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Aust Ch Snowbrook Imperial Harmony
(K Anderson)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

NSW 13-Aug-2012Dawnsnow Evil Is Back (Multi BIS Aust Supreme Champion) (Jacque & John Wade)
NSW 22-Sep-2012Apolar Nite N Whyt Satin (MULTI / RUBIS / BISS / RUBISS / Aust Supreme Champion) (Julie Wales)
NSW 27-Sep-2012Dawnsnow Is A Bit Special (BIS/BISS Aust Supreme Champion) (Jacque & John Wade)
VIC 26-Jul-2013Kalaska Aussie Idol ROM (MBIS/MBISS/EE/LV/LT/BALT/NOR/FIN/RUS/DK/Nordic/RKF/Eurasia/BY/INT CH/AUST SUP CH) (Y. Helen Chen)
NSW 6-Aug-2013Dawnsnow Is An Evil Lil Bear (Multi BIS Aust Supreme Champion) (Jacque & John Wade)
VIC 12-Dec-2014Artaiga's Essence When I Fall in Love (IMP ITA) (Multi BIS Supreme Champion) (Kellie, Judy & Graham Hughes (Airebis))
VIC 11-Apr-2016Lunasea Love Me Like Money (AI) (Multi BIS/Multi BISS C.I.B. Aust SUP CH. ITL CH. SWISS CH. FIN CH. HR CH.) (Helen Chen)
VIC 1-Jan-2017Airebis I Will Always Love You (Multi BISS/BISS2/BIS/Multi BIS2/BIG Supreme Ch.) (Hughes & Devoli)
VIC 15-Jan-2017Smiling Snowball Luminous Pandora (IMP USA) (Multi BIS/ Multi BISS C.I.B. AUST SUP CH. AM GCH. FIN CH.) (Y. Helen Chen)
VIC 2-Feb-2018Airebis What Dreams R Made Of (Aust Supreme & Neut Ch) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
NSW 26-Sep-2018Ahzu Nightmare Befor Christmas WPD (SUP CH) (R Mills Crismale & J & M Harrison)
VIC 3-Jan-2019Kimark True Excellence (Aust Supreme Champion) (Kim Wardle)
QLD 21-Feb-2019Kalaska Hit The Road Jack (Supreme Ch) (David & Jolene Maguire)
NSW 27-Mar-2019Mezen Diamond Revival (SUP CH) (H Hill and J & M Harrison)
VIC 6-Sep-2019Airebis Czar's Dream (Aust Supreme Ch) (Kellie Hughes)
VIC 17-Mar-2020Airebis My One True Love (Aust Supreme Ch) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)

Australian GRAND Champions

NSW 10-Jan-1998Dawnsnow A Russian Myth (BIS & BISS Aust Grand Champion) (Jacque & John Wade)
NSW 17-Jan-1998Dawnsnow Devil In White (R/UBIS & R/UBISS Aust Grand Champion) (Jacque & John Wade)
NSW 6-Apr-2000Dawnsnow A Wyte Ice Bear (BIS/BISS Aust Grand Ch & NZ Ch) (Jacque & John Wade)
NSW 12-Dec-2001Dawnsnow Tsar O Silva Sam (BIS/BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Jacque & John Wade)
QLD 28-Apr-2004Sunmist Lucky By Scot (A.I.) (Grand Ch) (Janet Ainscow)
NSW 1-Jun-2006Anaky Party Animal (Multi BISS Aust Gr Ch) (A & K Hill)
NSW 11-Feb-2007Modeysa Miss SmartyPants (BISS Aust Gr Ch) (Nicole Tindale)
NSW 9-Jul-2008Dawnsnow The Wild One (Aust Grand Ch) (Jacque & John Wade)
NSW 25-Oct-2008Apolar Alices Wonderland (MULTI / BIS / RUBISS Aust Grand Champion) (Julie Wales)
WA 10-Sep-2009Snowdara Serendipity Sam (Aust Grand Champion) (PW & Mrs R G Primrose)
NSW 27-Oct-2014Aldonza Spirit Of The Tiger HXA(s) HIA(d) HIA(c) HSMB(s) HSB(d) RN HTM.N DWDF.N TK.S (GRAND CH; Multi RUBIS/BIG; 23 ANKC TITLES; HERDING TITLES on SHEEP/DUCKS/CATTLE) (Margarite Frost)
NSW 4-Jan-2015Apolar Flirtn Satn Skirt (RUBIS. Multi BIG / RUBIG Aust Grand Champion) (Julie Wales)
TAS 14-May-2015Sunmist Dressed So Cool (AI) (Aust Grand Ch.& Neuter Ch.) (Janet Ainscow)
QLD 31-Jul-2015Kalaska Gold N Class Girl (Aus. Grand Champion) (Joan Webb)
SA 4-Jul-2016Eskydon League Of Shadows (Aust Gr Ch) (Tahnee Spear and Janet Dunbar)
VIC 1-Jun-2018Airebis Kissed by Moonlite HIC RN (RBISS/Multi BIG Aust. Grand Champion/ Neut. Ch) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
TAS 6-Dec-2018Aldonza Stand Easy (Gd Ch) (F Tucker, M Johnson, C Houston)
VIC 9-Jul-2019Lunasea Butter Me Up (AI) (BIS RBISS AUST GRAND CH.) (Ying Chen (Helen))
NSW 9-Mar-2020Ahzu You Better Watch Out WPD (GRAND CH) (J & M Harrison)

New Zealand SUPREME Champions

NZ 17-Aug-2019Oscarbi Everedi Boy (NZ SUPREME CH & SPECIALIST GRAND CH) (H Clark & R Barzey)
NZ 17-Nov-2019Zaminka Cat Amongst Pigeons (Nz SUP CH) (J bello and L&G Carleton)

New Zealand GRAND Champions

NZ 13-Feb-2011Lealsam Hugo Boss (SPR CH & SPL GR Ch) (Andy & Denise Reeve)
NZ 5-May-2012Vanderbilt's One Cool Cat (Imp Can) (CAN/ AM/ ENG/ SPL GR & SUP CH) (Jess Bello And G & L Carleton)

New Zealand Specialist GRAND Champions

NZ 30-Jun-2017Zaminka King Of Rock (NZ SUPREME CH and SPECIALTY GRAND) (J Bello and Gary & Lyn Carleton)

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