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AUST CH Satori Counter Striker
(T Willmers)

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Australian SUPREME Champions

QLD 13-Jul-2012Sommoy Dark and Stormy (Supreme Champion) (Sookalott Staffords)
VIC 19-Jul-2012Koendidda Umrum (BISS UK CH & AUST SUPREME CHAMPION) (Koendidda Kennels)
TAS 21-Jul-2012Bustabones An Reice Gaelach (AI) L2-HGA & HC DNA Clear / DNA Profiled (Supreme CH) (Bustabones Knls)
SA 27-Jul-2012Anvilhart Justanothadevl (Aust Supreme Ch) (D Tomney)
QLD 10-Sep-2012Belleden Chocka Block (Australian Supreme Champion BIS) (J Chivers)
QLD 24-Sep-2012Belleden Galliano Kisses L2-HGA & HC Clear (Australian Supreme Champion) (Belleden)
QLD 24-Sep-2012Belleden Sunstone L2-HGA & HC CLEAR (Australian Supreme Champion) (Belleden)
SA 28-Nov-2012Anvilhart Muddie Maddie (Ch Neut. Aust Supreme Ch) (J Rasche & D Tomney)
QLD 18-May-2013Belleden Comtesse De La Rouge - L2-HGA & HC Clear (Australian Supreme Champion) (Belleden)
QLD 15-May-2014Gemra Jokers Rum (Aust Sup Champion) (P. Abbott)
SA 16-Nov-2014Vanstaff Whats Brewing (Aust Supreme Champion) (Renee Hartnett)
QLD 31-Dec-2014Sookalott Onth Black Market (Multi. BIS. MRBIS. Supreme Champion) (G. McNeill and D & K Edwards)
WA 7-Apr-2015Artisinal Why So Serious (MULTI BISS/BIS/RUBIS/BISTC Aus Supreme Ch) (Mrs L. Findlater)
WA 2-Jun-2015Castlebar Believe It Or Not(AI) (Multi BIS/Aus Supreme Champion) (R Bawden)
VIC 30-Oct-2015Costalot Captain Calico Jack (Sup Ch) (A Dean & G Bator)
SA 5-Nov-2015Anvilhart Hot On Your Heels (RUBISS, BIS and RUBIS Supreme Champion) (J Rasche & D Tomney)
NSW 9-Dec-2015Highbourne Magic of Sydney (AI)~ HC+L2 HGA CLEAR ~ & DNA PROFILED (Aust Supreme Ch) (C & J Frazer)
TAS 29-Jun-2016Bustabones Get Ya Gameface On (BIS BISS SUPCH) (Bustabones Knls)
QLD 16-Jul-2016Devilzown Voodoo Chile (AI) (BIS MRUBIS RUBISS Aust Supreme Champion) (Bronwyn Macdonald)
TAS 16-Oct-2016Bustabones Wot Do Monsters Eat ET L2 / HC / DM DNA clear & profiled (BIS Supreme Champion) (Bustabones Kennels)
TAS 9-Sep-2017Bustabones Hello Possums (AI) (BIS Supreme Ch) (Bustabones Knls)
SA 13-Jan-2018Vanstaff Crazy In Love (Aust Supreme Champion) (J Rasche & D Tomney)
VIC 12-Mar-2018Lionsden A Whole Lot Of Rosie (Sup Ch) (Andrew & Joulyet Lyon)
QLD 16-May-2018Mazali Yo Da One (Supreme Champion) (Ms A Litfin & Miss J Bligh)
NSW 13-Jul-2018Ourgang Bang On (AI) JC (Supreme Champion, Neuter Grand Champion, Flyball Dual Champion) (Annabel Wolf)
NSW 12-Dec-2018Kypajuka Drives Me Crazy (Aust Sup Ch) (Tiarne Tattersall)
TAS 7-May-2019Bustabones Try Whistling This (BIS & BISS Supreme Champion) (Bustabones Kennels)
QLD 8-Nov-2019Kabere Money Where Y A Mouth Iz (AUST SUP CH) (Mr A Major & Ms D Connolly)
SA 24-Jan-2020Anvilhart License To Chill (Supreme Champion) (Jorasche & d Tomney)
SA 23-Oct-2020Anvilhart Pray For The Wicked (Supreme Champion) (Anvilhart Staffords)

Australian GRAND Champions

VIC 1-Jan-1989Neworder Kid You Not (Gr Ch) (B & K Marsh)
VIC 1-Jan-1990Neworder Never Dark (Gr Ch) (A Dean & G Bator)
VIC 10-Jan-1998Seighford Budmarshs Heir CDX (Aust Grand & NZ Ch) (David & Fiona Lowe)
VIC 7-Feb-1998Tonohart China Doll (Grand Champion) (Mrs F Jolly)
QLD 30-Mar-1998Costalot Woden Barneyson (GRAND CHAMPION) (Raymond Royston)
VIC 18-May-1998Boldhart Booker Bates (Grand Ch) (A Baxter)
NSW 11-Jul-1998Rayonnoire Canny Bairn ~ HC + L2 HGA CLEAR ~ PHPV UNAFFECTED + DNA PROFILED (Aust GRAND Ch) (C A & J Frazer)
QLD 16-Apr-1999Stonedale Sugar N Spice (AUST GRAND CH) (L K Kelly)
TAS 6-Jun-2000Bustabones Hugh Jelly (GRCH) (Bustabones Knls)
NSW 12-May-2001Ourgang Hell For Leather - L2 HGA & HC Clear (Grand Ch) (Annabel Wolf)
SA 28-Jun-2001Kismyres Izzy Dreamin L2-HGA & HC Clear (Aust Grand Ch) (Tania Huitema)
VIC 30-Apr-2002Boldhart Red By Request (Grand Ch) (A Baxter)
QLD 30-Jun-2002Belleden Red Warrior L2-HGA & HC CLEAR (Australian Grand Champion) (Belleden)
VIC 19-Nov-2002Boldhart Mo Macackie (Grand Ch) (A Baxter)
VIC 23-Nov-2003Boldhart Olly Took (Aust Grand Ch) (David & Fiona Lowe)
TAS 31-Jul-2004Bustabones Wots Ya Point L2-HGA & HC Clear / DNA profiled (Multi BIS Grand Champion) (Bustabones Knls)
VIC 26-Feb-2005Truhart Cosmic Warrior (Grand Champion) (Finola and Jessica Jolly)
QLD 11-Mar-2006Belleden De La Rouge - L2-HGA & HC CLEAR (Australian Grand Champion) (Belleden)
NSW 18-Mar-2006Staffbach BulletProof (Multi BIS Aus Grand Ch) (D & L. Tattersall & M. Rochester)
WA 22-Oct-2006Orazz Bitter Sweet~L2 HGA & HC Clear~ (Grand Ch) (Racheal Bawden)
ACT 16-Mar-2007Jamelkur Cruzin Star - L2-Hga & HC CLEAR (BIS Grand Ch) (Jamelkur SBT's)
TAS 12-Jan-2008Bustabones Howard Ulikit HC Clear (Grand Champion) (Bustabones Knls)
VIC 9-Jun-2008Sevilara Ginger Rogers L2-HGA/ HC clear (Aust Grand Champion) (Sevilara Kennels)
TAS 31-Aug-2008Bustabones Bet Ya Bippy L2-HGA & HC Clear / DNA profiled (Aust GRCH) (Bustabones Knls)
VIC 4-Nov-2008Borstaff Ned Notlysocks L2 Hga Clear HC DNA Clear (BISS Aust Grand Champion) (Brohez Staffordshire Bull Terriers)
VIC 29-Dec-2009Boldhart Hardhartd Hannah (Grand Ch) (A Baxter)
QLD 20-Jun-2010Gemra Beyond Reason (Aust Grand Champion) (Peter Abbott)
VIC 23-Sep-2011Sevilara DoubleTh Truble (L2HGA/HC Clear) (Aust. Grand Champion) (Sevilara Kennels)
WA 11-Dec-2011Crossguns Lady Madonna [imp Uk] L2-HGA & HC clear (BISS/RBISS Gr Ch) (Frances Strover)
VIC 9-Nov-2012Sevilara Razzle Dazzle (L2HGA/HC Clear by birth) (Aust. Grand Champion.) (Sevilara Kennels)
QLD 20-Nov-2013Sommoy Knight Assasin (Grand Champion) (Sookalott Staffords)
NSW 21-Feb-2019Seighford Out Of Africa (AI) (Aust Grand Ch) (Seighford Staffords)
TAS 14-Jan-2020Bustabones Black No Sugar (Grand Champion) (Bustabones Kennels)

New Zealand GRAND Champions

NZ 6-Dec-1998Alerick Jessamme jack (NZ GR CH) (Susanne Payne)

New Zealand Specialist GRAND Champions

NZ 12-Nov-2017Aldoushire Fairest Of Th Ball (Spl Gr Ch) (Shannon & Paul Aldous)

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