Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Cadd, Ms Amanda SA         
Calman, Mrs Penny NZ  
Camac, Ms Cathy VIC
Camac, Mr Michael SA
Camac, Mr James VIC
Cameron, Mrs Patricia QLD   
Cameron, Dr Lesley NSW  
Cameron-Codognotto, Ms Sue VIC    
Campbell, Mr Ian QLD         
Campbell, Ms Pamela WA
Campbell, Ms Margaret NSW  
Campbell, Mr Ken VIC  
Campbell, Mrs Janice VIC
Canellis, Mr John NSW  
Cannon, Mrs Kerry NSW
Cannon, Mr Tyrone WA   
Cantarella, Mrs Lorene NSW       
Cantlon, Mrs Jane QLD         
Carius, Miss Ainslie QLD    
Carleton, Mrs L NZ    
Carleton, Mr Gary NZ  
Carnegie, Miss Roberta WA  
Carpenter, Miss Lisa QLD      
Carroll, Ms Kristin NSW     
Carter, Mrs Valerie SA
Carter, Ms Erin SA         
Carter, Mrs Robyn VIC  
Carter, Mr Wayne QLD         
Carter, Mrs Emma NT     
Case, Mrs Desiree WA         
Casperson, Mr Andrew NSW         
Cassar, Mrs Leanne VIC     
Cassidy, Mrs Liza QLD  
Cassingena, Mr Sylvano E VIC   
Castiglione, Ms Sina NSW         
Cathie, Miss Joanne NSW          
Catt, Ms Ros SA       
Cattell, Mrs Pauline SA  
Cavallo, Mr Cameron VIC    
Cave, Mr Michael QLD   
Cave, Mr Peter VIC    
Cave, Mrs Maria VIC    
Cederman, Mrs Carolyn NZ
Chalmers, Mrs Lesley NZ
Chamberlain, Mr Kevin NSW  
Chan, Miss Salina TAS       
Chapman-Stevens, Mr Richard SA         
Chapman-Stevens, Mrs Lauren SA         
Chato, Dr Ronald NSW  
Chaytor, Mrs Sue NZ  
Cheney, Mrs Glenda VIC  
Childs, Mrs Lesley NSW  
Childs, Mr Brian NSW         
Church, Miss Nathalie NSW       
Clark, Mr Ian VIC       
Clark, Mrs Phillipa VIC      
Clark, Mr N NZ
Clark, Mrs D NZ
Clarke, Mr Mark VIC  
Clarke, Mr Benjamin SA         
Clegg, Ms Meredith VIC
Cleland, Mr Robert SA
Clifton, Mrs Frieda VIC  
Cochrane, Mrs Mavis WA
Cocks, Mr Peter SA          
Coetzer, Mrs Margaretha NSW   
Coetzer, Mr Francois NSW          
Coffey, Mrs Wendy WA      
Colbourne, Mr Peter L VIC  
Coleman, Mr Barry NSW          
Collicutt, Mrs Ruth TAS  
Collicutt, Mrs Maureen TAS    
Collicutt, Mr Terrence TAS
Collins, Mrs Christine SA      
Collins, Mr Robert QLD         
Collins, Miss Selina TAS   
Collins, Mr Stephen SA          
Collins, Ms Noosha QLD         
Collyer, Ms Anne VIC
Colyer, Mrs Marie NSW          
Comerford, Mrs Toni NSW
Comerford, Mr John NSW
Connell, Mr John TAS
Connolly, Ms Donna NSW         
Connor, Mrs Pat VIC  
Cook, Miss Janice VIC      
Cook, Mrs Glenda VIC
Cook, Miss Kristen SA         
Cooke, Mr Ian SA  
Cooke, Ms Jan VIC  
Cooney, Ms Amanda QLD    
Cooper, Mr Roy VIC         
Cootes, Mr Paul NSW         
Coralluzzo, Mrs Kris VIC  
Corbett, Miss Lucille NSW  
Corbitt, Prof Brian NSW
Costa, Mrs Linda QLD          
Costelloe, Mrs Joanne QLD  
Counsell, Mrs Trudi TAS         
Courtman, Mrs Anna WA    
Courtney-Reid, Mrs Margaret SA
Cousins, Mr Peter QLD
Cowin, Miss Michelle NSW    
Cowin, Miss Alison NSW  
Cowpar, Miss Margaret QLD  
Coyle, Miss T VIC        
Cracknell, Mrs Philipa NSW  
Craig, Ms Sandra NSW    
Craig, Mr John NSW         
Craig, Mrs Melissa NSW         
Cramer, Mrs Helen NSW
Craven, Mr Stephen NSW          
Cripps, Mr Kenneth QLD  
Croad, Mrs Jocelyn QLD
Crofts, Miss Deirdre NSW
Cronchey, Mrs M Gill VIC  
Crooks, Mrs S Faye VIC    
Cross, Mr Phillip NSW  
Cross, Miss Errolynne NSW  
Cross, Mrs Di NSW          
Crossingham, Mr Reginald NSW          
Crouch, Dr Roberta SA    
Crozier, Mrs Sylvia NSW
Crozier, Dr William NSW  
Cruse, Mr Graham NSW
Cullen, Mrs Gail TAS   
Cummings, Mrs Debra NSW         
Cunningham, Ms Christine NSW    
Curk, Mr Milan NSW  
Curran, Ms Anne-Marie SA  
Currie, Ms Cheryl SA
Curwen, Mr Neil NSW   
Cuthbert, Ms Diane SA
Cutler, Mr Peter NSW  
Cutler, Mrs Patricia NSW