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NSW Joalbe Kahlua on Ice (Colleen Baker)
NSW Joalbe Malibu (Vicki Dodge)
NSW Joalbe Teigra (Vicki Dodge)
NSW Joalbe Tequila Sunrise (V A Dodge)
NSW Joalbe The Commanche (Janine Murphy)
NSW Joalbe Too Hot T Handle (V A Dodge)
NSW Joalbe Why Not (V A Dodge)
NSW Jodale Forest King (Paulene Andrews)
VIC Jodielassie Sunline (Diane Gnieslaw)
VIC Jollab Perazzi (AI) (Byc) (Australian Champion) (B & R van Maanen)
VIC Jollab Winchester (AI) (By) (MBISN RUBISSN AUST CH & AUST Neut CH) (B & R van Maanen)
VIC Josmyn Done N Dusted (Danielle Kirkham)
SA Josmyn Ned Kelly (Michelle Hams)
QLD Kaebeller Rustic Wattle (Mrs K L Daveson)
TAS Kaslam Butterfly Kisses (Cascott Kennels)
VIC Kaslam Ms Perfect (Kylie)
VIC Kaslam Picture Perfect (Kylie)
VIC Kaslam Touch Of Magic (Kylie Britt)
VIC Kaslam Whos That Girl (Kylie Britt)
VIC Kasterlyn Addicted to Love (Aust Ch) (P & M Cave)
VIC Kasterlyn Dark Solitare (Gr Ch) (P & M Cave)
VIC Kasterlyn Imagine (P & M Cave)
VIC Kasterlyn Miss Mischievous (P & M cave)
VIC Kasterlyn Ticket to Ride (Ch) (P & M Cave)
VIC Kasterlyn Topaz Moon (Ch) (P & M Cave)
NSW Kastjo Pride of Coco (Ms N Burton)
NSW Kayquekay Ren (Kobelco Labradors)
VIC Kelindebar Aussie Dream (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Linda Adams)
VIC Kelindebar Black Magic (AI) (BISS Aust Grand Champion) (Linda Adams)
VIC Kelindebar Black Pepper (Aust Ch) (L Adams)
VIC Kelindebar English Oak (Aust Champion) (Mrs L Adams)
VIC Kelindebar Kinsman (ai) (Mrs L Adams & Mrs J Hocking)
VIC Kelindebar Madison Avenue (Aust Champion) (L Adams)
VIC Kelindebar Masters Apprentice (Aust Ch) (Linda Adams)
VIC Kelindebar Power of Magic (Aust Grand Champion) (Linda Adams)
VIC Kelindebar Pretty Flash (Aust Ch) (Linda Adams)
VIC Kelindebar Special Power (Aust Champion) (L Adams)
VIC Kelindebar Star Attraction (Mrs J Hocking & Mrs L Adams)
VIC Kimellie Look At Me Now (H & R Fensling)
VIC Kimellie Run Forest Run (H & R Fensling)
NSW Kinale Miss Penelope (Rosebird Kennels)
SA Kirkdell Australian Icon (Bev Jones)
VIC Kirkdell Australian Idol (Y) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Captivate (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Dazzle After Dark (Neuter Ch) (Mr Brian Wells & Jodie McDonnell)
SA Kirkdell Dazzle N Delight (MBISS RUBISS MRUBIS Supreme Ch) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Deja Vu (Aust Ch) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Destier (Dual Ch (T) Grand Ch) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Destined For Fame (BIS Aust Ch) (B Jones and G Spagnolo)
SA Kirkdell Destined To Be (Aust Ch) (S & B Washington)
SA Kirkdell Destined to Dazzle (RUBISS CH) (B Jones)
SA Kirkdell Destiny (Aust Grand Champion) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Fire N Ash (AUST CH) (B Jones)
VIC Kirkdell Frankie (Aust. Ch.) (Jan Farrelly)
SA Kirkdell Maestra (AUST CH) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Maestro (Aust Ch) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Mirror Image (Aust Ch) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Razzle Dazzle (GRAND CH) (B Jones)
SA Kirkdell Reflection (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Style N Grace (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell The Oracle (Ch) (Chanpema Kennels & B Jones)
SA Kirkdell Vintage Destiny (Aust Ch) (Chanpema Kennels & B Jones)
SA Kirkdell Watch and See MBIS MRUBISS (SUPREME CH) (Bev Jones)
SA Kirkdell Watch Me (Aust Ch) (Bev Jones)
NSW Kobelco Eden's Way (S Smith)
NSW Kobelco Elizabeth (Aust Ch) (Kelly Flemming)
QLD Kobelco Gaddy Gaddy (Mrs Kelly Gadd)
NSW Kobelco Jezabeel (Kobelco Labradors)
NSW Kobelco Power of One (S Smith)
NSW Kobelco Roxy (Kelly Flemming)
QLD Kobelco Thunda Struck (Labztales/Kobelco)
VIC Kodalihart Amagic Night (Rachel Schreuder)
QLD Kopafield Aint Whistlin Dixie (AI) (Nev and Sandra Pitcher)
QLD Kopafield Beez Neez (CH.) (Annabel and Emma Twine)
NSW Kossel Lorae (Lorraine Edman)
NZ Kroppsmarken Simply the Best (imp Swed) (NZ CHAMPION) (Blackhills and Willowspring Labradors)
WA Kuuwa Jingera (CH) (Hayley Stephens)
VIC Kuven Baileys Irish Cream (AI) NRD (Mrs L Wise)
VIC Kuven Carbos Dansa (Lyn Wise)
VIC Kuven Ice Dream Choice (Mrs L Wise)
VIC Kuven Lasting Memories AARD (Lyn Wise)
TAS Kuven Maple All Spice (IJ & SJ Axton)
VIC Kuven Solitary Keepa NRD (Lyn Wise)
VIC Kuven Spirit Of The Jewel RRD (LM Wise)
QLD Kyden She's got spunk (Mr DR and KA Wilson)
NZ Kyeburn Up Beat Tempo (Ailsa Douglas)
VIC Kykemtami Georgette (Garron & Andrea Jeffs)
VIC Kyketami Ebony Diva (Michael Lang & Michelle Lunn)
NSW Kyshano Diamonds n Ice (M Shedden)
NSW Kyshano Midnight Puzzle (M Shedden)
VIC Labeana Black Fury (KA And SA Arndt)
TAS Labeana Regal Mist (Multi BIS Aust.Ch.) (J McLaurin/S.Armstrong)
NSW Labgyptian Kemou Jade Princess (Loyal Valley Labradors)
NSW Labgyptian White Lace (J Short)
NSW Labnus Talk About My Girl (Australian Champion) (ALIASA Labradors)
NSW Labraddell All Star (AI) (Carol Olive)
QLD Labraddell Bitcoin (Sally Campbell)
QLD Labraddell Bliss (Aust Ch) (W Chang)
QLD Labraddell Boombastic (Aust Ch) (Wilhelm Chang & Jess Shaw)
NSW Labraddell Ciocolatine (AI) (W Chang)
QLD Labraddell Dun Be Cheeky (AI) (W Chang)
QLD Labraddell Ethereum (W Chang)
NSW Labraddell Fibonacci (W Chang)
NSW Labraddell In Style (Aust Ch) (W Chang)
QLD Labraddell Lucifer (Michelle Ginn)
NSW Labraddell Macy Grace (Aust. Ch.) (Carol Olive)
NSW Labraddell Remarkable (AI) (Carol Olive)
SA Labraddell Renaissance (Chanpema Kennels)
NSW Labraddell Rogue One (Aust Ch) (W Chang)
QLD Labraddell Shake Rattle N Roll (AI) (W Chang)
QLD Labraddell The Renoir (AI) (W Chang)
QLD Labraddell Uno (AI) (Aust Ch) (W Chang)
QLD Labraddell VIP (BISS RBIS Ch) (N Macrossan)
NSW Labraddell Wild Oats (Mr RP and Mrs JM Magner)
QLD Labridge Bold as Brass (Penny Campbell)
QLD Labridge Fantasia (Penny Campbell)
QLD Labridge Inspector Echo (Mrs Penny Campbell)
QLD Labridge Invinsible Ivy (Mrs Penny Campbell)
TAS Labsondaroof Black Betty (Lisa Dolbel)
QLD Labster Royce (P.S Porter)
NSW Labzarus Pierre (Mr Robert Toohey)
NSW Labzrina Dreams of Sunny Daze (AI) (Aust Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Labzrina Dreams Run Wylde (ai) (Aust Ch.) (Anne D O'Connor)
NSW Labzrina Drift N Dreams (Aust Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Labzrina Lincoln the Navigator (AI) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Labzrina Madam Secretary (Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Labzrina Once Upon a Dream (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Labzrina Sailaway on Tampa Bay (AI) (Aust Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Labzrina You Are My Sunshine (AI) (Dianne Blaney)
QLD Labztales Art Song (Labztales Labradors)
QLD Labztales Chieftain (Melissa Drysdale)
NSW Labztales Going Solo (Kelly Flemming)
QLD Labztales Hot Chocolart (M Drysdale)
QLD Labztales Lil Bit XQuisit (Labztales)
QLD Labztales Melodic Moment (Labztales Labradors)
QLD Labztales Midnight Medley (Labztales Labradors)
QLD Labztales Moonshyn Medly (Labztales Labradors)
QLD Labztales Taylor Made (Labztales)
QLD Labztales Whispas of Wynterfell (Mel Drysdale)
NSW Lacote Benson Berry (Mrs Donna Robinson)
NSW Lacote Briggette De Chablais (Raymond Attard)
NSW Lacote Cast in Stone (Au.Ch.) (Lynette Lee)
VIC Lacote Granite and Stone (Andy Williams)
TAS Lacote Harlow (Laura Wright)
SA Lacote Henry (Kim Johnson)
NSW Lacote Johnny's Pick (Raymond Attard)
VIC Lacote Kaffe Winchester (Kristie Ainsworth)
NSW Lacote Old Mama Berry (Raymond Attard)
VIC Lacote Old Mama Berry (Michael Lang and Michelle Lunn)
VIC Lacote Paco Pena De Pierre (Michael Lang and Michelle Lunn)

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