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Australian Champion. Goodfella Trump Card
(Gay McNeill)

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WA Akinos Aphrodite (N Kesic)
WA Akinos Charming The Storm (N. Kesic)
WA Akinos Creating A Storm (N Kesic)
WA Akinos Dark Horse (Nina Kesic)
WA Akinos Making A Storm (N Kesic)
WA Akinos Rising Star (N Kesic)
WA Akinos She's Got The Look (F Farrugia)
WA Akinos Temptress (N Kesic)
WA Akinos The Snow Man (Aust Ch) (Mrs N Kesic)
NZ Aldoushire Burlesque Babe (NZ Ch) (Shannon & Paul Aldous)
NZ Aldoushire Fairest Of Th Ball (Spl Gr Ch) (Shannon & Paul Aldous)
NZ Aldoushire Got The Force (AI) (NZ Ch) (Andrea McOnie-Perfect & Shannon Aldous)
NZ Anevay Fire Dancer (Janette Butcher)
NZ Anevay Flying Solo (Cara Gill)
NZ Anevay One N Only (Janette Butcher)
NZ Anevay Queen Bee (NZ Ch) (Kim Butcher)
NZ Anevay Return Of The King (Cara Gill)
SA Anvilhart A Touch Of Grace (Anvilhart Kennels)
SA Anvilhart Cant You See My Halo (Aust Ch) (Anvilhart Staffords)
SA Anvilhart Hashtag OMG (Aust Ch) (Mollie Hartnett)
SA Anvilhart License To Chill (Supreme Champion) (Jorasche & d Tomney)
SA Anvilhart Ooh La La (Aust Ch) (Mollie Hartnett)
SA Anvilhart Pray For The Wicked (Aust Ch) (Anvilhart Staffords)
SA Anvilhart Strike Alike (Anvilhart Kennels)
TAS Apollostaff Evil Lightforce (Aus Ch) (Kevin & Margaret Brown)
WA Artisinal Casablabla (Mrs E Park Findlater)
NZ Artisinal Ripple Effect (NZ CH) (Leana Bartle)
NZ Artisinal Ripple Effect (Imp Aust) (BISS NZ CH) (Leana Bartle)
WA Artisinal Will I Am (Mrs E Park Findlater)
TAS Arwynet Black Widow (Tania Snare and Dion Smith)
TAS Arwynet The Dark Knight (Dion Smith & Tania Snare)
NZ Ashbek I am Reddington (Ch) (R and K Veale)
WA Avoncrest Bling It On Black (Sandy Graham)
SA Awesum Covid Nineteen (**Kyra Ricketts**)
SA Awesum Lil Bit Conspicuous (Kyra Ricketts)
SA Awesum Lil Bit Flashy (Jackie Kinross)
SA Awesum Wuhan Warrior (P & J Hallam & K Ricketts)
NSW Barrikelba Driftin (AI) (Kylie Gatt)
NSW Barrikelba Griffins Fire (Kylie Gatt)
QLD Beaurite Wicked Games (Ch & Neut Ch) (C Drury)
VIC Bellakuta Angus CA (Aust Ch Neuter) (Helen Lomax)
QLD Belleden Red Sunstone Ov Mars (AI) - L2HGA & HC Clear (Aust Ch) (B Shaw)
VIC Blaazay Grand Illusion (Mrs Wendy Bennett)
VIC Blaazay Hall of Fame (Aust CH) (Blaazay Staffords)
NSW Blacksno Smudge (R.U. BISS CH) (Blacksno kennels)
VIC Boldhart Armed To Charm (J & N Lazzo/ A Baxter)
VIC Boldhart Blast From The Past (AI) (AUST CH) (A Baxter)
VIC Boldhart One Last Kiss (AUST CH) (J & N Lazzo/ A Baxter)
VIC Boldhart Poetry In Motion (BISS AUST CH) (J & N Lazzo/ A Baxter)
VIC Boldhart Red E To Rumble (J & N Lazzo/ A Baxter)
VIC Boldhart Solo Edition (A Baxter)
VIC Boldhart Strike Me Pink (AUST CH) (A Baxter)
QLD Bomchassa Wallace (Aust CH.) (Scott Fischer & Corianne Richardson)
VIC Borolo Goody Two Shoes (Kim & Taz)
NSW Brikhed Brinee Brewster (CH) (Michael & Lisa Gibson)
NSW Brohez Watcher on the Wall (AI) (L2-HGA/HC PHPV Clear - DNA Profiled) (Aust Ch) (Nicola Yates)
SA Brookstreet Peachy Keen @ Awesum (Kyra Ricketts)
SA Broomsquires Earby Beck (Oakley Osborne & G & S. P. Swalling)
SA Broomsquires Newbold Nan (Neutered Champion) (Mrs Sandra. Osborne)
WA Bullitproof Disturbed (Mrs C & Mr M Allen)
WA Bullitproof The Assassin (Aust Ch) (Christine Allen)
TAS Bustabones Adifrnt Shadeowhite (AI) L2-HGA & HC Clear (BIS Supreme CH) (Bustabones Knls)
TAS Bustabones Beauty It’s A Curse (Bustabones Knls)
TAS Bustabones Black No Sugar (Grand Champion) (Bustabones Kennels)
TAS Bustabones Hello Possums (AI) (BIS Supreme Ch) (Bustabones Knls)
NSW Bustabones My Name Is No (BIS BISS Supreme CH) (L & K Kavanagh)
SA Bustabones Thtrubl With Tequila (AI) L2-HGA & HC CBP (Supreme Ch.) (Tania Huitema)
TAS Bustabones Try Whistling This (BIS & BISS Supreme Champion) (Bustabones Kennels)
TAS Bustabones Wot Do Monsters Eat ET L2 / HC / DM DNA clear & profiled (BIS Supreme Champion) (Bustabones Kennels)
QLD Bxact Champagne Supernova (RUBIS Ch) (Bxact Staffords)
NSW Bxact Knock Knock Knock (Aust Ch) (J & M Watt)
VIC Calojo Crash Bang WWPD (Neuter Ch) (Tanya & Simon Henderson)
VIC Calojo Dare To Dream (Simon & Tanya Henderson)
QLD Canakey Sweet Dreamer (AI) IMP UK (Australian Champion) (Belleden Staffords)
WA Castlebar Believe It Or Not(AI) (Multi BIS/Aus Supreme Champion) (R Bawden)
WA Castlebar Dark Knight Rises (Australian Champion) (Mrs R Bawden)
WA Castlebar Full Metal Jacket (AI) (AUST CH) (Mr D Scott - MITNPOWA STAFFORDS)
WA Castlebar Pretty Little Liar (BISS Australian Champion) (R Bawden)
WA Castlebar Raise The Roof (BISS Australian Supreme Champion) (R Bawden)
WA Castlebar Ring Side Riot (BIS/BISS/RUBISS Australian Supreme Champion) (R Bawden)
WA Castlebar Rise N Shine(AI) (Multi BIS/RUBIS Supreme Champion) (R Bawden)
NZ Challenger Ceasar Rex (CH) (Margaret Walker)
VIC Charmstaff Cast A Spell On You CA (Helen Lomax)
TAS Darlingred A Star To Nelsnbess (Mr K & Mrs M Brown)
TAS Darlingred Midnight Man (CH) (Ann Burns)
QLD Devilzown Holy Cow (Bronwyn Macdonald)
QLD Devilzown Six Gun Slinger (Bronwyn Macdonald)
QLD Devilzown Voodoo Chile (AI) (BIS MRUBIS RUBISS Aust Supreme Champion) (Bronwyn Macdonald)
QLD Devilzown Wildling Blood (Bronwyn M Macdonald)
NZ Dragonstone Bery Glamorous (Leana Bartle)
SA Eternalstaff Heart Of Hope (Mrs Sandra. Osborne)
SA Eternalstaff Prince Of Peace (Mrs. Sandra. Osborne)
SA Eternalstaff Whisper Of Wisdom (Mrs. Sandra. Osborne)
WA Farrugstaf Red Temper (L2-HGA & HC Clear) (Aust Ch) (F Farrugia)
WA Farrugstaff Teardrop Ova Clown (Aust Ch) (Frances Farrugia)
NZ Foxestown The Arch Deacon (Clear HC and L2) (MBISS NZ CH) (Sian Vermeer)
SA Fullafire Devil U Know L2-HGA & HC Clear by Parentage (Aust Champion) (Tania Huitema)
QLD Gemra Champagne Blaze (P. Abbott)
QLD Gemra Jokers Rum (Aust Sup Champion) (P. Abbott)
QLD Gemra Sink Th Ink (Aust Ch) (Peter Abbott)
QLD Gemra Sink Th Ink (SUP CH) (D J Albrecht &p Abbott)
QLD Gemra Special Quest (Aust Champion) (Peter Abbott)
QLD Gemra Witchy Woman (AUST SUP CHAMPION) (D Albrecht P Abbott)
VIC Grayleigh Ember Rose (Champion) (Grayleigh Staffords)
VIC Grayleigh Hart Ov Embers (Grayleigh Staffords)
VIC Grayleigh Just Wing N It (Aust CH) (Grayleigh Staffords)
TAS Gummbiebear Skiesthalimit (Tameeka Kelly)
VIC Handpikd Prince of Asgard (A Dean & G Bator)
VIC Handpikd Princess of Pop (A Dean & G Bator)
VIC Handpikd Queen of Diamonds (Aust Ch) (A Dean & G Bator)
VIC Handpikd The Duchess (A Dean & G Bator)
NSW Heavywaitblu Honey Ryder (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Leigh Berwick-Wolff)
NZ Helsinge Rebel Force (Ch) (Mark Andersen)
NSW Helstaff Atouchovclass (CH) (Mr M & Mrs L Gibson)
NSW Helstaff Galaxy Showoff (Aust Ch) (K. Crawley)
NSW Helstaff Hellava Showoff (Ch Neuter Grand Ch) (K. Crawley)
NSW Highbourne So You Think (Anthony orley)
NZ Impalagrove Great White (NZ Ch) (Janette Butcher)
ACT Jamelkur Revil Roadster (AI) (E & L Birkeland)
ACT Jamelkur Shine On (E & L Birkeland)
NSW Jaybeecee New Sensation (Aust Ch) (S Biancotti & K Hornick)
QLD Jewelhart Fire Glow (Mr W & Ms D Greentree & Roderick)
NSW Jewelhart NumoonDiablo (BIS BISS RUBIS Supreme Champion) (K. Kavanagh)
WA Jinew Dream Maker (Jill Lawrence)
NSW Joden Own Tha Space L2-HGA/ HC / (DM) Degenerative Myelopathy Clear & PHPV Unaffected (Aust Ch) (Kim Sammut)
NSW Joden Sole Ruler L2-HGA / HC Clear, PHPV Unaffected (Aust Ch) (Kim Sammut)
NSW Joden Starwalker FDCh (Mrs K & Mr A Gatt & Miss M McCoy)
NSW Joden The Rippa (N Curran M McCoy J Lalor)
QLD Kabere Devil Wears Prada (Aust Ch) (Mr A Major & Ms D Connolly)
QLD Kabere Dontyanowhomymumaiz (Aust Ch) (Mr A Major & Ms D Connolly)
QLD Kabere Faith Trust N Pixiedust (Aust CH) (Mr A Major & Ms D Connolly)
QLD Kabere Money Where Y A Mouth Iz (AUST SUP CH) (Mr A Major & Ms D Connolly)
QLD Kabere Talk Iz Cheap (Aust CH) (Mr A Major & Ms D Connolly)
QLD Kabere Violets Girl (Aust Ch) (Mr A Major & Ms D Connolly)
VIC Kabira Pretty Little Thing (Neuter ch) (Lesley ( Grayleigh Staffords ))
QLD Kasalilly Made U Look (M Marks D&K Edwards)
QLD Kasalilly Shut Your Face (Kylie Rickard)
NZ Kaylajaz Ace of Spades L2-HGA & HC Clear (BISS NZCH) (N Valentic)
NZ Kaylajaz Calm Before Th Storm (L2-HGA & HC Clear) (N Valentic)
NZ Kaylajaz Obi One Kenobi L2 -HGA & HC Clear by parentage (RBISS NZCH) (Natalie Valentic)
NZ Kaylajaz Return O' Th Princess (R & K Veale)
NZ KaylaJaz Yippee Ki-Yay MF (L2-HGA & HC Clear) (CH) (Natalie Valentic)
WA Keltrice High Voltage JC RN (CH) (K Senior)
VIC Koendidda Dragons Breath CCD RN (Ch) (Koendidda Kennels)
QLD Kumbari Armed and Dangerous (CH) (Jenine & Karla Lacey)
QLD Kumbari Prime Suspect (Australian Chamion) (Annetta Bainbridge)
NSW Kyapjuka Disgraceful Habits (NEUT GRAND & CH) (D & L. Tattersall)
NSW Kypajuka Drives Me Crazy (Aust Sup Ch) (Tiarne Tattersall)
QLD Lachcon Ssssssmokin (Ch) (R & J Haley)
NSW Lachcon The Black Flash (Rob and Jo Haley)

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