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Aust Champion Lagottostar Arrakis RE
(Cathie Ashurst)

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QLD AmiciLeale Arcobaleno Cosma (NZ CH Aust CH) (Chris Lewis)
VIC AmiciLeale Curly Kisses (CH) (Karen Gowers)
QLD AmiciLeale Lady Belladonna (CH.) (P Harris)
QLD AmiciLeale Nutella Biscotto (CH.) (Trish Harris)
SA AmiciLeale Prince Bassi at Markable (Ruth Bell)
VIC Aukero Limited Edition GDX. JDX. ADX. SD. SPDX. (Aust. Champion) (Ms. Margaret Keil)
NSW Aukero Skys The Limit (Ch) (KD Robinson)
NSW Aukero The X Factor (KD Robinson)
NSW Duoforza Femme Fatale (Mr R & Mrs S Sharpe)
SA Duoforza Yolanda (Australian Champion) (Miss J Elizabeth & Mrs J Quayle)
NZ Glenstar Dancing In The Dark (DA Hanson)
NZ Glenstar Darkside of the Moon (NZ SPR CH) (DA Hanson)
NZ Glenstar Giulietta (NZ CH) (DA Hanson)
NZ Glenstar Just Like Fire (AUST and NZ CH) (DA Hanson)
NZ Glenstar Swinging The Banjo (DA Hanson)
QLD Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Ciambella Romagnolo (Aust CH) (Trish Harris)
SA Ilnasosa Aroma Aria RN, FS.N, HTM.S. PKD-T (TDCH) (Melita Rogers)
NSW Incavale Devil From DownUnder (J Nolan)
NSW Incavale Ready to Rumble (Australian Champion) (Jason Cook)
NSW Incavale Tiffany and Co (Australian Champion) (Jade Morse-Roberts)
NSW Kan Trace Once Again At Aukero (Imp Croatia) (Supreme Ch) (Keith D Robinson)
QLD Kebro Dantes Flame (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs R Flynn)
NSW Kebro Dantes Inferno (MBIS BISS Supreme Ch) (Keith Robinson)
VIC La Dinamica Pina Cattiua (Champion) (Lisa Schuppe)
VIC Lagottostar Bellatrix Iris RA CCD (Grand Ch TS, Dual Ch (T)) (Necia Lynch)
SA Lotsalire Bellissimo Pietro (ai) (Champion) (Alexandra Stuke)
VIC Moraamuz Bellezza Indie (Aust. Champion) (Mrs. M. A. Keil ) ( Royson Valore)
VIC Moraamuz Dolce Vita Dante (Aust. CH.) (Mrs M A Keil ( M. Gallagher ))
VIC Moraamuz Dolce Vita Iniziare (Aust. CH.) (Mrs. M A Keil ( Patricia Fulcher ))
VIC Moraamuz Fiocco The Fonz (Mrs M A Keil)
NSW Notte Alessandro (NEUT. CH.) (Pam Bye)
NSW Notte Coffee (Aust Ch) (Notte)
NSW Notte Favolosa Flavia (P Bye)
NSW Notte Radha (Aust Ch) (Notte)
NSW Notte Ragazza Italiana (Aust Ch) (Notte)
WA Nugold Mi Chiama Izzabella (Nuala Brown)
NSW OttogaL Anzac Poppy (Aust & Neut Ch) (Chuah/Ashurst)
NSW OttogaL BossTan Celtic (Mrs L Sheather)
NSW OttogaL Coco Pop (Au Ch) (Mrs L Krzemien)
NSW OttogaL GOT King Of The North (Aust Ch) (Mr G & Mrs C Ashurst)
NSW OttogaL Hugo Fun Guy NW1,NW2 (Aust Ch) (Mrs L Sheather)
SA Parity Mudshake (Australian Champion) (Miss J Elizabeth & Mrs J Quayle)
SA Parity Nacho Night (Miss J Elizabeth & Mrs J Quayle)
SA Parity Obviously Otto (Mrs J Quayle & Miss J Elizabeth)
NSW Parity Original Oatmeal (Mrs J Quayle & Miss J Elizabeth)
SA Parity Out Of Orbit (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Quayle & Miss J Elizabeth)
QLD Solykke Mia Little Star (Hannah Wordsworth)
QLD Wispan Bellisima (Ch) (Robynne Flynn)
QLD Wispan Flaming Heart (Ch) (Robynne Flynn)
QLD Wispan Ilgiorgio Vago at Faondein (Ch) (David Barnes)

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