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Croftsway Double Brown
(Sharon Holubowicz)

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QLD Sarshai Leap of Faith TSD (T.CH) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Sarshai Mountain Mist (Aust Ch) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Sarshai Riverdance (Aust Ch) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Sarshai Symply A Wizard (AI) (DUAL (Tracking) Australian Champion) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Sarshai Symply Magic (Aust Ch) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Sarshai Symply Regal (Aust Ch) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Sarshai Symply Stylish (Aust Ch) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Sarshai Wizards Magic (AI) (DUAL (Tracking) Neut.CH. GRAND TS.CH.) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Scolouvalley Beau Noir (Australian Champion) (K Wood)
QLD Scolouvalley Edge Of Glory (Aust Ch) (Mavstor Labrador Retrievers)
QLD Scolouvalley Hot Gossip CCD, UD, RM. (Triple Champion (O)(RO)) (Mrs Ellen Gale)
QLD Scolouvalley Some Like It Hot (K Wood)
QLD Seadragon Set Phasers To Stun (Sue Riseley)
NSW Shadowspirit Midnight Skye (Peter Levett & Pauline Gill)
QLD Shaundar Anothr Crusader (Aust. Ch.) (Sue Riseley)
SA Shaundar Black Tycoon (Aust CH) (Gillian Harding)
QLD Shaundar Northern Raider (Australian Grand Champion BIS/RBIS) (Mr. R. & Mrs. C. Wardle)
VIC Shazview Forrest Gump (Braeden Money)
QLD Shazview mesmerize (Aimee warren)
NSW Sherryland Andres (Multi BIS & Aust Ch) (Glen Vernon)
VIC Silronray's Everything Cared Of (Imp France) (Aust Grand Champion) (P & M Cave)
NSW Silverstream Affair T Remember (Neut. Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Amber Glow (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Anniversary Waltz (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Bold As Brass (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Celestial Glow (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Classic Moon (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Dancing Moon (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Dancing Solo (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Dancingoak (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Dancingstar (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Diplomat (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Easter Bonnet (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Fantasy (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Frangipani (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Heart Of Gold (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Hearts Desire (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Heartthrob (Australian Champion    ) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream High Five (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream High Flyer (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream High Moon (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream High Society (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Highlight (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Honey Rose (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Honeymoon (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Hot To Trot (Cherilyne Blackman)
QLD Silverstream Indiana Brave (Mrs K Coaster-Garton)
NSW Silverstream Ivory Silk (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Little Town Flirt (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Milk n Honey (Deborah Wetherill)
NSW Silverstream Milky Way (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Moon River (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Moonglow (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Moonsprite (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Mystic River (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Ocean Foam (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Regal Moon (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Riverdance (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Sand Dancer (Paulene Andrews)
NSW Silverstream Silky Oak (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Sirius (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Solo (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Supastar (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Touch of Cosmos (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Touch Of Country (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Twinkle Twinkle (Cherilyne Blackman)
VIC Simballoch Amigo CCD (Carol Quinn)
VIC Simballoch Dakota ((RN)) (Diane Gnieslaw)
VIC Simballoch Happy Image (Aust. Champ) (Geoff & Val Jones)
VIC Simballoch Magic Music (BIG Aust. Champ.) (Geoff & Val Jones)
VIC Simballoch Melodrama (G. & V. Jones)
VIC Simballoch Melody (Aust Ch) (Geoff & Val Jones)
VIC Simballoch Mystic Black (Aust Champ) (Geoff & Val Jones)
VIC Simballoch Nefertiti (Aust. Champ.) (Cheryl Stevens)
VIC Skyerose Blame Iton The Boogie (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Skyerose Burning Love (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Skyerose Man In The Mirror (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Skyerose Pretty Young Thing (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Skyerose Punakaiki Coast (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Skyerose Purple Rain (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Skyerose Suspicious Minds (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Skyerose Tour De France (Aust CH) (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Sohalispirit Beindas Girl (Kristie Ainsworth)
VIC Sohalispirit Kodie Bear CCD. RN. (Aust Ch) (Rachel Schreuder)
VIC Sohalispirit Regal Spirit (Kristie Ainsworth)
VIC Sohalispirit Skyla Mae RN. (Rachel Schreuder)
VIC Sohalispirit Sohalu (Belinda Cox)
QLD Southbank By Design (BISS, R/U BISS, MBIS Aust SUPREME Champion) (Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard)
QLD Southbank Diamond Jubilee (Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard)
QLD Southbank Double Take (RUBIS (A/Brds) Australian Champion) (Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard)
QLD Southbank Orient Express (Aust Ch) (Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard)
NSW Southbank Piano Man ( Ai ) (Multi BIS Ch) (Hutcheson / Vernon)
QLD Southbank Sea Quest (Aust Ch) (Mrs H Negus)
NZ Southerly Denniston Coal to Blackhills (ai) (Blackhills Labradors)
NZ Southerly Undercover Agent (BISS NZ Grand Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
TAS Southfork Beauty (Angela Bellchambers)
NZ Speagles Ellard (Mrs S L Benfell)
NSW Spiritrock Billee Jean (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Black Brandee (CH.) (Jude Tankard/Alesha Jennar)
NSW Spiritrock Black Code (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Black Passion (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Brown Temptation (Jude Tankard/Alesha Jennar)
NSW Spiritrock Code Breaker (Jude Tankard/Alesha Jennar)
NSW Spiritrock Desert Star (M Shedden)
NSW Spiritrock Dream Doll (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Dream Run (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Gift Of Posey (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Light Force (Paulene Andrews)
VIC Spiritrock London Rose (Sharon Mulgrew)
QLD Spiritrock Love Firever (Michelle Ginn)
NSW Spiritrock Love Locket (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Peaceful One (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Porcelain Doll (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Snow Doll (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Song Of Passion (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Star Light (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Sweet Candy (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Springhill Irish Mist (Paulene Andrews)
NZ Starlight Of Awahiwi (Mrs Catherine Reilly)
QLD Stillrovin Never Alone RN (Lenimer)
SA Stormdyncer Cash In The Bank (Sophie Lawrence)
TAS Strathesk On Parade (Ch) (Ian & Sue Axton)
QLD Suenero Warrior Princess RE (Donna Williams)
VIC Sugarbagcreek Matilda Gold (Ruth Bone)
NSW Sunhammer Rose (Robert Toohey)
NSW Suntop Shanendoah (CH) (Fred / Peter Chapman)
NSW Suntopsuper Regal Bindie (Peter Chapman)
NSW Suntopsuper Perfect Time (Pennie /peter Chapman)
NSW Suntopsuper Regal Time (Peter F.Chapman)
NSW Suntopsuper Sally (Peter Chapman)
NSW Suntopsuper Summer Time (Peter F Chapman)
VIC Sybeck Alice In Wonderland (AI) (Aust Ch) (Simon & Bec Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Crystal Lily (Linda Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Crystal Lily (Linda Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Emotions Run Wild (Simon and Rebecca Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Enchantress (Simon, Rebecca and Linda Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Enchantress (Linda Malseed)
VIC Sybeck fire n magic (Ms Janis thomson)
NSW Sybeck Hocus Pocus (Aust Ch) (Linda Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Hocus Pocus (AI) (Aust Ch) (Simon, Bec and Linda Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Ice By Design (AI) (Simon & Bec Malseed)
SA Sybeck King of Spin (Lynda Simons)
VIC Sybeck Licorice All Sorts (Simon, Rebecca and Linda Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Naughty N Nice (AI) (Aust Neuter Ch) (Simon & Rebecca Malseed)
NSW Sybeck Peaceful Easy Feeling (Aust Ch.) (Anne D O'Connor)
VIC Sybeck Philosophers Stone (AI) (Aust Ch) (Simon & Rebecca Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Sculpture of Stone (AI) (Aust Ch) (Simon & Bec Malseed)
VIC Sybeck something magical (Bianca bux)
VIC Sybeck Spirit Of Fashion (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Simon and Rebecca Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Sugar N Spice (Linda Malseed)

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