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SA Airai Keep On Dreamin (Miss Jeannie Leibhardt)
SA Airai Knee Deep In Daisies (Jodie McDonnell)
VIC Alexlab Moon Shadow (Janet Aldous)
NSW Aliasa Light My Heart (Aust Ch.) (Aliasa Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Perfection Royale (Aliasa Labradors)
NSW Aliasa Reign Over You (Aliasa Labradors)
NSW Aliasa State Ov Affairs (Aliasa Labradors)
SA AlpyneAir Born Supremacy AI (Aust Grand Ch) (S&B Washington/ D Venables)
NZ AlpyneAir Coast to Coast (AI) (Imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Sharon Grant & Brooklyn McDonald)
SA AlpyneAir Confiture (Aust Ch) (S&B Washington/ D Venables)
SA AlpyneAir Creme De La Creme (AI) (S&B Washington)
NZ AlpyneAir Double Exposure (Imp Aust) (Mrs S Grant and Mrs C Mc Donald)
SA AlpyneAir History Is Written (AI) (S&B Washington)
SA AlpyneAir Je Ne Sais Quoi (AI) (Aust Ch) (S&B Washington)
VIC AlpyneAir Snow Belle (AI) (Aust Ch) (A Douglass / S & B Washington)
SA AlpyneAir The Equalizer (S&B Washington)
VIC Aralyen Back in Black QND (Magicland Kennels)
QLD Aralyen Eclipse OvThe Heart (Mrs C Wardle)
NSW Aralyen I Can Hear Music (BISS RUBISS RUBIS Aust Gr Ch Neut Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
VIC Aralyen I Will Survive (AI) (Aust Ch) (Miss M Purtill)
NSW Aralyen Melting Moment (BISS Aust CH MBNIS Neut Ch) (Dianne Blaney)
NSW Aralyen Play The Game (AI) (V A Dodge)
NSW Aralyen River OvDreams (Anne O'Connor)
NSW Aralyen The River Wild (Anne D O;Connor)
NSW Aralyen Walking On Sunshine (Peter Levett & Pauline Gill)
NZ Ashdale Brandy Alexander (Denise Roberts)
NZ Ashdale Mid-Knight Tango With Cowanheights (RBISS NZ CH) (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Ashdale Tequila Sunrise At Cowanheights (RBISS NZ CH) (Mr Simon R Monson)
SA Bachdore Jefferson (Lynda and Danielle Simons)
SA Bachdore Madison (Aust Ch) (Lynda and Danielle Simons)
SA Bachdore she is gem (Lynda McInnes and Danielle Simons)
VIC Ballydoon Tahitian Beauty (Aust Ch) (Sharon Mulgrew)
NSW Bamgyps Eko Beach (Sharon L Bamford)
VIC Bantaskin shanti maya (Janis thomson)
VIC Bantaskin Sirius starman (Janis Thomson)
NSW Bellasdream Black Is Back (Aust CH) (Mrs A M Smith)
VIC Bellbidgee Believe In Me (Miss M Purtill)
VIC Bellbidgee Shimmer of Light (Miss M Purtill)
VIC Bellbidgee Shine LikeA Diamond (Miss M Purtill)
VIC Bellbidgee Shine N Light (Aust Ch) (Miss M Purtill)
VIC Bellbidgee Th Midnight Special (Miss M Purtill)
VIC Bellbidgee Time To Shine (Miss M Purtill)
SA Blackboy By Design (Frank Cardone)
NSW Blackboy Chocolate Ripple (Mrs D Blaney)
QLD Blackboy Eye Candy TDX TSD (Australian Champion) (Sandra & Neville Pitcher)
QLD Blackboy Snow Storm (Dual Champion (Tracking). Track and Search Champion. Australian Champion) (Sandra Pitcher)
WA Blackboy Storm In A Teacup (ai) (Sup. Ch) (Blackboy Kennels)
NZ Blackhills Calm The Farm (ai) (New Zealand Champion) (Trisha)
ACT Blackhills Eternal Sun for Cigwn (Aust Ch) (E Thomas & K Thomas)
NZ Blackhills Michelangelo (AI) (Multi BISS NZ CHAMPION) (Trisha Hallmond)
NSW Bonnsway A Matter of Time (Aust Grand Ch ) (Ms D E Travers)
NSW Bonnsway Ace Of Hearts (CH) (Angela Williams)
NSW Bonnsway Darias Angel (Dianne Travers)
VIC Bonnsway Dressed in White (Ch) (Jill Hocking)
NSW Bonnsway Endless Summer (Aust Ch) (Dianne Travers)
NSW Bonnsway Master Magician (Dianne Travers)
VIC Bonnsway Once Upon a Star (Ch) (Mrs Jill Hocking)
NSW Bonnsway Perfect Sculpture (Dianne Travers)
NSW Bonnsway Perfect Time (BISS RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Dianne Travers)
NSW Bonnsway Sculpture of Time (Ms D E Travers)
NSW Bonnsway Storm Of Time (Dianne Travers)
NSW Bonnsway Time For Tea (Dianne Travers)
QLD Booroomgai Hot Off The Press CCD, CD. CDX, UD. RN, RA RE, RM. (Dual Champion (RO)) (Ellen Gale)
QLD Booroomgai Hot Topic CCD, CD, CDX, UD, RM. (RO CH.) (Mrs Ellen Gale)
QLD Booroomgai Independence Gold. CCD, CD, CDX, RN, RA, RE, RM. (Mrs. Ellen Gale)
QLD Booroomgai Make An Impact (Grand Ch) (Mavstor Labrador Retrievers)
TAS Bradorla A Star Is Born (AI) (K Heenan/C Ellis)
TAS Bradorla Air Force One (MBIS RuBIS/S AUST SUP CH) (C Ellis/M Wickham)
VIC Bradorla Bombshell (Aust Ch) (Kirsty Houston)
NZ Bradorla Counter Measure (Imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Bevan Thorby / Angela Murray)
TAS Bradorla Here Comes The Sun (AI) (C Ellis/ M Wickham)
TAS Bradorla Image Maker (Multi BIS Muti BIG Aust Ch) (K Heenan & C Ellis)
TAS Bradorla In The Moment (CH) (C Ellis/M Wickham)
TAS Bradorla Poetry In Motion (AUST CH) (C Ellis/M Wickham)
NSW Bradorla Sculpture Of Ice (Aust Ch) (Ellis/ Vernon)
VIC Bridiestar Sweet Karma (Bianca bux)
VIC Bucklee Some Like It Hot (Leonie Deeker)
VIC Bucklee Too Hot To Handle (Aust. Ch.) (Leonie Deeker)
NSW Burberry Catch The Wind (Aarabells Labs)
NSW Burrawan Bedivere (Ch) (J & D Cocks)
NSW Burrawan Belgian Truffle (Ch) (J & D Cocks)
QLD Burrumtravis Dolce Frangelico (Mrs C Wardle & Miss S Riseley)
VIC Carvancriver Archie (Aust Ch) (Kirsty Houston)
VIC Catraz Bold N Brassy (Catraz Kennels)
NZ Catraz Come Fly With Me (Mr Simon Monson)
VIC Catraz Life Is A Cabaret (AI) (Catraz Kennels)
QLD Catraz Mastermind (Aust CH) (Jeanine Briese-Marshall & Carmel Vierow)
VIC Catraz Miss La De Da (Catraz Kennels)
VIC Catraz Start Spreadin The News (AI) (Catraz Kennels)
QLD Catraz Sweet Temptation (Dual (Tracking) Australian Champion    ) (Carmel Vierow)
SA Catraz The Bushranger (BISS. RUBISS . AUST CH.) (Frank Cardone)
SA Cavajal Labcorp Melrose (Lynda and Danielle Simons)
SA Chanpema A Distant Storm (Chanpema Kennels)
ACT Chergari Silent Night CD RA (Ch) (Mrs A Walkington)
NSW Cigwn Blue Sky Ahead (Elizabeth Thomas)
ACT Cigwn Blues at Sun Rise (Elizabeth Thomas and Katy Thomas)
NSW Cigwn Moody Blues (Aust Ch) (E Thomas)
NSW Cigwn Rhapsody in Blue (Aust Ch) (Elizabeth Thomas)
NSW Cladaghring Double O Seven (Aust. Ch.) (Doreen & Sean O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring First Class (ai) (Doreen & Sean O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring Flyn Over Torngat (ai) (BISS Aust. Ch.) (Doreen & Sean O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring Maple Beach (SM & DA O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring Moet N Chandon (ai) (MRUBISS Aust. Ch.) (Mr SM & Mrs DA O'Donnell)
NSW Cladaghring Secret Royal (Sean & Doreen O'Donnell)
QLD Copperkee American Beauty (Aust Ch) (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
QLD Copperkee American Hustler (Aust Ch) (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
QLD Copperkee Chasing Fire (D R & K A Wilson)
QLD Copperkee Fire In The Sky (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
QLD Copperkee Frozen In Time (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
QLD Copperkee Just Like Fire (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
QLD Copperkee Northern Lights (Aust Ch) (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
NT Copperkee Queen of Spades (Ch) (Jessica Eagleson)
QLD Copperkee Shooting Star (Aust Grand Ch) (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
NT Copperkee Southern Belle (Jessica Eagleson)
QLD Copperkee You Light My Fire (Jamie-Lee Creagh)
QLD Copperkee Zippity Doodah (Aust Ch) (Mr D R & K A Wilson)
NZ Cowanheights All Aces (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Cowanheights Fade To Black (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Cowanheights Talk Of The Town (RBISS NZ CH) (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Croftsway Film Star (ai) (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
QLD Croftsway Flor De La Belleza (Imp NZ) (Aust Neuter Ch) (Jamie-Lee Creagh)
NZ Croftsway Foolish Rumour (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Good Lorde (Ch) (Angela Murray)
NZ Croftsway One Starry Night (ai) (RBISS NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Shining Star (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway That's My Girl (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Tommee (ai) (Multi BISS NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Vegas Show Girl (ai) (NZ Ch) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Viva Las Vegas (ai) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NSW Dancourt Cadburys Whim (Aust. CH.) (Mrs Carol Olive)
NSW Dancourt Caramel Delight (Mrs Carol Olive)
NSW Dancourt Classic Gold (Mrs Carol Olive)
NSW Dancourt Fame N Fortune (Mrs Carol Olive)
NSW Dancourt Queen Amberlou (Aust. Ch.) (Carol Olive)
NSW Dancourt Remarkable Haley (Mrs Carol Olive)
NSW Dancourt Show No Mercy (Mrs Carol Olive)
NSW Degel Freedoms Glory (Aust CH) (Mrs A M Smith)
VIC Devinelea Anzac Cove (Yc) (Australian Champion) (B & R van Maanen)
VIC Devinelea Jive Talking (Yc) (Australian Champion) (B & R van Maanen)
VIC Devinelea Maleficent (AI) (By) (B & R van Maanen)
QLD Dewick Pips Lady (Neuter. Ch.) (Miss Jan Manson)
QLD Dewick Spice N Spirit RN CCD (Neuter Champion) (Miss Barbara Dixon)
VIC Diacas The Phantoms Back Atolrick (Aust Ch.) (Robyn Brock)
QLD Driftway All That Jazz (Aust Ch) (Guy Spagnolo)
VIC Driftway Aussie Rulz (MBISS, MBIS (A/breeds) Aust SUPREME Champion) (Gina Williams & Guy Spagnolo)
VIC Driftway Cinders N Ash (A.I.) (Laskelsa Labradors)
QLD Driftway Just In Time (Aust Ch) (Guy Spagnolo)
NSW Driftway Latin Dancer (Aust Ch) (Guy Spagnolo)
QLD Driftway Lucky Charm (Australian Champion) (Heather Lamp)
ACT Driftway Maple (AI) (Aust Ch.) (Trevor Ament)

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