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Curtincall Now And Forever
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Australian SUPREME Champions

QLD 26-Jul-2012Southbank By Design (BISS, R/U BISS, MBIS Aust SUPREME Champion) (Mark & Bronwyn Sheppard)
VIC 6-Aug-2012Driftway Aussie Rulz (MBISS, MBIS (A/breeds) Aust SUPREME Champion) (Gina Williams & Guy Spagnolo)
TAS 15-Aug-2012Bradorla Ice Breaker (BISS MBIS M Royal BIS AUST SUPREME CH) (C. Ellis & M Wickham)
NSW 22-Aug-2012Bonnsway Perfect Time (BISS RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Dianne Travers)
NSW 25-Sep-2012Driftway Special Envoy (MBISS MBIS Aust SUPREME Ch) (Guy Spagnolo)
NSW 22-Aug-2014Aralyen Devine Ice (BIS RBIS MBIG SUP Ch) (V A Dodge)
SA 27-Mar-2015Kirkdell Dazzle N Delight (MBISS RUBISS MRUBIS Supreme Ch) (Bev Jones)
QLD 25-Mar-2016Driftway Special Mission (RUBIS AUST SUPREME CH) (Guy Spagnolo/Sandra Luchterhand)
QLD 24-Apr-2016Driftway The Time Keeper (MBIS MRUBIS Aust Supreme CH) (Guy Spagnolo/Sandra Luchterhand)
TAS 29-Nov-2016Bradorla Air Force One (MBIS RuBIS/S AUST SUP CH) (C Ellis/M Wickham)
NSW 1-Jul-2018Driftway Time N Again (BIS BISS SUPREME CH) (Guy Spagnolo)
WA 19-Sep-2018Blackboy Storm In A Teacup (ai) (Sup. Ch) (Blackboy Kennels)
SA 26-Nov-2019Kirkdell Watch and See MBIS MRUBISS (SUPREME CH) (Bev Jones)

Australian GRAND Champions

QLD 6-May-1998Driftway Desert Storm (Multi BISS , Multi BIS, Aust Grand Ch) (Mark Sheppard & Guy Spagnolo)
VIC 18-May-1998Kasterlyn Dark Solitare (Gr Ch) (P & M Cave)
NSW 19-May-1998Jayncourt Sentimental Guy (Imp UK) (BIS Grand Ch) (Mrs.E.Gent)
VIC 27-Jun-1998Driftway Georgia CD (Aust Grand Ch) (Laskelsa Labradors)
NSW 15-Aug-2000Driftway Regal Oak (ai) (MBISS MBIS Aust Grand Champion) (Guy Spagnolo)
QLD 30-May-2001Wintoppi Jack Bnimble (GRAND CHAMPION) (Gail Reilly)
VIC 29-Jun-2002Laskelsa Georgia Girl (Aust Grand Ch) (Laskelsa Labradors)
VIC 29-Jun-2003Laskelsa Tyler Jaye (BIS/MRUIS Aust Grand Ch) (Laskelsa Labradors)
VIC 27-Feb-2005Prestonvale Pluto (Gr Ch) (Mrs J Hocking)
NSW 17-May-2005Driftway Serenade (MBISS MBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Guy Spagnolo)
NSW 22-Jun-2005Driftway Flash Dancer (MBISS MBIS Aust Grand Ch) (G Spagnolo)
QLD 1-Nov-2005Wintoppi Flying Zephyr UD (MBIS MRUBIS MBISS GRAND CH OBEDIENCE CHAMPION) (Sandra L Luchterhand)
VIC 14-May-2006Laskelsa Wet N Wild (A.I.) (Aust Grand Ch) (Laskelsa Labradors)
SA 21-May-2006Driftway Magnetic Storm (Aust Grand Ch) (G Spagnolo & Bev Jones)
NSW 1-Jul-2007Cambewarra Penny Royal (Multi BIS All Breeds & Specialty Grand Champion) (Glen Vernon)
NSW 15-Jul-2007Blackboy Grand Guinness (Aust GRAND Ch) (Doreen & Sean O'Donnell)
NSW 9-Mar-2008Bonnsway Daria (Aust Grand Ch) (D E Travers)
SA 13-Aug-2008Driftway Triumph (Grand Ch) (Noel McLaren / Glenn Murphy)
NSW 8-Oct-2008Aralyen Moment OvGlory (GRAND Ch) (Anne O'Connor)
NSW 28-Feb-2009Terracarol Time Square (Grand Ch) (Glen Vernon & Pauline Suhr)
QLD 4-May-2009Driftway Time After Time (BIS BISS RUBISS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CH) (Guy Spagnolo/Sandra Luchterhand)
NSW 11-May-2009Happyblack Spruce Bruce (GRAND Champion) (Fran & Amy McIver)
SA 22-Jul-2009Lukesin Water Witch (Grand Ch) (Noel McLaren/Glenn Murphy)
QLD 22-Sep-2009Driftway Just A Romeo UD (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CH OBEDIENCE CHAMPION) (Guy Spagnolo/Sandra Luchterhand)
VIC 8-Nov-2009Laskelsa Wild Destiny (Aust Grand Ch) (Laskelsa Labradors)
QLD 15-May-2010Chasers Monsier Poirop (Imp NZ) (Australian Grand Champion) (R & C Wardle)
SA 1-Aug-2010Kirkdell Destiny (Aust Grand Champion) (Bev Jones)
VIC 1-Jan-2012Laskelsa Littl Diva (Aust Grand Ch) (Laskelsa Labradors)
QLD 8-Mar-2012Booroomgai Make An Impact (Grand Ch) (Mavstor Labrador Retrievers)
ACT 19-Mar-2012Burrawan Balantine Beau CD (Grand Ch) (C & R Brock)
SA 11-Aug-2012Chanpema Ode to Storm (Grand CH) (Chanpema Kennels)
ACT 23-Oct-2012Bradorla Black Ice (GRAND CH) (M & A Martin)
QLD 24-May-2013Shaundar Northern Raider (Australian Grand Champion BIS/RBIS) (Mr. R. & Mrs. C. Wardle)
NSW 27-May-2013Aralyen I Can Hear Music (BISS RUBISS RUBIS Aust Gr Ch Neut Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
QLD 19-Jun-2013Goldychocs Bear Hug CCD. (RUBIS Australian GRAND CHAMPION) (Kate Hutchison)
NSW 5-May-2014Bonnsway A Matter of Time (Aust Grand Ch ) (Ms D E Travers)
VIC 15-Mar-2015Silronray's Everything Cared Of (Imp France) (Aust Grand Champion) (P & M Cave)
SA 18-Mar-2015Kirkdell Destier (Dual Ch (T) Grand Ch) (Bev Jones)
QLD 21-Apr-2015Dewick Touchof Spice (A.I.) RN (Grand. Ch. T.Ch.) (Mrs Karan Griffiths)
VIC 1-Jun-2015Acolon Prince of Cypher (Grand Rt Ch) (Mr KE Britton)
SA 26-Aug-2015AlpyneAir Sacre Bleu (Aust Grand Ch) (S & B Washington)
VIC 9-Dec-2016Kelindebar Black Magic (AI) (BISS Aust Grand Champion) (Linda Adams)
VIC 9-Dec-2016Kelindebar Aussie Dream (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Linda Adams)
NSW 15-Oct-2017Lindiant Exceed And Excel (GRAND CH) (Mrs A Scott)
SA 9-Jan-2018AlpyneAir Born Supremacy AI (Aust Grand Ch) (S&B Washington/ D Venables)
QLD 12-May-2018Copperkee Shooting Star (Aust Grand Ch) (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
NSW 23-May-2018Goldychocs Follow My Lead (AI) CCD. RN (Australian Grand Champion) (Kate Hutchison)
SA 21-Jun-2018Kirkdell Razzle Dazzle (GRAND CH) (B Jones)
VIC 21-Sep-2018Kelindebar Power of Magic (Aust Grand Champion) (Linda Adams)
VIC 21-Jun-2019Sybeck Spirit Of Fashion (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Simon and Rebecca Malseed)
VIC 22-Nov-2019Bonnsway Once Upon a Star (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Jill Hocking)

New Zealand GRAND Champions

NZ 8-Dec-2002Southerly Undercover Agent (BISS NZ Grand Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ 14-Apr-2007Croftsway First Knight (BISS NZ GRAND Ch) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ 4-Nov-2013Sarasota Ya Got It In One (NZ Gr Ch) (Mrs L Henderson)

New Zealand Specialist GRAND Champions

NZ 2-Feb-2020Croftsway Tommee (ai) (NZ SPECIALTY GRAND CH) (Julie Bedford-Pope)

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