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Aust Ch Venlo Spice Up The Party
(Pam & Andrew Yu)

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VIC Arranbrae Fire N Glory (Mr D & Mrs D Wall)
WA Arranbrae Name Of The Game (T & SJ Mallia)
WA Arranbrae Wish Upon A Star (T & SJ Mallia)
WA Axsollonte A Moment In Time (Mrs M HOLLAND)
WA Axsollonte Time After Time (Mrs M HOLLAND)
WA Axsollonte Time Lord Excelsior (Mrs M HOLLAND)
TAS Bargeway Next Edition (Imp UK) (MBIS MBISS Australian Supreme Champion) (B Santas, J Kennedy & K Kennedy)
VIC Beauwood Pride N Joy (Aust Ch) (Doreen Groves)
VIC Calivale Aim on Me (Aust Ch) (Doreen Groves)
NSW Calivale Fine Print (Brad Santas)
TAS Calivale Its Confidential (AUST CH) (Mrs Julie Kennedy)
NSW Calivale Katch Me If U Kan ET (MBIS MBISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Katrina Santas)
SA Calivale Look At Me (Grand Ch.) (Mrs.M.Sawley)
QLD Calivale True Spirit (MBIS/MRUBIS/BISS AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) (D & D Wall & K Santas & J. Falkner)
SA Caspakees General Lee (Aust.Supreme Ch.) (Mrs.M.Sawley)
NSW Cinereus Polar Ice (IMP FIN) (MBIS/MRUBIS/MBISS/MRUBISS Fin CH & Aust CH) (Tracey Parker)
NZ Clandara Lord-Kaos (CH) (Joanne M Glasson)
NZ Clandara Nikee (CH) (R & K Frew)
NSW Hunkeedori Best In Glass (Aust Ch) (Katrina Santas)
VIC Hunkeedori Buda Bing Buda Boom (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jill whincup / Ms K Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori Budgie Smuggler (Aust Ch) (KL Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori Flyin High (Aust Sup Ch) (S&B Barr)
NSW Hunkeedori Force Tb Rekondwith (Aust Ch) (B Morsillo & Kl Santas)
WA Hunkeedori Fylmylifeaxsollonte (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Mrs M Holland & Ms K Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori Get Thparty Started (Aust Ch) (KL Santas)
SA Hunkeedori Good T Th Last Drop (Ch.) (Katrina Santas & Maureen Sawley)
NSW Hunkeedori Heeerrreeesss Jonnie (MBIS MRBIS Australian Supreme Champion) (Katrina Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori Hot Like Me (Aust Ch) (KL Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori I No Wat I No (Katrina Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori Is Where Thparty At (MBIS & RBISS Aust Sup Ch) (KL Santas & S&B Barr)
NSW Hunkeedori Kant Get Uoutamyhed (Ch) (S & B Barr)
NSW Hunkeedori Kant Take Myeyezoffu (BIS (O) Aust Ch) (Katrina Santas)
QLD Hunkeedori Life Inth Fast Lane (Aust Gr Ch) (Katrina Santas)
WA Hunkeedori Life On The Edge (AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) (Mrs M Holland & Ms K Santas)
WA Hunkeedori May Th Force Bwthu (Ms K SANTAS)
VIC Hunkeedori Mister Party Man (AUST GR Ch) (J .Whincup)
VIC Hunkeedori Shaken Not Stirred (Ms H Whincp & Ms K Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori Ta Daaaaaaahhhhhhh (Australian Champion) (Katrina Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori Th Sixsixsix In Me (Australian Champion) (Katrina L Santas)
QLD Hunkeedori Walk All Over U (Aust CH) (Liza Cassidy and Katrina Santas)
NSW Hunkeedori Wooden Shoe Like Me (Katrina Santas)
WA Kahnhond City Of Angels (Australian Grand Champion) (T& SJ Mallia)
QLD Kahnhond Destinys Dream Chaser (Jane Faulkner)
WA Kahnhond Hunter Of Hearts (Australian Neuter Champion) (T & SJ Mallia)
NSW Kahnhond Keep Em Guessin (Ch) (Brad Santas)
NSW Kahnhond Latest Edition (Aust Sup Ch) (Brad Santas)
VIC Kahnhond Magic Touch (MBIS MRUBIS Aust Sup Ch) (D.i. & D. J. Wall)
WA Kahnhond Rise Of The Pheonix (Australian Champion) (Mrs S J Mallia)
WA Kahnhond Southern Saphire (Aust Grand Ch) (T & SJ Mallia & D & D Wall)
QLD Kahnhond Special Edition (Aust Ch) (Jane Faulkner)
VIC Kahnhond Tia Maria (Aust Ch.) (D I & D J Wall)
WA Kahnhond Touch O Magic (MRUBIS BISS Aust. Supreme Champion) (S Mallia)
NSW Karrikees Zilva Dancing Queen (Australian Champion) (Tracey Parker)
QLD Keez Keep Em Talking (Multi BIS RUBIS SUPREME CH) (Michelle, Phil Elliott Hickey Rob Stewar)
VIC Keez Que Sera Sera (BISS/RUBISS Australian Grand Champion) (David & Denise Wall)
VIC Keezansur Touch ODutch (CH) (Doreen Groves)
TAS Kerkay Moment For Life (AUST CH) (Julie Kennedy)
TAS Kerkay Moment Of Truth (Mrs Julie Kennedy)
QLD Klompen's Dancing with Darcy (Imp CAN) (CAN CH & Aust Sup CH) (Ms LJ Cassidy/ D Finlay)
VIC Leifhond A Match made in Hevn (Miss L. Wyhoon)
WA Leifhond All Eyes On Excelsior (Aust Supreme Champion) (M Holland)
VIC Leifhond Devils in Disguise (Miss. L. Wyhoon)
VIC Leifhond Focus on Bjourn (GR.CH) (Miss L Wyhoon)
WA Leifhond Focus On Mietta (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs M Holland)
VIC Leifhond Maggies Full Of Pride (Ch) (Miss L Wyhoon)
VIC Leifhond Precious RubyRose (Miss L Wyhoon)
NSW Morioka A Mothers Joy (Australian Champion) (T Parker)
SA Nawtikees Riders On The Storm (AUST SUPREME CHAMPION) (Chris and Tahnee Spear)
NSW Nawtikees Serendipity (Mr P & Mrs T Hofman)
NZ Neradmik I Believe In Miracles at Starkenburgh (CAN Imp) (NZ Ch) (Jeannette Wingels)
NZ Neradmik Jimmy Stewart at Starkenburgh (Can Imp) - Platinum Merit (NZ Ch) (Jeannette Wingels)
VIC Nynka The Beez Knees (AUST Ch) (.H . Whincup & .J .Pearson)
NSW Ryfrost All About Me (Aust Ch) (R Ryan)
NSW Ryfrost Another Penny (R Ryan)
NSW Ryfrost Sniff Ya Later (BIS / RUBIS Sup Ch) (R Ryan)
NSW Ryfrost Wotzittoya (Aust Ch) (R Ryan)
NSW Rymiska Disco Dolly (Australian Champion) (R & M Parker)
NSW Rymiska Full Throttle (Tracey Parker)
NSW Rymiska Great Balls Of Fire (R, M & T Parker)
NSW Rymiska Howzat (RUBISS(o)/MBIG/MRUBIG Australian Champion) (Tracey Parker)
NSW Rymiska Ice Breaka AtLeifhond (MBIS/BISS/RUBISS Aust CH) (Miss L Wyhoon/Miss T Parker)
NSW Rymiska No More Mr Ice Guy (MBIG/RUBIG AUST CH) (Tracey Parker)
NSW Rymiska Off The Grid (Aust Ch) (R, M & T Parker)
NSW Rymiska Pocket Rocket (Ray, Marilyn & Tracey Parker)
NSW Rymiska Polar Express (BIG Australian Champion) (G Scott & T Parker)
NSW Rymiska Queen Of Hearts (Aust Ch) (R,M & T Parker)
NSW Rymiska Sweet Like Candy (BIG/RUBIG Australian Champion) (Tracey Parker)
NSW Rymiska The Great Gatsby (BIG/RUBIG Australian Champion) (Rhiannon Walsh & Tracey Parker)
TAS Rymist Kayz Pride (Aust Ch) (Julie Kennedy)
NSW Rysup Insurgent (Aust Ch) (Mrs R Purches)
NSW Rysup Justifiable (Aust Ch) (R L Purches)
NSW Sandstock King Of The Castle (MRUBIS/MBIG/RUBIG Australian Champion) (Tracey Parker)
NSW Sandstock Right By Your Side (Australian Champion) (T Parker)
NSW Sandstock Snow Princess (MRUBISS Australian Champion) (Tracey Parker)
NZ Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (RBIS NZ Ch) (Jeannette Wingels)
NZ Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (Platinum Merit Award) (MBIS MRBIS NZ Ch) (Jeannette Wingels)
NZ Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (Double Platinum Merit Award) (RBIS NZ Ch) (Jeannette Wingels)
SA Tamaari Im Hi Maintenance (Ch.) (M.sawley)
SA Tamaari Ima Rebel Jusfor Kicks (M.Sawley)
SA Tamaari The Beat Goes On (M.Sawley)
VIC Venlo Doing It My Way (Aust Ch) (Andrew & Pam Yu)
VIC Venlo Limited Edition (Aust Ch) (Pam & Andrew Yu)
VIC Venlo Spice Up The Party (Aust Ch) (Pam & Andrew Yu)
VIC Venlo What About Me (Ch) (Mr A & Mrs P L Yu)

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