Northern Classic Kennel Club (QLD)

Date of Show : 10-Dec-2021 (Friday)

Championship Show

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General Specials

Specials Judge: Mr Shane Thomas (QLD)

Group 1 - Toys

Specials Judge : Mr Reece Fry (QLD)

Group 2 - Terriers

Specials Judge : Mrs Wendy Pleydell-Fry (QLD)

Group 3 - Gundogs

Specials Judge : Miss Sarah Wheatley (QLD)

Group 4 - Hounds

Specials Judge : Mrs Janelle Mannell (QLD)

Group 5 - Working Dogs

Specials Judge : Ms Liane Horne (QLD)

Group 6 - Utility Dogs

Specials Judge : Mrs Sue White (QLD)

Group 7 - Non-Sporting Dogs

Specials Judge : Mrs Liza Cassidy (QLD)