Belljacks Luck Ov The Draw (Aust CH) (Kathy Whyatt)
QLD Belljacks Shadow A Masterpiece (Aust,CH) (S & K Whyatt)
QLD Belljacks Tuff As Steele (S & K Whyatt)
NSW Bernloch Northern Doll DNA Clear (D I & A M Aldridge)
NSW Bernloch Smart And Sassy DNA Clear (Griffis/Aldridge)
VIC Blazeaway Banquo (BIS Multi BISS Multi RUBISS Supreme Ch) (Alicia & Michael Mann)
NSW Brenwick Brother Bart (Robyn Taylor)
NSW Brenwick Heavens Missing Angel (Robyn Taylor)
NSW Brenwick Reign of Power (Australian Champion) (Robyn Taylor)
NSW Brighthelm Cressida (Ch) (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Delilah (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Fidelio (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Brighthelm Witches Britches (Aust Ch) (Sarah Gaffikin)
NSW Casmara-JR Clonakilty (Mrs F D Kinnear)
NSW Casmara-JR Magnum (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Beau Brummel (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Beau Monde (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Cornelius (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Gold Flame (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
NSW Casmara/JR Gold Rush (Aust Ch    ) (Fran Kinnear)
TAS Chaswyck Alfa Romeo (Aust Ch) (Mrs S T Wickham)
TAS Chaswyck Just De Vine (Mrs S T Wickham)
QLD Classicyds BustaMove (CH) (J,N & M Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Cum Nc Th Real Thing (MBIS, Royal BIS Australian Supreme Champion) (Jason, Nadia & Melaine Attridge)
QLD Classicyds Destinys Child (Australian Champion) (Jason, Nadia and Jenni Attridge)
VIC Classicyds Get Smart (Sup Ch) (Jason,Nadia & Mel / Kimberley)
QLD Classicyds Keepn Up Wth The Ks (Australian Ch) (Jason, Nadia & Melaine Attridge)
NSW Classicyds Neverbreak Th Chain (Aust Ch) (Sam King / Jason & Nadia & Mel Attridge)
TAS Classicyds Wreck It Ralph (CH) (Mrs S & Miss A Axton)
NSW Covejack Crystal Cylinder (Aust Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Seaside Dreams (Aust Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Shes A Beach (Aust Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack Surf Power (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Covejack The Dukes Double (Aust Ch) (Jayne Hawkins and Doug)
NSW Covejack Tyler Wright (Aust Ch) (Anne)
NSW Covejack Winkipop (Aust Grand Ch) (Jayne Hawkins)
NSW Currallie Cashel (Aust CH) (Fran Kinnear)
QLD D B F For Old Time Sake ( Imp USA ) (AM CH) (S & K Whyatt)
NZ Gershopoin Just Drew It (imp Aust) (Linda C. Strongman)
NZ Hollybrook Bobby Dazzler (AUST Sup Ch / NZ Ch) (Jeanette Jack)
QLD Hollybrook Bobby Dazzler (Aust Supreme Ch & NZ Ch) (Jason & Nadia Attridge)
NZ Hollybrook Off The Radar (NZ Ch) (Kathy McCarthy)
NZ Imlay Full Of Tricks (Kathy McCarthy)
WA Iona Second Time Around (Australian Champion) (Vicki White - Battlestar Jacks)
VIC Jackirra Count Basie (Ch) (Sandra Worsley)
NSW Jacknthebox Bean Energized (AUST.CHAMPION) (Anita-kaye Malby)
NSW Jacknthebox Coffee Bean (AUST.CHAMPION) (Anita-kaye Malby)
VIC Jacknthebox Flaming Beauty (Sophie Scott)
NSW Jacknthebox High N Mighty (Anita-kaye Malby)
NSW Jacknthebox Off The Planet (Anita-kaye Malby)
NSW Jacknthebox Power House (CHAMPION) (Anita-kaye Malby)
NSW Jacknthebox Roxy (AUST.CH.) (Anita-kaye Malby)
NSW Jacknthebox Ruby Tuesday (AUST.CHAMPION) (Anita-kaye Malby)
NSW Jacknthebox Space Cadet (AUST.CHAMPION) (Anita-kaye Malby)
NSW Jacknthebox Timewarp (AUST.CH.) (Anita-kaye Malby)
NSW Jackofhearts Hit The Headlines (Doreen and Ashlea Aldridge)
NSW Joelleigh Darya Ye Noor (AUST GRAND CH) (Leesa Musgrove)
NSW Joelleigh Diamond Indus Skys (AUST GRAND CH) (Leesa Musgrove)
NSW Joelleigh Diamond Solitaire (AUST CH) (Leesa Musgrove)
NSW Joelleigh Hidden Treasure (SUPREME CH) (Leesa Musgrove)
NSW Joelleigh True Colours (Leesa Musgrove)
NSW Joelleigh Ziggy Stardust (Aust Supreme Ch) (Leesa Musgrove)
VIC JRWessex Brydee (Sophie Scott)
NSW Just In Time Eleerre (IMP ARG) (Jnr Ch) (Mrs J J Clifford)
NSW Kadama Glass Half Full DNA Clear (D&A Aldridge)
NSW Kadama Khandi Swirl DNA Clear (D&A Aldridge)
NSW Karnak Desert Rose (Jennifer Bayliss)
TAS Karnak Rambling Rose (Mrs Michelle A Booth)
VIC Kermalor The Wicked Wench (Kerri Johnson)
WA Kingpark Tilly Devine (J. Purss and D. Bowe)
NSW Lemosa Lady Bella (Aust CH.) (Philip & Alaine Jones)
TAS Lemosa Miss Tassie Devil (Australian CH) (Roxanne Battle)
NSW Lemosa Prince Harry (Ros Menzies)
WA Lemosa Western Star (Vicki White)
NSW Libertybrook Spellmaster (Jennifer & Phillip Bayliss)
NSW Lizneb Built To Last (Liz Nelson)
NSW Lizneb Light My Fire (Aust Champion.) (Liz Nelson)
QLD Llessur African Queen (imp NZ) (AUST CH,) (Kathy Whyatt (BELLJACKS KENNEL))
NZ Llessur Baccarat (Joanne Knighton)
NZ Llessur Bet The Farm (Joanne Knighton)
WA LLessur Vanilla Vixen IMP NZL (Australian & Neuter Champion) (Ms V E White)
NSW Macbraedly Wotajax Inferno (Mr Garry Butler)
VIC Maljack Patch Adams (N &M Cook)
NT Occuli Stardust Angel (Multi BIS, Multi RUBIS, Sup Ch) (S Gordon)
QLD Ouwitllemate Ivory Mask (Aust CH) (Donna Horne/ Laureen Horne)
QLD Ouwitllemate Wayward Angel (AUST GRAND CH BISS) (Donna Horne/Laureen Horne)
NSW Ozjack Flash in the pan (Ch.) (Bob Purss)
NSW Ramnous No Way Back D'alice (Imp) (J Ch Grc) (Anita-Kaye Malby)
NSW Rhaegal Clark Gable (Aust Ch  ) (Samantha King)
NSW Rhaegal Gold Dust Woman (Miss Samantha A King)
NSW Rhaegal Power and the Passion (Samantha King)
NSW Rhaegal Wild Honey (Miss Samantha King)
NSW Rhaegal Wolfman Jack (Miss Samantha A King)
NSW Riverlands Written Inth Stars (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
NSW Robraine Dream Keeper (Mrs Lm Freund)
NSW Robraine Dream of Dixie (Mrs LM Freund)
TAS Roccabrite Donnybrook (Roxanne Battle)
NSW Roccabrite Irish Reel (Mr W & Mrs S Muir)
NSW Roccabrite Riverdance (Mr W & Mrs S Muir)
NSW Roccabrite Sensation (Mr W & Mrs S Muir)
NSW Roccabrite Wildfire (Mr W & Mrs S Muir)
NSW Rogojin Jack Irish (Aust Ch) (Ken & Cheryl Hodge)
NSW Rogojin Luck Of The Irish (Aust Ch) (Ken & Cheryl Hodge)
NSW Rogojin Pandamonium (Aust Ch) (KW & CA Hodge)
SA Runninjacs Flash Dance (Ch) (Atorae Kennels)
VIC Runninjacs Kung Fu Panda (Ch) (Kimberley Azzopardi)
VIC Runninjacs The Dark Knight (Kimberley Azzopardi)
SA Springmere Hubble Bubble (Ch) (Atorae Kennels)
VIC Tiarker Ripple In The Water (Aust Ch) (Alicia & Michael Mann)
NSW Toby Jack Fifi (B & D Lawson)
NSW Toucansto Go It Alone (Mr Laurie Burt)
WA Waiseley Autumn Fire (D Bowe and J Purss)
NSW Waiseley Summer Storm (S Hooper)
VIC Weisnjac Ima Bootyshaka (Aust Ch & Neut Ch) (Weisnjac Kennels)
VIC Weisnjac Lets Get Rocked (Supreme Ch) (Weisnjac Kennels)
VIC Weisnjac Shoot To Thrill (Dual Ch (T) Grand Ch, Neut Ch) (Weisnjac Kennels)
NSW Whatajack Cinders (Aust Champion) (Garry Butler)
NSW Whatajack Cracker Jack (Aust Ch) (Garry Butler)
VIC Whatajack Days Of Thunder (H Cadan,S Cadan & D Hippisley)
NSW Whatajack Fire Fly (Aust Supreme Champion) (Garry Butler)
NSW WhataJack Fire Storm (Champion) (Garry Butler)
NSW Whatajack Grand Elegance (Aust Supreme Ch) (Garry Butler)
QLD Whatajack I Am (Aust Ch) (S,B,M Mills & Kaye McGhie)
NSW Whatajack Just Dreaming (Garry Butler)
NSW Whatajack Pure Gold (Aust Grand Ch) (Garry Butler)
NSW Whatajack Sapphire (Garry Butler)
QLD Willamond Litle Girl (L Campbell)
SA Winterbourne Irish Avenger (Annette Scott)
TAS Winterbourne Irish Ransom (Aust Ch) (Mrs S T Wickham)
NZ Zoendy Kayla (W. O'More)
NZ Zoendy Maggie Mae (NZ ch) (Wendy O'More)
NZ Zoendy Selene (NZ CH) (Joanne Knighton)

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