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WA Burberry Rumours Abound (Burberry Labradors)
WA Burberry Step Ahead (Burberry Kennels)
ACT Burrawan Balantine Beau CD (Grand Ch) (C & R Brock)
VIC Burrawan Balmoral Affair (Ch) (John & Dorothy Cocks)
NSW Burrawan Balquidder (Ch) (John & Dorothy Cocks)
VIC Burrawan Bambi (J & D Cocks)
NSW Burrawan Bedivere (Ch) (J & D Cocks)
VIC Burrawan Belgian Doll (j & D Cocks)
NSW Burrawan Belgian Truffle (Ch) (J & D Cocks)
VIC Burrawan Blue Diamond (Ch) (John & Dorothy Cocks)
NSW Burrawan Bonica (J & D Cocks)
VIC Burrawan Buccaneer (Ch) (J ohn & Dorothy Cocks)
NSW Burrawan Butterscotch N Honey (J & D Cocks)
NSW Burrawan Strawberry Dream (J F & D A Cocks)
QLD Burrumtravis Dolce Frangelico (Mrs C Wardle & Miss S Riseley)
QLD Burrumtravis EMS Girl (Australian Champion) (R & C Wardle)
QLD Burrumtravis Magic Moments (R & C Wardle)
QLD Burrumtravis Una Bella (Australian Champion) (R & C Wardle)
NSW Cambewarra FifeN Drum (Multi BIS Ch) (Spanswick / Vernon)
QLD Cambewarra Paper Bark (BISS Aust Ch) (Jay and Tracey Sharpe)
NSW Cambewarra Penny Royal (Multi BIS All Breeds & Specialty Grand Champion) (Glen Vernon)
NSW Cambewarra Pic Of The Week (M Shedden)
NSW Cambewarra Picture Perfect (Jude Tankard)
VIC Cambewarra Spending Up (Aust Ch.) (Robyn Brock)
NSW Campbobrook Persian Shah (Rosebird Kennels)
NSW Candila Cameo (M Shedden)
NSW Carlinda Luckygoldstrike (Bruce & Robyn Giles)
NSW Carlinda Pennyfarthing (Bruce & Robyn Giles)
NZ Carrickview Black Pepper (Mrs Catherine Reilly)
NZ Carrickview Jane Hathaway (Mrs S L Benfell)
NZ Carrickview Rock Angel (Mrs S L Benfell)
VIC Carvancriver Archie (Aust Ch) (Kirsty Houston)
TAS Cascott Copperkiss Aqua (Cascott Kennels)
TAS Cascott Elite My Sauer Saint (Cascott Kennels)
QLD Cascott Lead The Way All Ways (Nicky Marr)
TAS Cascott Premiere Choice (Cascott Kennels)
TAS Cascott Sleepn With Buster (Angela Bellchambers)
VIC Catraz Beautiful Spirit (BISS Aust Ch) (Pam Gregg)
VIC Catraz Bold N Brassy (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Brown Eyed Girl (Aust Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Charmed One (RBISS Aust Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
NZ Catraz Come Fly With Me (Mr Simon Monson)
VIC Catraz Crown Jewels (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Golly Miss Molly (RBISS Aust Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz I Have A Dream (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Irresistible (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Jessie James (Aust Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Life Is A Cabaret (AI) (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Master Magician (Aust Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
QLD Catraz Mastermind (Aust CH) (Jeanine Briese-Marshall & Carmel Vierow)
VIC Catraz Miss La De Da (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Mr Mysterious (Aust Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Red Red Wine (AI) (BISS & RBISS Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Start Spreadin The News (AI) (Catraz Kennels)
QLD Catraz Sweet Temptation (Dual (Tracking) Australian Champion    ) (Carmel Vierow)
VIC Catraz Synchronicity (Aust Ch) (Catraz Kennels)
SA Catraz The Bushranger (BISS. RUBISS . AUST CH.) (Frank Cardone)
NSW Catraz The Editorial (B & M Lennon)
VIC Catraz Tiramisu (Australian Champion) (Catraz Kennels)
SA Cavajal Blair (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Bramble (Annette White)
SA Cavajal Breeze (Annette White)
SA Cavajal Brindabella RRD (Cavajal Labradors)
SA Cavajal Buccaneer (Aust Retrieving Champion) (Jeff Patrick)
SA Cavajal Cottonwood (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Daisy (Anne Wilk)
SA Cavajal Gibson (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Hubble (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Indus NRD (Annette White)
SA Cavajal Inspector Jack (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Jitterbug (Annette White)
SA Cavajal Labcorp Melrose (Lynda and Danielle Simons)
SA Cavajal MacKenzie River (Annette White)
SA Cavajal Magnolia (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Marie Curie (AI) (Cavajal Kennels)
SA Cavajal Morticia (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Outrigger (Rob and Anne Wilk)
SA Cavajal Reyne (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal River ov Ice (Annette White)
SA Cavajal Roskhill Rob Roy (Angus McGregor)
SA Cavajal Roskill Honey (Annie McGregor)
SA Cavajal Satine (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Scorcher (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Sequoia (Cavajal Labradors)
SA Cavajal Shall We Dance (Annette White)
SA Cavajal Sherwood Forest (Sue Dansie)
SA Cavajal Tanami (Sue Dansie)
NSW Cedarsands Goddess of the moon (Craig Gouttman)
NSW Cedersands Devine Choc Ice (T Fuller)
QLD Cedersands Layla Jane (Katherine Dear)
NSW Cedersands Tilly Devine (T. Fuller)
NSW Chablais Babe (imp Canada) (Lacote Labradors)
NSW Chablais Biscotti (imp Canada) (Mr Raymond Attard)
NZ Chablais Henry (Imported Canada) (Julie Bedford-Pope & Raymond Attard)
NSW Chablais John Kaffe (imp Canada) (MBISS, BIS, International. Am. Can. China. Champion) (Raymond Attard)
QLD Chablais Labraddell Connaisseur (Imp Can) (G Spagnolo & W Chang)
NSW Chablais Pierre (imported Canada) - EIC Clear (Raymond Attard)
NZ Champagne of Dana (Mrs Coralee Catley)
SA Chanpema A Distant Storm (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Heaven Sent (BISS AUST CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Jack Daniels (EXP JPN) (Aust CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Jewel In Heaven (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Last Ride (Ch) (A Tidswell, J Liebhardt & Chanpema Knls)
SA Chanpema Light In Heaven (J Leibhardt)
SA Chanpema Memory Lane (Aust CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Night Cap (CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Ode to Storm (Grand CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Quest For Gold (Ch) (J Leibhardt)
SA Chanpema Rouge Trader (Indian CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Starlight Express (Aust CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Wicked (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Winning Edge (Ch) (Chanpema Kennels)
SA Chanpema Yellowstone Park (Chanpema Kennels)
QLD Charmerla The Sarak (Aust Ch) (Carmel Vierow)
VIC Charway Ballyclover (imp UK) (CH) (Sylvia Power)
SA Chasers Black Knight (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Noel McLaren/Glenn Murphy/Lynne Cooper)
QLD Chasers Monsier Poirop (Imp NZ) (Australian Grand Champion) (R & C Wardle)
QLD Chava Ashas Serendipity (AI) - NRD ARD (Kylie Jarrett)
QLD Chava Black Ash (Kylie Jarrett)
QLD Chava Black Opal (AI) (Kylie Jarrett)
QLD Chava Carrickmore (Nicky Marr)
QLD Chava Clonoe RN NRA ORA (Lenimer)
QLD Chava Farsiris Fern (Chava Labs)
QLD Chava Susie Q (M. Torgler)
QLD Chava Symes Satine (Chava Labs)
ACT Chergari Silent Night CD RE (Ch) (Mrs A Walkington)
SA Cheyandor Argus (BISS Aust Ch) (Jason & Honi Johns)
SA Cheyandor Dusty (Ch) (G. Hann & L. Spouncer)
SA Cheyandor Faith (Aust Ch) (Gladys Hann)
SA Cheyandor Hope (Aust Ch.) (Gladys Hann)
SA Cheyandor Izar (G Hann & L Spouncer)
SA Cheyandor Lucie CD, CDX, NRD, RRD (TR Ch) (Mrs J Bird)
SA Cheyandor Nelson ADM JDM (OC) (Kim Barton)
SA Cheyandor Wilson QC, CCD, NRD, ORA (MBIS Aust Ch) (Hann & Bird)
QLD Chokelz Rosie (Theresa Jones)
NSW Cigwn Blue Sky Ahead (Aust Ch) (Elizabeth Thomas)
ACT Cigwn Blues at Sun Rise (Aust Ch) (Elizabeth Thomas and Katy Thomas)
NSW Cigwn Moody Blues (Aust Ch) (E Thomas)
NSW Cigwn Rhapsody in Blue (Aust Ch) (Elizabeth Thomas)
ACT Cigwn Simply Regal Winnie (Aust Ch) (Katy Thomas)
QLD Cladaghring Double O Seven (Australian Champion) (Mrs G Reilly)
NSW Cladaghring Double O Seven (Aust. Ch.) (Doreen & Sean O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring First Class (ai) (Doreen & Sean O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring Flyn Over Torngat (ai) (BISS Aust. Ch.) (Doreen & Sean O'Donnell)
TAS Cladaghring For Your Eyes Only (Ch) (Strathcott Kennels)
NSW Cladaghring Maple Beach (SM & DA O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring Moet N Chandon (ai) (MRUBISS Aust. Ch.) (Mr SM & Mrs DA O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring Pinot Noir (Aust Ch) (Mr SM & Mrs DA O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring Power Ov Magic (Australian Champion) (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Cladaghring Secret Royal (Sean & Doreen O'Donnell)

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