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Stanaco Come What May
(Dan & Natasha Stanaway)

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TAS Adstaff Tae Kwon Douglas (Mstr William D P Booth)
SA Alotinalitle Put A Spell On U (AUST CH. & GRAND NEUT CH) (T & A Beavis)
QLD Ambaron Comin Thru Now (Sup. Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
QLD Ambaron Here I Am (Julie Kelly)
VIC Andisa Baileys On Ice (Australian Champion) (Lisa McGlashan)
VIC Andisa Dare Devil (Australian Champion) (Lisa McGlashan)
VIC Andisa Full Throttle Cowboy (Rachel Downie)
VIC Andisa Little Devil (BISS. BIS. Australian Champion) (Lisa McGlashan.)
QLD Anyang Dora On My Mind (StarsHollow Pugs)
QLD Anyang Fa Mulan (Australian Champion) (Bj & Nj Houldsworth)
QLD Anyang Guiseppe (Aust Champion) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Marcella AI (Aust Champion) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Octavia (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Korine Lewis)
QLD Anyang Sweet Jessica (StarsHollow Pugs)
QLD Anyang Toshi Mac (Anyang Pugs)
NZ Asay Ace's High (Sian Vermeer)
NZ Asay Clever Trever (NZ CH) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Asay IN It To Win It (NZ Champion) (Ann van GIjs)
NZ Asay Pop The Cork At Hugapug (NZ Ch) (Ann van Gijs and Donna Tolladay)
VIC Brezel Rising Of The Buns (Brittany Garner)
QLD Burjoise Yogi Bear (Aust Ch) (M D & W M Burgess)
QLD Calbar Black Diamond (Neut Ch) (Korine Lewis)
WA Cantu's Timeliss Fantasy Mayor's Big Pride (Imp USA) (BIS, BISS, SUP Ch) (L.Taskaeva)
VIC Caper's Snap To It (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Sup Ch) (Esther Joseph)
WA Cavhill Ghetto Superstar (Ash godsell and Gail Smith)
WA Cavhill king of hearts (Ch) (Ash Godsell)
NZ Chelseacourt CPT Fantastic At Chopsticks (L Clarke)
WA Chelzchugelz Lil Timberz (M Sinclair)
NZ Chopsticks Get Out Of My Way. (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Chopsticks Maka Move On Me (L Clarke)
NZ Chopsticks Powerpoint (L Clarke)
NZ Chopsticks UCan Bite My Cake. (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Chopsticks Witch Hunter (Chopsticks Pugs NZ)
NZ Christabell Gin On The Rocks (RUBISS) (Karen & Pam Bell - Christabell Kennels)
NZ Christabell Rocky's Delight (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Sting like A Bee (NZ CH) (Karen Bell - Christabell)
NZ Christabell Super Bee (MULTI BISS, MULTI BIS, RUBIS NZ CH) (Karen Bell)
VIC Clarevale To Sir With Love (S. Buchanan)
WA Claripugs Mathematician[Imp UK] (Ms V Hamilton)
NZ Cosmique Teddy Bear (NZ CHAMPION) (Judith Henderson)
VIC Divinse Blonde Ambition (J Willoughby)
NZ Ehfi Ole Gunnar of Norway at Asay ( Imp Nor ) (Gold Merit, BIS, Multi BISS NZ & Aust Ch) (Ann van Gijs)
TAS Ellengon Dark Mofo (Beverley Benbow)
NZ Forrestblack Box O’ Choclates (Tanya Dowd)
VIC Gailyn Last of the Dream (J Poynton)
VIC Gailyn Pandemoniums Promise (AI) (J Poynton)
NSW Gailyn Reach for th Starz (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Mr S Rich & Ms T Warnock)
NSW Gailyn Taking Chances (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr Spencer Rich & Ms Tammy Warnock)
NZ Glomar Add A Little Magic (Mrs Penny Calman)
NSW Glomar Castin Magic Spells ( imp NZ ) (Mrs J Whitney)
NZ Glomar Louis Vuitton (AUST & NZ BIS BISS Ch.) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Rhythm Of The Rain (NZ Champion) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Rock On (NZ BISS Champion) (Mrs Penny Calman)
VIC Gramish Snap Dragon (Triseter Kennels)
VIC Gramish Steel the Show (Denise MacCallum)
QLD Guardville Diamond Diva (Ch) (M D & W M Burgess)
NSW Gupalsziv Cois Light Back Home (AI) (Aust Ch.) (Jennifer Weber)
NSW Gupalsziv Sweet Calendar Girl (CH) (Jennifer Weber)
QLD Hostwill Carpe Diem CCD RN (Multi BIS, Multi BISS Aust. Supreme. Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T.Waters)
SA Hostwill Enzo Seized the Day (Donna)
QLD Hostwill Mei Ling (Ch.) (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
WA Hostwill Rocket To The Moon (Aust Ch) (Ms J King)
QLD Hostwill Seize The Day (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
NSW Hostwill Supa Nova (AUS CH) (Amanda Stapleton)
QLD Hostwill The Day To Seize (W.S & M.H Winter & T. Waters)
SA Jaditi Prince Dakota (Aust Ch) (Donna)
SA Jaditi Princess Shelby (Aust Ch) (Donna)
TAS Junnash Beyond The Stars [AI] (Supreme Champion) (Mr R Costen)
VIC Junnash Bootstrap Bill (Mr & Mrs K Cash & Janelle Willoughby)
NZ Junnash Captain Barbossa ( Imp Australia (Karen Bell)
VIC Junnash Davy Jones (Mrs K & Mr K Cash)
VIC Junnash Golden Dreams (Mrs K & Mr K Cash)
VIC Junnash Pretty In Pink (Mrs K & Mr K Cash)
VIC Junnash Tia Dalma (Mrs K & Mr K Cash)
QLD Kabova All Fired Up (AI) (Aust Grand Ch) (Ms J McGregor)
QLD Kabova Assassin's Apprentice (Ch) (Julie Peters)
NSW Kabova Bet On The Black (R Holtkamp)
NSW Kabova Crowded House (BISS C.I.B. Supreme Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Kabova Deep In The Heart (Ch) (Mrs B Hurley)
NSW Kabova Force of Nature (Mrs J Whitney and Mrs P Howes)
NSW Kabova Game Changer (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Hot On Your Heels (Aust Ch) (Kathy Minns)
WA Kabova house of gold (Ash godsell)
NSW Kabova Last Man Standing (RUBISS Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Lethal Weapon (SUP CH) (Debra Cummings)
TAS Kabova Little Miss Saigon (Aust Ch) (Mstr Andrew B A Booth)
NSW Kabova Mad Max (Aust Supreme Ch) (Roz Wilson & Gail Smith)
NSW Kabova Not Guilty (J Whitney)
NSW Kabova On A Roll (Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Kabova Pye In The Skye (Aust Ch) (Ms J Whitney)
QLD Kabova Side Kick (Mrs J Whitney)
VIC Kabova Stormboy (Aust Ch) (Samantha Wheller)
NSW Kabova The Price of Fame (CH) (Debra Cummings)
NSW Kabova True Lies (Aust Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
NSW Kabova Undercover Agent (Aust Ch) (R Holtkamp)
NSW Kabova Venus Rising (BISS Supreme Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
QLD Kabova When In Vegas (Julie Peters)
NSW Kabova Wicked Games (Multi RBIS AUST CH) (Sharon Jeffries)
NSW Kabova Wrecking Ball (Mrs J Whitney)
NSW Kabova Yours Truly (Ch) (Jenny Whitney)
TAS Kangala Campari (Miss Mia Metzger)
TAS Kangala Gangster Gus (Ch) (Mrs Y Metzger)
NSW Kangala Nutty Professor (Aust Ch) (Colin Seymour)
WA Kheireddin Summer Of Ashes (J Flahive & R Green)
NSW Kinlou Deja Vu (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
NSW Kinlou Exit Strategy (Australian Champion) (Kathy Gill)
SA Kirrbuff Always And Forever (Mrs T and Miss A Beavis)
VIC Kryptonic Copy Cat (AUSTRALIAN CH) (Kim Ryan Belinda Goyarts)
VIC Kryptonic Go Get Em (Kim Ryan)
VIC Kryptonic Knock Out (BISS BIS AUSTRALIAN CH) (Kim Ryan)
WA Kryptonic Maybelline (K Ryan & T Quinn)
VIC Kryptonic Sundae Sunshine (AUST CH) (B Goyarts)
VIC Kryptonic Tag Your It (RBISS AUSTRALIAN CH) (Kim Ryan)
TAS Kwantoi Darcys Miss Bossy (K. Murray)
WA Kwantoi Just a Tourist (Kristy Padberg)
VIC Lakovi Showstopper (Denise MacCallum)
NSW Leace The Devils Cut (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Kathy Minns)
QLD Lerilla Class In Clover (Aust Ch Neuter Ch) (Julie Payne)
VIC Marieh Sweet Country Kisses (CH) (Mrs Sue Phillips)
NSW Maskerade American Dreamz (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Chanel (Ros Wilson & Gail Smith)
ACT Maskerade Chloe (D Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Ed Hardy (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Hearts and Daggers (Champion) (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Lots A Noodles (Debra Cummings)
NSW Maskerade Malificent (Debra Cummings)
TAS Mickshl Onyx is Black (Ch & Nuet Ch) (Kerry Cannon)
WA Midgnvic Pure Steele (Vicky Hamilton)
WA Midgnvic Sweet As Honey (Vicky Hamilton)
NZ Moyvane Rocky's Queen B at Christabell (BISS, 3 X RUBISS GOLD MERIT NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NSW Nulkaba Audrey Hepburn (Supreme CH BIS) (Mrs S Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Hollieberry Hallie (Mrs Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Humphrey Bogart (Jackie Jarvisto)
NSW Nulkaba Kafpow Sweetheart (Kathy Gill)
WA Nulkaba Lord George Murray (Australian Champion) (J Flahive & R Green)
NSW Nulkaba Louis Vuitton (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Mad About You (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Marianna (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba My Fair Lady (Australian Champion) (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Rex Harrison (Susan Chapman)
NSW Nulkaba Souviner Delamalmaison (Jackie Jarvisto)
NZ Oasis Flash Black Edition (Pamela and Karen Bell)
NZ Oasis Flash Dream Image (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Just So Sassy (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Just Total Magic (Rose Elle)
SA Obsidion Amaranth (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr Rodney J Connelly)
SA Obsidion Monsieur (Aust Ch) (Mr Rodney J Connelly)
WA Obsidion Rumour HasIt (Aust Ch) (Natalie Boekelman)
QLD Octaviae Surfin Safari (StarsHollow Pugs)

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