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Aust Ch Sintee Midnight Samba
(Sintee Kennels)

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NSW Adeltoy Glamour Girl Millie (Petra Sidebottom)
QLD Adithe Cilla Black (Aust. Ch) (Judith Mcrobie)
QLD Adithe Yolande Guilfo (Australian Ch.) (Miss J. A. McRobie)
QLD Alamoana Enchantress (Ch) (Nola Westren & Kylie Ritter)
NSW Alamoana Sweet Reward (Ch) (Nola Westren)
NSW Alang Ice Majic Princess (Aust Ch) (Geraldine Myers)
NSW Alang Ice Princess (Miss N Conroy & Ms G Myers)
VIC Beaudanser Simply Irresistable (D.Graham)
QLD Bellissima Chantillylace (Aust Ch) (Jenny Craig)
VIC Chalisi One Red Rose (Gary & Christine Bain)
NSW Chapford Dark Victory (Aust Ch) (Julie Henville)
NSW Chapford Rocks In a Frock (Ch) (David Parrott)
VIC Chezjolie Bring It On (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
VIC Chezjolie Hot Cakes (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
TAS Chezjolie Oops A Daisy (Mrs Cathy Camac)
VIC Chezjolie Saving Grace (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
VIC Chezjolie Take A Trick (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
NSW Courdamour Absolutely Fabulous (J Evans)
NSW Courdamour Cool Ivory (Jo Evans)
NSW Courdamour Little Shadow (J. Evans)
QLD Delamont A Bold Choice (Brett Crane)
NSW Elluje Born to Be Wild (Aust Ch) (Julie Henville)
NSW Elluje Mark My Words (AI) (Julie & Erin Henville & Fay Thomasen)
NSW Elluje Need for Speed (Aust Ch) (Julie & Erin Henville)
NSW Elluje So What (Aust Ch) (Julie Henville & Erin Henville)
NSW Elluje Super Sonik (AI) (Julie & Erin Henville & Fay Thomasen)
NSW Elluje What a Wind Up (Aust Ch) (Julie & Erin Henville)
NSW Firefly Deja Vu (Aust Ch) (Janet Fleming)
WA Firezeye Tequila Sunrise (Aust N. Ch.) (Ms V Baxter)
NZ Gai Gamin Silva Elvira (Ch) (R.t. & A.e. Udy)
VIC Garwey Heaven Sent (Aust Ch) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Mana From Heaven (MULTI BIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Scallywag (MULTI BIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Scarlett O'hara (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Social Butterfly (Ch    ) (Garwey Kennels)
NZ Gotta Bee Impressed Of Savoir (CH) (Betty Roberts)
QLD Guanjun Red Summer Rain (Tawhiao Toy Poodles)
VIC Hoku Double Take to Zazzin (Zazzin kennels)
ACT Hoku secret agent at kylace (Miss k j gallimore)
VIC Hythere Silva Shardae (Marlau kennel)
QLD Jazal White Magic (Debra Randall)
WA Jenuin Lily Black (Linda Nicholls)
WA Jenuin Uptown Girl (Linda Nicholls)
NSW Jeunesse One Forthe Money (Pat Kentwell)
VIC Kaisersax Black Caviar (D Ludowyk)
VIC Kaisersax Rain Drop (D Ludowyk)
ACT Kylace Flirt In A Skirt (Aust ch) (K Gallimore)
ACT Kylace pretty in pink (K Gallimore)
ACT Kylace ringside gossip (Aust ch) (K Gallimore)
ACT Kylace Vera Wang (Aust ch) (K Gallimore)
NSW Laahtoy Lady Guinevere (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Silver Crowne (Lisa Martin)
QLD Laposh Silhouette in Ice (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne A Collin)
TAS Laurelbury Whoopi Goldberg (Imp USA) (Can & Aust Ch) (Nola Westren)
NSW Lefay Living The High Life (Aust Ch) (J & E Henville)
NSW Lefay On The Catwalk (Aust Ch) (Fay Thomasen)
NZ Lefay Prima La Devine (NZ Ch) (Fay Thomasen)
NZ Lombaadi A Dice Of Mayhem (NZ, Aust Ch) (J Earnshaw)
NZ Lombaadi Magically Charmed (Jullia Earnshaw)
NZ Lombaadi Pure Magic (NZ Ch) (J Earnshaw)
NZ Lombaadi Pure Mayhem (NZ Ch) (J Earnshaw)
NZ Lombaadi Xxcalibur's Gossip (Ch) (Julie Earnshaw)
QLD Lortoyall Brandy Eclair (Mrs. J. Beal)
NSW Lortoyall Ebony Rose (Aust. CH.) (Dianne Pittaway)
NSW Louloutoys Pretty Face I Am (Petra K Sidebottom)
VIC Marlau Lisa Marie (Marlau Kennel)
VIC marlau midnight tango(IID NORWAY) (aust. ch.) (Marlau Kennel)
NSW Mistykent Belle Du Seigneur (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mistykent Lady Kirra (Ch.) (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mistykent Mystic M Lady (Ch.) (P Kentwell)
NSW Mistykent Perfect Harmony (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mistykent Reanna Breeze (Ch.) (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mistykent Shah Khor (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mojitogold Hell On Wheels (Aust Ch.) (Janet Fleming)
NSW Mojitogold Jive Talking (Aust Ch) (Janet Fleming)
NSW Mojitogold Secret Choice (Ch) (Brett Natoli, Janet Fleming, Julie Miner)
NSW MonCherrie Rose Leigh (Aust Ch) (Sue Mears)
NSW Moncoeur Bella My Princess (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
WA Montaires Kickit Tome (Mrs A Howell & Mrs J MacKenzie)
QLD Montaires My Magic Ice (Australian Champion) (Geraldine Myers)
WA Montaires Shes Outa Control (Aust Ch) (Mrs AEM Howell)
VIC Montaires Whispering Wind (Ch) (Iris Cartwright)
VIC Montoys All Alone Am I (Christine Bain)
VIC Moravia Lillie Marlau (Marlau Kennel)
QLD Mydrm Ima Showoff (Elizabeth Chambers)
NSW Nabucco Dame Rebecca (Paul and Jessica Taylor)
QLD Paquitastoys Red Barroness (Mrs J. Beal)
NSW Petitlatoy Backchat (Aust Ch) (Mrs Dale Ward)
VIC Petitlatoy Swankys Charm (aust champ) (Marlau Kennel)
NSW Pinecresta red summer kisses (Petra Sidebottom)
NSW Pinecresta Bellu Tail Up High (Petra Sidebottom)
NSW Pinecresta Ginger Spice (Caroline Pawlak)
NSW Pinecresta Summer Ice Kiss (Petra Sidebottom)
QLD Poodiful Hello I Love You (Elle Robinson)
NSW Poodiful Kiss The Sky (CH) (Elle Robinson)
NSW Poodiful Kiss The Sky (CH) (Tiarne Perkiss)
QLD Poodiful Light My Fire (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne A Collin)
VIC Poodiful Stairway To Heaven (Elle Robinson)
NSW Poodlederry Sakura (Bj Biggs)
NSW Poodleluv sleeping beauty (Petra Sidebottom)
NSW Poodleonyx Heart Breaker (Mrs Petra Sidebottom)
NSW Proclam red emblem (Petra sidebottom)
NSW Rakeiora Wildflame (Mrs Kim Schausinger)
VIC Redalia Hey There Georgie Girl (Rhadinoir Knls.)
VIC Redsonnet Redspred (aust. ch.) (Marlau Kennel)
VIC Rhadinoir Molly Angel (Mrs P. McKenzie)
NSW Riders Amber Sundancer (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Nola Westren)
NSW Ringstinga Brandy Aft A Burn (Mrs Kim Schausinger)
ACT Robelletoy By Design (Julie Dennis)
ACT Robelletoy Flying First Class (Julie Dennis)
QLD Rougeami Rouge Amour (Judy Beal)
SA Sarenta Final Fantasy (Renata Brown)
NSW Sauvage Amaryllis Belladonna (CH.) (Lyn McDonald)
NSW Sauvage Let Me Charm You (Australian CH) (Michelle O'Donnell)
VIC Sauvage Time Will Tell (Multi BIS, Multi BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs G Pernice)
NSW Schau Ice With That (Bj Biggs)
NZ Secret Design Of Savoir (CH) (Mrs Betty Roberts & Ms Deanna Jose)
NSW Shanntoy Tiger Lily (Aust Ch) (Mrs Janet Fleming)
QLD Silkyelk Cardamen Countess (Ch) (Debra Randall)
QLD Silkyelk Coffee and Jazz (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne A Collin)
NSW Silkyelk Island Queen (Mrs Kim Schausinger)
QLD Silkyelk Little Miss I Am (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne Collin)
QLD Silkyelk Rain And Dance (Debra S Randall)
QLD Silkyelk Romantic Encounter (Aust Ch.) (Debra S Randall)
QLD Silkyelk Turkish Tequila (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne Collin)
QLD Silkyelk Turkish Toffee (Debra Randall)
QLD Silkyelk Whitney (Aust Ch) (Debra Randall)
NZ Silverbank Chanel Lace (NZ Ch) (Mrs Betty Roberts)
VIC Sintee Star Billing (Aust Ch) (Sintee Kennels)
VIC stanlej midnight music (imp Norway) ( (Marlau Kennel)
QLD Tawhiao Miss Mercedes (Natalie Rose)
NSW Taybon Uptown Girl (Janet Fleming)
NSW Tdrop Black Pearl (Australian CH) (Michelle O'donnell)
NSW Tdrop Destiny Awaits (Australian CH) (Michelle O'donnell)
NSW Tdrop Drum Roll Please (Australian CH) (M.L.O'Donnell)
NSW Tdrop Everything And More (Australian CH) (Michelle O'Donnell)
NSW Tdrop Simply Irresistible (Australian CH) (MIchelle O'Donnell)
NSW Theldaroy Satin N Lace (Geraldine Myers)
ACT Ticklepink Charlize (Danielle Small)
VIC Toniri Dancing Queen (Ch) (Iris Cartwright)
VIC Toniri Its Justa Whisper (Ch) (Iris Cartwright)
NSW Toniri Jackpot Mystique (DL Thompson)
TAS Toniri Just Imagine Itt (CH) (Iris Cartwright)
VIC Toniri Satin N Lace (Ch) (Iris Cartwright)
VIC Toniri Thats the Dance (Iris Cartwright)
NSW Toyamore Zoe Boe CCD (Aust Ch) (Millard Nguyen)
VIC Toydior Blak Onyx Pearl (Sibilla K Laguda)
VIC Toydior Divine Intervention (Sibilla K Laguda)
NSW Toydior Red High Heels (Aust Ch) (Marie Lantouris)
ACT Toydior Red Knockout (Julie Dennis)

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