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GRAND Ch. Halgrove Hilda
(Phil, Kerry + Kelly McIntyre (Halgrove))

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NSW Feralas ArtificialIntelligence (Miss C & Ms B Monckton)
NSW Feralas Bicentennial Man (Miss C & Ms B Monckton)
NSW Feralas Cindia (BIS, MRUBIS,MBIG, MRUBIG Aust Sup CH) (B & C Monckton)
NSW Feralas Count Theodore (Ch) (Annie Hudson Williams)
NSW Feralas Good Morning Vietnam (Supreme Ch) (Mr C Tidey & Miss T Hall)
NSW Feralas Mrs Doubtfire (Miss C & Ms B Monckton)
NSW Feralas My Fair Lady (C & B Monckton)
NSW Feralas Silk Stockings (C & B Monckton)
NSW Feralas Singing In the Rain (C & B Monckton)
NSW Graabine A Little Bit Of Chilli (Gabor Markotany)
QLD Graabine Bendit Like Beckam (CH) (A Senior)
NSW Graabine Black Tie Affair (CH) (Miss Phoebe Quinn)
NSW Graabine Goddess Of Love (Aust Ch) (Mr C Tidey)
NSW Graabine Limited Edittion (AI) (Mr C Tidey & Miss T Hall)
NSW Graabine Little Joe (Supreme Grand Champion) (G & M Markotany)
NSW Graabine Remember The Blues (Mr G Markotany)
QLD Graabine The Chosen One (A Senior)
NSW Graabine Top Gun (CH) (Miss P Quinn)
NZ Grahden Mont Victoire (WP van Rooden)
NZ Grahden Monte Sawspur (RBISS NZ Ch) (WP van Rooden)
NZ Grahden Montse Una (RBISS NZ Ch) (WP van Rooden)
NSW Halgrove Bjorn To Be Cool (P, K & K McIntyre)
NSW Halgrove Bondjamesbond (MBIS SUPREME Ch.) (Phil, Kerry & Kelly McIntyre (Halgrove))
NSW Halgrove Cool Shades (Annie Hudson Williams)
NSW Halgrove Hilda (GRAND Ch.) (Phil, Kerry + Kelly McIntyre (Halgrove))
NSW Halgrove Kaywinnet Lee Frye (Marcus and Rowena Tuck)
NSW Halgrove Picture Perfect (K Salah & L Coates)
NSW Halgrove Precious Pearl (Annie Hudson Williams)
NSW Halgrove Purple Rain (Ch.) (P, K & K McIntyre / Nikki Zullo)
NSW Halgrove Sealed With A Kiss (C & B Monckton)
NSW Halgrove Sweet Chilli (CH.) (P, K & K McIntyre)
SA Icysprings Embah (Aust Ch) (Jasmine Lawon)
NSW Kahuti Little Adele (GRAND Ch.) (Phil, Kerry + Kelly McIntyre (Halgrove))
NSW Kamgaard Kutting Edge (Imp USA) (American & Australian Champion) (Craig Evans)
QLD Kyxen Better Than Dad (CH) (Diane, Murray & Aleisha Senior)
SA Kyxen Remus Lupin (Jasmine Lawton)
QLD Kyxen Sparkling Moscato (CH) (Aleisha Senior)
NSW Norvaan Kausin A Kalamity (Craig Evans)
NSW Skalagrim Solo Flyte (Anne Williams)
VIC Stecin Nordic Secret (C Garro)

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