Labrador Retriever Profiles

RUBISS. Aust. Ch. Wynstream Mr. President (ai)
(Mrs. J.H.McLaurin)

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NSW Aralyen Devine Ice (AI) (Sup.Ch.) (Colleen Baker)
NSW Degel Rising Signs (Colleen Baker)
VIC Highview Chocolicious (Johanna Wright)
NSW Joalbe Kahlua on Ice (Colleen Baker)
NSW Milollylabs Canasta (Aust Ch) (Colleen Baker)
NSW Milollylabs Whispering Willow (Colleen Baker)
NSW Spiritrock Code Breaker (Jude Tankard/Alesha Jennar)
QLD Wintoppi Bowtie N Tails (Gail Reilly)

Displaying Page 1 of 1 pages