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Te Awa Opal Nera At Riverlands (IMP NZ)
(Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)

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NSW Silverstream Classic Moon (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Dancingoak (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Dancingstar (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Diplomat (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Fantasy (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Heartthrob (Australian Champion    ) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream High Five (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Honeymoon (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Ivory Silk (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Moonglow (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Mystic River (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Regal Moon (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Riverdance (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Silky Oak (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Touch of Cosmos (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
NSW Silverstream Touch Of Country (Australian Champion) (Cherilyne Blackman)
VIC Simballoch Dakota ((RA)) (Diane Gnieslaw)
VIC Simballoch Happy Image (Aust. Champ) (Geoff & Val Jones)
VIC Simballoch Magic Music (BIG Aust. Champ.) (Geoff & Val Jones)
VIC Simballoch Melody (Aust Ch) (Geoff & Val Jones)
VIC Simballoch Mystic Black (Aust Champ) (Geoff & Val Jones)
VIC Simballoch Nefertiti (Aust. Champ.) (Cheryl Stevens)
VIC Skyerose Tour De France (Aust CH) (Sharon Mulgrew)
VIC Sohalispirit Kodie Bear CCD. RN. (Aust Ch) (Rachel Schreuder)
QLD Southbank By Design (BISS, R/U BISS, MBIS Aust SUPREME Champion) (Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard)
QLD Southbank Double Take (RUBIS (A/Brds) Australian Champion) (Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard)
QLD Southbank Orient Express (Aust Ch) (Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard)
NSW Southbank Piano Man ( Ai ) (Multi BIS Ch) (Hutcheson / Vernon)
QLD Southbank Sea Quest (Aust Ch) (Mrs H Negus)
NZ Southerly Undercover Agent (BISS NZ Grand Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NSW Spiritrock Black Code (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Black Passion (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Dream Doll (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Gift Of Posey (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Love Locket (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
NSW Spiritrock Sweet Candy (CH.) (Jude Tankard)
TAS Strathesk On Parade (Ch) (Ian & Sue Axton)
NSW Suntop Shanendoah (CH) (Fred / Peter Chapman)
VIC Sybeck Alice In Wonderland (AI) (Aust Ch) (Simon & Bec Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Hocus Pocus (AI) (Aust Ch) (Simon, Bec and Linda Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Philosophers Stone (AI) (Aust Ch) (Simon & Rebecca Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Sculpture of Stone (AI) (Aust Ch) (Simon & Bec Malseed)
VIC Sybeck Spirit Of Fashion (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Simon and Rebecca Malseed)
TAS Taikuri Honesty (Aust.Ch.) (Julie Mclaurin)
TAS Taikuri Gretchen (BIS Aust Ch) (Julie Mclaurin)
VIC Taikuri Understudy (RUBISS/Aust Grand Champion) (Sharon Mulgrew)
SA Tapeatom Easy Rider (Imp NLD) (BISS Aust Ch) (Bev Jones)
QLD Tapeatom Miss Perfect ( Imp Sth Afr) (Aust Ch) (W Chang)
NSW Tapua Dream Big (Aust Ch) (Mr P Levett & Ms P Gill)
NSW Tapua Honey Gem CDX NRA RN (Neutered Australian Champion) (Clare Seligman)
QLD Tenarda All Class (Australian Champion) (Margaret Wedgwood)
QLD Tenarda Zulu Warrior Princess (Australian Champion) (Margaret Wedgwood)
NSW Terracarol Apache (BIS Ch) (Glen Vernon)
NSW Terracarol Blake's Boy (Aust Ch) (Glen Vernon)
NSW Terracarol Dark Devil (Multi BIS Ch) (Glen Vernon)
NSW Terracarol Fun Time (Multi BIS & Aust Ch) (Glen Vernon)
VIC Terracarol Gentle Force (Aust Ch) (Akamon)
NSW Terracarol Kelly's Hero (Multi BIS Ch) (Glen Vernon)
NSW Terracarol Knight Rider (Multi BIS Ch) (Glen Vernon)
NSW Terracarol Liquid Gold (Multi BIS & Aust Ch) (Glen Vernon)
QLD Terracarol Southern Girl (Aust Ch) (Mrs D & Miss J Creagh)
NSW Terracarol Temira (BIS Aust Ch) (Glen Vernon)
QLD Terracarol Tiger Bay (Australian Champion) (R & C Wardle)
NSW Terracarol Time Delay (Aust Ch) (Anne O'Connor)
NSW Terracarol Time Square (Grand Ch) (Glen Vernon & Pauline Suhr)
NSW Terracarol Timigan (Multi BIS & Aust Ch) (Glen Vernon)
NSW Terracarol Tommy Gun (Aust Ch) (Glen Vernon)
NSW Terracarol Top Gun (Multi BIS Ch) (Glen Vernon)
TAS Tessamia Shooting Star (Aust. Ch.) (Gillian and John Dight)
VIC Tinsletown Redford (Aust Ch) (Akamon)
QLD Trenow Prelude (imp UK) (Aust Ch) (M&B Sheppard)
QLD Trinity's Sweet Mercy (imp USA) (Am Ch) (W Chang)
NZ Tuscan Bright Eyes (AI) (Ch) (Jess Rodley)
NZ Tusscan No Shadow of a Doubt (Imp-Aust) (NZ Ch) (Jess Rodley)
SA Waglett Hot Toddy (Aust CH) (Gail Reilly)
VIC Wilgunndi Dark Defender (AI) (Ch) (D & S Wilkie)
NSW Wilgunndi Mocha Morris (Aust Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
VIC Wilgunndi Sunseeker (Aust Ch) (Ms Leonie Deeker)
NZ Willowspring Blues Magic (AI) (NZ Ch) (Kathleen Wynyard)
NZ Willowspring Lest We Forget (NZ CH) (Kathleen and Hollie Wynyard)
QLD Wintoppi Cut Above (AUST CH) (Gail Reilly)
QLD Wintoppi Flying Zephyr UD (MBIS MRUBIS MBISS GRAND CH OBEDIENCE CHAMPION) (Sandra L Luchterhand)
QLD Wintoppi Hit The Jackpot (AUST CH) (Gail Reilly)
QLD Wintoppi Hollywood Diva (AI) (Australian Champion) (Mrs G Reilly)
QLD Wintoppi Jack Bnimble (GRAND CHAMPION) (Gail Reilly)
QLD Wintoppi Paris Jewel (Ch) (Gail Reilly)
TAS Wyneva Regal Dynasty (Aust Ch) (Julie Mclaurin)
TAS Wynstream Mr. President (ai) (RUBISS. Aust. Ch.) (Mrs. J.H.McLaurin)
TAS Wynstream Diamonds N Pearls (ai) (Aust.Ch.) (Julie H. McLaurin)
TAS Wynstream First Lady (ai) (RUBISS Aust.Ch.) (Mrs. J.H.McLaurin)
SA Wynstream Gosh Be Darnold (ai) (Aust Ch) (Mari Lobbestael)
QLD Wynstream Heez The Boss (Aust Ch) (Maurie & Sue Fisher)
NSW Wynstream ILL Be Darnold (ai) (Aust.Ch.) (Mrs J.H.Mclaurin)
TAS Wynstream Just Smokin' (ai) (BISS. Aust.Ch.) (Julie H. McLaurin)
TAS Wynstream Marshall (Multi BIS Aust Ch) (Julie McLaurin)
NSW Wynstream Marshall (Multi BIS Ch) (McLaurin / Vernon)
NSW Wynstream My Fair Lady (AI) (Aust Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
TAS Wynstream Royal Stewart (Multi BISS/Multi Royal BOB. Aust. Ch.) (Julie Mclaurin)
NSW Wynstream Secretary Ov State (ai) (Ch.) (Anne D O'Connor)
QLD Wynstream Washington (Aust Ch) (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
NZ Wynstream Wing Master (Imp Aus) (RBISS. NZ CH) (Richard and Ailsa Douglas)
VIC Zenchel Slick Willy (AI) (CH) (Sylvia Power)

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