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Aust Sup Ch Zaland Forensics Abby Scuito
(Belinda Beves and Nina Estatheo)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

QLD 6-Jul-2012Myikyi Simplee Betta (Supreme Ch) (Jacky Harnett)
NSW 9-Jul-2012Nahemja Odo Hirsch (Aust Supreme Ch) (Belinda Beves/Nina Estatheo)
NSW 16-Jul-2012Chethang Nathaniel (Imp UK) (BISS,BIS,RUBIS Australian Supreme Champion) (P&K York,M Camac,J Longmire)
WA 18-Jul-2012Kailasa Affair Oth Heart (BISS Supreme Ch) (Kerrie Mansell)
TAS 27-Aug-2012Amesen Simply Sinful (BIS MBIG Sup Ch) (Mrs Trudi Counsell)
NSW 8-Oct-2012Amesen Lady GaGa (BISS / RUBIS Multi BIG Aust Sup Ch) (J.A Longmire, M.B Camac & I K Glen)
NSW 11-Feb-2013Amesen What a Guy (Aust Sup Ch) (J. Longmire, M. Camac & I. Glen)
NSW 13-Mar-2013Kutani Secret Agent (Imp UK) (Eng Ch & Aust Sup Ch) (Belinda Beves/ Nina Estatheo/ Wendy Cain)
QLD 3-Jan-2014Amesen Turn the Page (Aust Supreme & Neuter Ch) (Caroline Bouffler)
TAS 4-Aug-2015Amesen Creme Puzzle (Sup Ch) (Trudi Counsell)
NSW 1-Oct-2015Babanga Solitary Man (Australian Supreme Champion) (Paul & Kay York)
NSW 5-Dec-2018Zaland It Only Takes One (Aust Sup Ch) (Belinda Beves and Nina Estatheo)
SA 23-Jan-2019Amesen Once Were Warriors (Amesen Kennels)
NSW 13-Jan-2020Amesen Tatiana Romanova (Aust Supreme Ch) (Amesen Kennels & Joyce Mortimer)
NSW 29-Jan-2020Zaland Forensics Abby Scuito (Aust Sup Ch) (Belinda Beves and Nina Estatheo)
SA 16-Feb-2020Amahl Django Unchained (NZ GRAND CH & AUST SUPREME CH) (M Camac,B Farrell, I Glen & C & G Nash)
NSW 27-Feb-2020Neokarma Fonda Chicks (Aust Supreme Ch) (Steven Farnham)

Australian GRAND Champions

WA 1-Jan-1989Anoki Rueben James (Grand Ch) (Ms L Taylor)
VIC 1-Jan-1990Clanaran Causing Chaos (Aust Grand Champion) (R & V Bennetts)
SA 17-Sep-2006Ta Sen Chic Choix Big Time Tipper (imp USA) (Aust Grand Ch & Am Champion) (Michael Camac & Jenny Longmire)
NSW 23-Apr-2009Amesen Play Station (BISS, Aust Grand Ch.) (Karen Peacock)
NSW 4-Feb-2015Sooquan I Bleve In Magic (Grand Ch) (L & M Foster K Peacock B Toomey)
NSW 4-Nov-2016Zaland Nauti N Nice (Aust Grand Ch) (Belinda Beves and Nina Estatheo)
NSW 15-May-2018Zaland Bourne Supremacy (Aust Supreme Ch) (B Beves & N Estatheo)
ACT 4-Dec-2018Sooquan Ol Bobs Rose Tattoo (Aust. Gr Ch.) (Mrs. D. Pezzella)
QLD 25-Feb-2020Ngesong Tse Mgom (Aust. Grand Champion) (Gayle & Kim Johansen--Ngesong Lhasas)

New Zealand GRAND Champions

SA 1-Jan-1989Amahl Django Unchained ( Imp NZL ) (NZ Grand Ch) (Amesen Kennels / Mrs C & Ms G Nash)
NZ 22-Nov-1999Manjuri Gingerbread Man (NZ GRAND CH) (Cathy Wallace, Paddington)
NZ 13-Apr-2001Amesen Black Magic (NZ Grand Champion) (Mrs Christine Nash)
NZ 6-Dec-2015Babanga Destined For Amahl (Imp-Aust) (NZ SUPREME CH) (Mrs Christine Nash & Miss Georgia Nash)

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