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Pinecresta Silver Blade Runner
(Petra sidebottom)

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QLD Adithe Cilla Black (Judith Mcrobie)
QLD Adithe Yolande Guilfo (Australian Ch.) (Miss J. A. McRobie)
NSW Alang Ice Princess (Miss N Conroy & Ms G Myers)
NSW Alang My Ice Majic Princess (Aust Ch) (Geraldine Myers)
NSW Baliwick Bacchus (Imp USA) (Aust Ch, Am Ch) (Mrs Dale Ward)
NSW Beddydane Believe in You (Jennifer Conquest)
QLD Bordershow Star Born in Silver (Aust Ch.) (C A Collin)
VIC Chezjolie Kiss N tell (Aust Ch) (C.Camac)
TAS Chezjolie Oops A Daisy (Mrs Cathy Camac)
NSW Elluje Fast and Furious (AI) (Julie & Erin Henville & Fay Thomasen)
NSW Elluje High Octane (AI) (Julie & Erin Henville & Fay Thomasen)
NSW Elluje Need for Speed (Aust Ch) (Julie & Erin Henville)
NSW Erintoi Walk This Way (Aust Ch) (J & E Henville & F Thomasen)
QLD Evoque Hypnotic Trance (Rhonda Brumby)
NSW Firefly Deja Vu (Aust Ch) (Janet Fleming)
WA Firezeye Tequila Sunrise (Aust N. Ch.) (Ms V Baxter)
VIC Garwey Scarlett O'hara (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Tin Soldier (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Tommy Tucker (AUST. SUPREME CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Gawey History Maker TD (Mrs Chris Riza)
NZ Gotta Bee Impressed Of Savoir (CH) (Betty Roberts)
WA Hoku High Voltage (Aust Grand Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
NZ Jamaican Me Crazy Of Savoir (NZ CH) (Mrs Betty Roberts & Deanna Jose)
NSW Jazal Soldier Boy (Aust Ch) (Bj Biggs)
WA Jenuin Lily Black (Linda Nicholls)
WA Jenuin Uptown Girl (Linda Nicholls)
NSW Jeunesse One Forthe Money (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Laahtoy Silver Crowne (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Son Of Spartacus (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Spartacus (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
QLD Laposh Silhouette in Ice (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne A Collin)
NZ Lombaadi Magically Charmed (Jullia Earnshaw)
NZ Lombaadi Pure Magic (NZ Ch) (J Earnshaw)
NZ Lombaadi Xxcalibur's Magic (Aust & NZ Ch) (J Earnshaw)
NSW Mistykent Lady Kirra (Ch.) (Pat Kentwell)
VIC Mistykent Parfait En Noir (Mrs Leanne Mizzi)
NSW Mistykent Perfect Harmony (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mistykent Reanna Breeze (Ch.) (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mistykent Shah Khor (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mistykent Tis Brown Out (Ch.) (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Mojitogold Hell On Wheels (Janet Fleming)
NSW Mojitogold Jive Talking (Aust Ch) (Janet Fleming)
QLD Montaires My Magic Ice (Australian Champion) (Geraldine Myers)
QLD Montaires Smashing Ice (Australian Champion) (Geraldine Myers)
QLD Poodiful Hello I Love You (Elle Robinson)
QLD Poodiful Light My Fire (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne A Collin)
NSW Poodiful The Real Thing (Aust Ch) (Elle Robinson)
NSW Poodlederry Sakura (Bj Biggs)
NSW Ringstinga Brandy Aft A Burn (Mrs Kim Schausinger)
SA Sarenta Final Fantasy (Renata Brown)
NSW Schau Ice With That (Bj Biggs)
NZ Secret Design Of Savoir (CH) (Mrs Betty Roberts & Ms Deanna Jose)
QLD Silkyelk Cardamen Countess (Ch) (Debra Randall)
QLD Silkyelk Rain And Dance (Debra S Randall)
QLD Silkyelk Romantic Encounter (Aust Ch.) (Debra S Randall)
QLD Silkyelk Turkish Tequila (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne Collin)
QLD Silkyelk Turkish Toffee (Debra Randall)
VIC Sintee SanSebastian (Aust Ch) (Sintee Kennels)
VIC Sintee Saucy Abby (Sintee Kennels)
NSW Sintee Show Me Da Money (Sintee Kennels)
ACT Toydior Red Knockout (Julie Dennis)
NSW Toylyn Solitary Diamond (Lyn McDonald)
VIC Zazzin Itsa Sin (Aust Ch) (Sintee Kennels)
QLD Ziada Caught At A Wild Party (Mrs J M Craig)
QLD Ziada Raising the Question (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Craig)
QLD Ziada Strike a Pose (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Craig)
QLD Ziada Sultan of Jazz (Aust Ch) (Diane Craig)
QLD Ziada Whispering Jazz (Aust Ch) (Jenny Craig)
NSW Zstartoys Lil Dark Fantasy (AUST.CH) (Caroline Pawlak)

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