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TAS Wynstream Marshall (Multi BIS Aust Ch) (Julie McLaurin)
NSW Wynstream Marshall (Multi BIS Ch) (McLaurin / Vernon)
NSW Wynstream My Fair Lady (AI) (Aust Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
TAS Wynstream Overseer (ai) (Aust.Ch.) (Julie McLaurin)
NSW Wynstream Pure Blonde (Lynn Hunter)
VIC Wynstream romance of pearls (Janis thomson)
TAS Wynstream Royal Stewart (Multi BISS/Multi Royal BOB. Aust. Ch.) (Julie Mclaurin)
NSW Wynstream Secretary Ov State (ai) (Ch.) (Anne D O'Connor)
QLD Wynstream Washington (Aust Ch) (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
TAS Wynstream Whispers Image (ai) (Aust.Ch.) (Mrs.J.H.McLaurin)
NZ Wynstream Wing Master (Imp Aus) (NZ CH) (Richard and Ailsa Douglas)
TAS Yarrum Hunter (Angela Bellchambers)
QLD Yellessie Milly (P Campbell)
VIC Zenchel Abundant Spring (AI) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Blue Peter (AI) (CH) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Diamonds n Pearls (AI) (Mrs S & Mr D Thompson)
VIC Zenchel Eye Of The Storm (Ch) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Happy Days (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Harriette Ennis (Kirsten Ennis)
VIC Zenchel Obsidian Pearl (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel On A Clear Day (AI) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Philipa (AI) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Sirocco (AI) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Slick Willy (AI) (CH) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Soren (AI) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel Stormy Weather (AI) (Sylvia Power)
VIC Zenchel The Yokes On U (S Power)
VIC Zintahn Alabama (Braeden Money)

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