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Australian SUPREME Champions

NSW 10-Jul-2012Nederhund Katjas Katjim At Calivale ET (MBIS MBISS Aust Supreme Ch & NZ Ch) (Katrina L Santas)
NSW 10-Jul-2012Klompen's Gone Walkabout At Calivale ET (Imp USA) (MBIS MBISS Aust Supreme Ch) (KL Santas)
NSW 10-Jul-2012Calivale Calln The Shots (MBIS MBISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Katrina L Santas)
NSW 10-Aug-2012Nawtikees Dontcha Wish (BIS/RUBIS/ Aust SUPREME CHAMPION) (Tracy & Paul Hofman)
NSW 10-Aug-2012Ryfrost Eat My Shorts (BIS / BISS / RUBIS / RUBISS Supreme Ch) (Mr E & Mrs R Ryan & Mr P & Mrs A West)
NSW 20-Aug-2012NawtiKees Pandemonium (RUBIS/BISS/RUBISS / Aust SUPREME CHAMPION) (Paul & Tracy Hofman)
NSW 4-Sep-2012Calivale Katch Me If U Kan ET (MBIS MBISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Katrina Santas)
WA 4-Dec-2013Leifhond All Eyes On Excelsior (Aust Supreme Champion) (M Holland)
VIC 16-Jan-2014Calivale True Spirit (MBIS/MRUBIS/BISS AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) (D & D Wall & K Santas & J. Falkner)
NSW 3-Dec-2014Ryfrost Sniff Ya Later (BIS / RUBIS Sup Ch) (R Ryan)
WA 24-Apr-2015Kahnhond Touch O Magic (MRUBIS BISS Aust. Supreme Champion) (S Mallia)
QLD 27-Jun-2015Keez Keep Em Talking (Multi BIS RUBIS SUPREME CH) (Michelle, Phil Elliott Hickey Rob Stewar)
NSW 1-Mar-2016Cinereus Polar Ice (IMP FIN) (MBIS/MRUBIS/MBISS/MRUBISS Fin CH & Aust Supreme CH) (Tracey Parker)
SA 18-Apr-2017Caspakees General Lee (Aust.Supreme Ch.) (Mrs.M.Sawley)
WA 23-Oct-2017Hunkeedori Life On The Edge (AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) (Mrs M Holland & Ms K Santas)
NSW 1-Aug-2018Rymiska Ice Breaka AtLeifhond (MBIS/BISS/RUBISS Aust CH) (Miss L Wyhoon/Miss T Parker)
SA 25-Oct-2018Nawtikees Riders On The Storm (AUST SUPREME CHAMPION) (Chris and Tahnee Spear)
NSW 8-Nov-2018Hunkeedori Is Where Thparty At (MBIS & RBISS Aust Sup Ch) (KL Santas & S&B Barr)
VIC 16-Jan-2019Kahnhond Magic Touch (MBIS MRUBIS Aust Sup Ch) (D.i. & D. J. Wall)
NSW 1-Nov-2019Kahnhond Latest Edition (Aust Sup Ch) (Brad Santas)
NSW 4-Feb-2020Rymiska Howzat (RUBISS(o)/MBIG/MRUBIG Australian Supreme Champion) (Tracey Parker)
NSW 27-Feb-2020Hunkeedori Heeerrreeesss Jonnie (MBIS MRBIS CIB Australian Supreme Champion) (Katrina Santas)

Australian GRAND Champions

NSW 9-Mar-1998Rysup La Belle Lucie (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Miss R L Millner)
NSW 19-Jun-2001Rymist Sugar N Spice at Calivale ET (MBIS & MBISS Aust Grand Ch & NZ Grand Ch) (Brad & Katrina Santas)
NSW 17-Mar-2004Calivale Playboy ET (MRBISS Aust Grand Ch & NZ Ch) (Brad & Katrina Santas)
WA 10-Jul-2004Zilvervos Llewellyn (Multi BIS/RUBIS Grand Champion) (Anne Jellett)
VIC 25-Nov-2004Suitkees Majesteit (Grand Champion) (AJ & DC Groves)
VIC 28-Mar-2006Keezansur Regal N Style (Aust Grand Champion) (AJ & DC Groves)
VIC 6-Dec-2008Leifhond Silver Lynx (Aust GR CH) (Miss Leanne Wyhoon)
VIC 5-Jul-2009Leifhond Look Im Rihanna (GR. CH) (Miss Leanne Wyhoon)
VIC 8-Feb-2013Keez Que Sera Sera (BISS/RUBISS Australian Grand Champion) (David & Denise Wall)
WA 27-Nov-2014Leifhond Focus On Mietta (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs M Holland)
WA 2-Aug-2018Kahnhond City Of Angels (Australian Grand Champion) (T& SJ Mallia)
QLD 19-Dec-2018Hunkeedori Life Inth Fast Lane (Aust Gr Ch) (Katrina Santas)
WA 27-Mar-2019Kahnhond Southern Saphire (Aust Grand Ch) (T & SJ Mallia & D & D Wall)

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