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Multi NIS Neuter Ch & Aust. Ch Babanga Easy As
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NZ Amahl Destined To Parti (NZ Ch) (Mrs Christine Nash & Miss Georgia Nash)
NZ Amahl Magic Moment (RBIS CH) (Christine Nash)
NZ Amahl Return Of The Queen (NZ Ch) (Christine & Georgia Nash)
NSW Amesen All Eyes On Me (Aust Ch) (Rachel Purches)
NSW Amesen Bennys Girl (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Kay York & Jenny Longmire)
NSW Amesen Betty Boop (Australian Champion) (Paul & Kay York)
SA Amesen Cocaine Cassie (Aust Ch) (Amesen kennels)
NSW Amesen Dancin Till Dawn (Aust Ch) (M&L Foster K Peacock B Toomey)
SA Amesen Gold Class (Aust CH) (Amesen kennels)
QLD Amesen Golden Lady (Aust Ch) (Janet McGregor)
TAS Amesen Id Wanna Be Me Too (Aust Ch) (Trudi Counsell)
NSW Amesen Lady GaGa (BISS / RUBIS Multi BIG Aust Sup Ch) (J.A Longmire, M.B Camac & I K Glen)
TAS Amesen Mirror Image (Aus Ch) (Trudi Counsell)
NSW Amesen Ocean Breeze (Australian Champion) (P & K York J Longmire & M Camac)
NSW Amesen Princess Gray (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Kay York)
NSW Amesen Tatiana Romanova (Aust Supreme Ch) (Amesen Kennels & Joyce Mortimer)
NSW Amesen Tequila Sunrise (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jenny Longmire & Mr Michael Camac)
NSW Amesen Time to Parti (Aust Champion) (Jenny Longmire & Michael Camac)
QLD Amesen Turn the Page (Aust Supreme & Neuter Ch) (Caroline Bouffler)
NSW Babanga Blonde Legacy (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Paul & Kay York)
QLD Babanga Easy As (Multi NIS Neuter Ch & Aust. Ch) (Rodney & Sharon Shone)
NSW Babanga Red Hot Kisses (RUBIS Australian Champion) (Paul & Kay York)
NSW Babanga Tai Lung (Paul & Kay York)
NSW Babanga Vegas Showgirl (Australian Champion) (Paul & Kay York)
QLD Brynroi Aotearoa Angel (Imp NZ) (RUBIS Australian Champion) (Gayle & Kim Johansen--Ngesong Lhasas)
VIC Chic Choix Parti Trouble At Elshamara (IMP FIN) (Wyowna kennels)
VIC Dreamlha Are You Ready For It (Mrs T A Counsell & Ms G M Booth)
TAS Dreamlha Sorry Not Sorry (Ch) (Trudi Counsell)
VIC Elshamara Chasing Chaos (Aust Ch) (B Schulz, C Pedini & S Schulz)
VIC Elshamara Private Dancer (Aust Ch) (B Schulz, C Pedini & S Schulz)
QLD Elshamara Wildest Dreams (Supreme Champion) (Deanne Elms)
QLD Jennde Love Of My Life (Deanne Elms)
NSW Kailasa Affair To Remember (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (M & L Foster, K Peacock, B Toomey)
WA Kailasa Apsolute Karisma (Ch) (Kerrie Mansell)
WA Kailasa Heven Hasmy Hartstrngs (Ch) (Kerrie Mansell)
WA Kailasa Wish Upon A Star (AI) (Ch) (Kerrie Mansell)
QLD Len-Kyel-Wa Khelang-Kyi (Imp Esp) (Aust Ch) (Janet McGregor)
QLD Lyngala Lady Penelope Pitstop (Aust Champion) (Ms J McGregor)
QLD Lyngala Like A Child (Aust Ch) (Janet McGregor)
QLD Lyngala Litl Mis Stella (Aust Champion) (Ms J McGregor)
NSW Lyngala Living Doll (Aust Champion) (Jim Grundig)
QLD Lyngala Luvs A Princess (Aust Ch) (Janet McGregor)
NZ Manjuri Gime A Daisy A Day (NZ Ch) (Cathy Wallace Paddington)
VIC Myatuc Autumn Sunshine (R & M van Roosmalen)
VIC Myatuc Fame Eliza (Ch) (R & M van Roosmalen)
VIC Myatuc Tullocks Black Ruby (R & M van Roosmalen)
VIC Myatuc U R My Sunshine (Ch) (R & M van Roosmalen)
QLD Myikyi Simplee Betta (Supreme Ch) (Jacky Harnett)
VIC Mysticrafael Absolute Diamond (Australian Champion and Australian Neuter Champion) (Mysticrafael Kennels)
VIC Mysticrafael DestinedToBFamous (Australian Champion) (Mysticrafael)
VIC Mysticrafael Phantomoftheopera (Mysticrafael Kennels)
QLD Nahemja Lady Lydia (Aust Ch) (Janet McGregor)
NSW Neokarma I Want The Fame (Aust Ch) (Phil Brown & Peter King)
QLD Ngesong Steppin Out In Style (Aust. Ch.) (Ngesong Lhasa Apso)
QLD Ngesong Takin Namz Makin Twubul (Aust. Ch.) (Gayle & Kim Johansen--Ngesong Lhasas)
NSW Noonameena Blowin In The Wind (J Faber)
NSW Noonameena Race The Storm (Aust CH) (J & Y Faber)
NZ Paddington All Spiced Up (NZ Ch) (Cathy Wallace Paddington)
NZ Paddington Dolly Daydream (NZ Ch) (Cathy Wallace Paddington)
NSW Rysup Driving Miss Daisy (Aust Ch & Aust Neut Ch) (Mrs R Purches)
VIC Samlhamo Black Onyx (Ch) (R & M van Roosmalen)
VIC Samlhamo Penny Pitstop (Aust Ch) (R & M van Roosmalen)
VIC Samlhamo Stormie Way (Ch) (R & M van Roosmalen)
NZ Shalu Razamataz (CH) (Sean Walton)
NZ Shalu The Winner Takes All (CH) (Ms Sue Ryder)
QLD Shelkym Serenenchantress (Aust Ch.) (K & G Johansen)
TAS Siimline Glamorous Parti (imp UK) (MBIS Sup Ch) (Trudi Counsell)
WA Snowdara Cant Pinme Down (P And R Primrose)
WA Snowdara Don't Fool Witme (AUST CH) (P W & Mrs Rg Primrose)
WA Snowdara Primadonna (Aust ch) (P& R & C Primrose)
WA Snowdara Winner Take All (P And R Primrose)
NSW Sooquan Dontu Noits Magic (Aust Ch) (Beryl Toomey)
NSW Sooquan I Bleve In Dreams (Ch.) (B. Toomey)
NSW Sooquan I Bleve In Magic (Grand Ch) (L & M Foster K Peacock B Toomey)
NSW Sooquan Jane Eyre (Aust Ch.) (M & L Foster, K. Peacock, B Toomey)
NSW Sooquan Licorish Twist (BISS Aust Ch) (L & M Foster, K Peacock, B Toomey)
NSW Sooquan My Sweet Addiction (Aust. Ch.) (M & L Foster / K Peacock & B Toomey)
NSW Sooquan Ol Bob Lu C At Jaron (Aust. Ch.) (L&M Foster K Peacock B Toomey)
NSW Sooquan Senkyila Dakini Magic (Beryl Toomey)
NSW Sooquan Sweet Dreams (Aust Ch) (Marilyn Foster)
NSW Sooquan Wai KiKi (Aust Ch) (Leigh Foster)
NSW Zaland Chamber of Secrets (Aust Grand Ch) (Belinda Beves/ Nina Estatheo)
QLD Zaland Enchanted Eden (Aust Ch) (Jan Stringer)
NSW Zaland Forensics Abby Scuito (Aust Sup Ch) (Belinda Beves and Nina Estatheo)
NSW Zaland Nauti N Nice (Aust Grand Ch) (Belinda Beves and Nina Estatheo)
NSW Zaland Taylor Maid in Oz (Aust Ch) (Belinda Beves/ Nina Estatheo)

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