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NSW Feralas ArtificialIntelligence (Miss C & Ms B Monckton)
NSW Feralas Bicentennial Man (Miss C & Ms B Monckton)
NSW Feralas Cindia (BIS, MRUBIS,MBIG, MRUBIG Aust Sup CH) (B & C Monckton)
NSW Feralas Count Theodore (Ch) (Annie Hudson Williams)
NSW Feralas Good Morning Vietnam (Supreme Ch) (Mr C Tidey & Miss T Hall)
NSW Feralas Mrs Doubtfire (Miss C & Ms B Monckton)
NSW Feralas My Fair Lady (C & B Monckton)
NSW Feralas Silk Stockings (C & B Monckton)
NSW Feralas Singing In the Rain (C & B Monckton)
NSW Graabine A Little Bit Of Chilli (Supreme Champion) (Gabor Markotany)
QLD Graabine Bendit Like Beckam (CH) (A Senior)
NSW Graabine Goddess Of Love (Aust Ch) (Mr C Tidey)
NSW Graabine Limited Edittion (AI) (Mr C Tidey & Miss T Hall)
NSW Graabine Little Joe (Supreme Grand Champion) (G & M Markotany)
NSW Graabine Remember The Blues (Mr G Markotany)
QLD Graabine The Chosen One (A Senior)
NSW Graabine Top Gun (CH) (Miss P Quinn)
NZ Grahden Monte Sawspur (RBISS NZ Ch) (WP van Rooden)
NZ Grahden Montse Una (RBISS NZ Ch) (WP van Rooden)
NSW Halgrove Bjorn To Be Cool (P, K & K McIntyre)
NSW Halgrove Cool Shades (Annie Hudson Williams)
NSW Halgrove Precious Pearl (Annie Hudson Williams)
NSW Halgrove Purple Rain (Ch.) (P, K & K McIntyre / Nikki Zullo)
NSW Halgrove Sealed With A Kiss (C & B Monckton)
NSW Halgrove Sweet Chilli (CH.) (P, K & K McIntyre)
SA Icysprings Embah (Aust Ch) (Jasmine Lawon)
NSW Kamgaard Kutting Edge (Imp USA) (American & Australian Champion) (Craig Evans)
QLD Kyxen Better Than Dad (CH) (Diane, Murray & Aleisha Senior)
SA Kyxen Remus Lupin (Jasmine Lawton)
QLD Kyxen Sparkling Moscato (CH) (Aleisha Senior)
NSW Norvaan Kausin A Kalamity (Craig Evans)
NSW Skalagrim Solo Flyte (Anne Williams)
VIC Stecin Nordic Secret (C Garro)

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