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Parity Prosecco Please
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VIC Aukero Limited Edition GDX. JDX. ADX. SD. SPDX. (Aust. Champion) (Ms. Margaret Keil)
VIC Deelee Bambini Bernardo CCD JD RE (Australian Ch Dual Ch (T) Gr Ch TS) (Necia Lynch)
NSW Greydove Giacinta AF.CH. RE. CCD.GD.JD.ET.SPD.NW1 (Neut Ch) (Cathie Ashurst)
VIC Hevnsent Moon Spirit RN (T Ch    ) (Ulla Werner)
SA Ilnasosa Aroma Aria RN, FS.N, HTM.S. PKD-T (TDCH) (Melita Rogers)
NSW Lagottostar Arrakis RE (Aust Champion) (Cathie Ashurst)
VIC Lagottostar Bellatrix Iris RA CCD (Grand Ch TS, Dual Ch (T)) (Necia Lynch)
NSW Lagottostar Bellatrix RN (Aust Champion) (Cathie Ashurst)
WA Ottogal Dream Muppet RN (T Ch) (Naomi Adams)
NSW OttogaL Hugo Fun Guy NW1,NW2 (Aust Ch) (Mrs L Sheather)
NSW OttogaL Sweet Dreams RA (Mr G & Mrs C Ashurst)

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