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Goldychocs Blue Diamond
(Kate Hutchison)

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VIC Adderslot Chief (2014 X 2015 x 2016 x 2017 x 2019 National Retrieving Trial Champion) (Mr Russell and Mrs Sherie Whitchurch)
VIC Adderslot Crackers Stamp RRD (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Lay Down Misere RRD (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Lucy RRD (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Maverick RRD (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Ruby (AI) (Retrieving Trial Champion) (Mr Kevin Andrews)
VIC Adderslot Snow White (AI) NRD (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Star Spangled Yank RRD (IMP USA) (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Tuscanys Arrow (AI) (Retrieving Trial Champion) (Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond)
VIC Adderslot Viva NRD (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
VIC Aralyen Back in Black QND (Magicland Kennels)
QLD Bamgyps Eko Beach (AUST CH) (Sharon L Bamford)
QLD Bamgyps Gorgeous Georgie CCD (CH) (Sharon Bamford)
QLD Blackboy Brandy Schnapps CDX RE (DUAL. CH. (T) TS. GRAND. CH.) (Sandra & Neville Pitcher)
QLD Blackboy Eye Candy TDX TSD (Australian Champion) (Sandra & Neville Pitcher)
QLD Blackboy Snow Storm (Dual Champion (Tracking). Track and Search Champion. Australian Champion) (Sandra Pitcher)
QLD Booroomgai Hot Encore By Z CCD RN (Ellen Gale)
QLD Booroomgai Hot Off The Press CCD, CD. CDX, UD. RN, RA RE, RM. (Dual Champion (RO)) (Ellen Gale)
QLD Booroomgai Independence Gold. CCD, CD, CDX, RN, RA, RE, RM. (Rally Champion) (Mrs. Ellen Gale)
QLD Chava Clonoe RN NRA ORA (Lenimer)
ACT Chergari Silent Night CD RE (Ch) (Mrs A Walkington)
QLD Consanridge Keara NRA (Lenimer)
QLD Copperbirch Salmon at Marsagan (UK IMP) NRA ORA (Nicky Marr)
NSW Croftsway Ruger Cankiwausie RN QND ORA (Imp NZ) (Ch    ) (Ms Michelle Auld)
NSW Degel Kibas Lil Drummer RN NRD (Michelle Auld)
QLD Dewick Spice N Spirit RN CCD (Neuter Champion) (Miss Barbara Dixon)
QLD Dewick Touchof Sugar CCD CDX RAE NRA (RO. CH.) (Mrs Karan Griffiths)
QLD Dewick Touchof Vanilla CDX. RAE. NRD. NRA. (CH. T.Ch. RO. Ch.) (Mrs Karan Griffiths)
NSW Driftway Austin CD (Aust Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Gamefinder Beretta RN NRA (Michelle Auld)
NSW Gamefinder Kimsako Zoli RE ORA (Michelle AULD)
NSW Gamefinder Sorrento CCD RE NRD ORA (Michelle Auld)
QLD Goldychocs Bear Hug CCD. (RUBIS Australian GRAND CHAMPION) (Kate Hutchison)
NSW Goldychocs Follow My Lead (AI) CCD. RN (Australian Grand Champion) (Kate Hutchison)
NSW Goldychocs Too Sweet CCD. CDX. AD. JDX. RAE. (Australian Champion) (Kate Hutchison)
NSW Gunderrako Roll The Dice Rn (AL Williams)
NSW Gunderrako Secret CD RE (CH) (Angela Williams)
VIC Kuven Baileys Irish Cream (AI) NRD (Mrs L Wise)
VIC Kuven Lasting Memories AARD (Lyn Wise)
VIC Kuven Solitary Keepa NRD (Lyn Wise)
VIC Kuven Spirit Of The Jewel RRD (LM Wise)
TAS Liberty Jewel Star Obsession QND (Aust. Ch.) (Gillian Dight)
QLD Louisaview Drivin U Home CCD CDX RE (DUAL. CH. (T) TS. GRAND. CH.) (Sandra & Neville Pitcher)
QLD Louisiana's Redhot Roux of Lenimer (Imp USA) NRA (Chanelle Remy)
VIC Magicland Mighty Mouse NRD (Aust Ch) (Magicland Kennels)
NSW Minamere Ravel (Tracking Champion) (DL McInerney)
QLD Pinnarendi Silki Buka CDX, RAE, GD,JDX, TD (RO.CH Ch) (D M Williams)
ACT Riftintime Bohemian Rhapsody CDX RAE ORA (Dual Ch (RO) Neut Ch) (Anne Walkington)
QLD Riverdog Black Frost ET (Aust. Ch.) (Sue Riseley)
QLD Riverdog Frost Fire RN ET (Sue Riseley)
WA Riverinalabs Kimberley Rose CCD RN (Hayley Stephens)
VIC Roscana Stardust CD RA (CD RA) (Leonie and Doug Freeman)
QLD Sarshai Leap of Faith TSD (T.CH) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Sarshai Wizards Magic (AI) (DUAL (Tracking) Neut.CH. GRAND TS.CH.) (Carmel Vierow)
QLD Scolouvalley Hot Gossip CCD, UD, RM. (Triple Champion (O)(RO)) (Mrs Ellen Gale)
VIC Sohalispirit Kodie Bear CCD. RN. (Aust Ch) (Rachel Schreuder)
VIC Sohalispirit Skyla Mae RN. (Rachel Schreuder)
QLD Stillrovin Never Alone RN (Lenimer)
QLD Suenero Warrior Princess RE (Donna Williams)
NSW Tapua Celtic Symbol RN (Lyndal Walters)
NSW Tapua Elysia RA CD (Australian Champion) (Rebecca Lemon)
NSW Tapua Honey Gem CDX NRA RN (Neutered Australian Champion) (Clare Seligman)
NSW Tapua Sub Zero RN (Rebecca Lemon)
VIC Truclass Pink (AI) NRD (Dr A & Mrs J Cramond)
TAS Wilgunndi Naden Brook (Retrieving Trial Champion) (Josh Wells)

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