Junior Handlers Competition 2018

Handler Profile

Handler Name : Sara DeAngelis
Age Class : 10 to under 13 years
Competition State : NSW

Points tally based on top 40 shows (points value) : 60
Number of First Place Wins : 5
Number of Second Place Wins : 7

I started showing dogs in 2016, though it was not on a regular basis. Around April 2017 I decided to become more active with dog shows, and showing lots of different breeds. I have experience with Beagles, Basenji, Pointers, English Springer, Pug, and many others.

I have competed:
In 2016 NSW State Finals, as my first State Finals, with my Beagle but was unplaced.
In 2017 NSW State Finals, 10 to under 13, I showed my Beagle, and we were shortlisted. I got an amazing Pointer for my swap dog, and we were Highly Commended. I placed in top 6 for my age group.

In 2016 I also competed in my first Jr Kennel Clubs Members Handlers, and I won 1. place with my Beagle.
In 2017 I showed a Pointer at the Jr Kennel Clubs Member Handlers, and I won 1. in the 10 to under 13 age group.

In 2016 I competed at Sydney Royal with my Beagle, but we were unplaced.
In 2017 I competed at Sydney Royal with my Beagle, and we placed 5th.
In 2018 I competed at Sydney Royal Easter Show with my Beagle, and we placed 5th.

I love my dogs, but I also love all other breeds of dogs. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped me.
Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 40
26-Jan-2018 Australia Day Pharaoh Hound First 1 Y
4-Feb-2018 Wollongong & District Beagle First 2 Y
11-Mar-2018 Liverpool Pointer First 3 Y
31-Mar-2018 Beagle Club 103th show Beagle Second 3 Y
21-Apr-2018 St. George Norwegian Elkhound First 3 Y
5-May-2018 Hunter Valley Non-Sporting & Utility Beagle First 5 Y
5-May-2018 Hunter Kennel Club Australian Shepherd Second 5 Y
20-May-2018 Cessnock Norwegian Elkhound Second 6 Y
2-Jun-2018 Hunter Valley Hound club Norwegian Elkhound Second 3 Y
16-Jun-2018 Dogs NSW Public Relations Committee Norwegian Elkhound Second 4 Y
23-Jun-2018 Nor-West Canine Association Inc Golden Retriever Second 5 Y
1-Jul-2018 NSW State Finals Norwegian Elkhound Second 7 Y
1-Jul-2018 JK Members Handlers Rottweiler Third 6 Y
15-Jul-2018 Sutherland Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Third 4 Y
21-Jul-2018 North of the Harbour Pointer Third 3 Y
Pointscore total based on top 40 shows (points value) 60