Junior Handlers Competition 2018

Handler Profile

Handler Name : Tiarne Tattersall
Age Class : 13 to under 19 years
Competition State : NSW

Points tally based on top 40 shows (points value) : 152
Number of First Place Wins : 19
Number of Second Place Wins : 4

Hi my name is Tiarne, I'm Eighteen and I have been handling for 3 years. I've grown up with Staffordshire Bull Terriers, I now have Staffordshire Bull Terriers and a Siberian Husky, Thankyou to my Mum and Dad, Nikki Lane, Nikki Zullo, Crystal Walker, Belinda Beves, Nina, Ron and Dianne Besoff,Ros Barden and Shannon Barden, Jodie and Craig who have all given me advice and tips on handling. And Thankyou to everyone who have let me use their dogs in handlers

Brisbane Royal Show

*2016- shortlisted in the top 6 out of 12 with Loove (Cocker Spaniel)*
*2018- 1st Place out of 8 with Broker (Borzoi)*

Canberra Royal Show

*2017- 1st Place out of 14 with Tricky (Basenji)*
*2018- 2nd Place out of 7 with Vegas (Basenji)*

Sydney Royal Easter Show

* 2017- 3rd Place out of 27 with Buck (Xolo)*
* 2018- 1st Place out of 11 with Broker (Borzoi)*
*2018- Overall Champion Handler with Broker*

Dogzonline Pointscore

*2016- 10th Overall in 13-18yrs Handlers in Australia*
*2016- 2nd Overall in 13-18yrs Handlers in NSW*
*2017- 1st Overall in 13-19yrs Handlers in Australia*
*2017- 1st Overall in 13-19yrs Handlers in NSW*

NSW State Final

*2018- 2nd place out of 12 with Penny (Bullmastiff)*

NSW Members Handlers

*2016- Rising Star Award with Bruno (Xolo)*
*2017- 2nd Place out of 6 with Buck (Xolo)*
*2018- 1st Place out of 8 with Vegas (Basenji)*
*2018- Overall Champion Handler with Vegas*

Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 40
13-Jan-2018 Combined Northern Canine Committee Fox Terrier (Smooth) Third 1  
26-Jan-2018 Dogs N.S.W Library and Archives - Australia Day Staffordshire Bull Terrier Second 2  
3-Feb-2018 Novocastrian Ladies Canine Assocation Papillon First 5 Y
10-Feb-2018 Tuggerah Lakes Kennel & Obedience Club Inc. Boston Terrier First 2  
24-Feb-2018 ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show Basenji Second 6 Y
11-Mar-2018 Liverpool & District All Breeds Kennel Club Xoloitzcuintle (Standard) First 4 Y
2-Apr-2018 Advance Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018 - CHAMPION HANDLER- Borzoi First 15 Y
7-Apr-2018 ACT and District Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Staffordshire Bull Terrier First 2  
14-Apr-2018 Children's Cancer Charity Dog Club Xoloitzcuintle (Standard) Third 4 Y
15-Apr-2018 Children's Cancer Charity Dog Club Boston Terrier First 4 Y
22-Apr-2018 Bulli District Kennel Club Inc Xoloitzcuintle (Standard) Second 2  
28-Apr-2018 Ladies Kennel Association Of NSW Border Collie Second 3  
29-Apr-2018 Hills Dog Club Inc Xoloitzcuintle (Standard) First 4 Y
5-May-2018 Hunter Valley Non Sporting Utility Club Poodle (Miniature) First 4 Y
5-May-2018 Hunter Kennel Club Whippet Third 3  
6-May-2018 Morisset & District Kennel Club Siberian Husky Second 3  
20-May-2018 Cessnock Dog Club Borzoi First 7 Y
26-May-2018 Manilla &a District Kennel Club Inc Whippet First 8 Y
2-Jun-2018 Newcastle Terrier & Toy Club Pomeranian First 2  
2-Jun-2018 Hunter Region Working Dog Club Border Collie First 3  
2-Jun-2018 Hunter Valley Hound Club Whippet Third 2  
16-Jun-2018 Dogs On Show Boston Terrier Second 3  
17-Jun-2018 Brisbane Water Legacy Dog Club Finnish Lapphund First 4 Y
1-Jul-2018 NSW State Finals Bullmastiff Second 11 Y
1-Jul-2018 Junior Kennel Club (Members Handlers) Basenji First 8 Y
18-Aug-2018 Royal Brisbane Show Borzoi First 8 Y
19-Aug-2018 Queensland Boxer Club Boxer First 2  
19-Aug-2018 Basenji Breed Network QLD Basenji First 3  
19-Aug-2018 The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Of QLD Staffordshire Bull Terrier First 2  
2-Sep-2018 International Spring Fair Pomeranian Second 9 Y
22-Sep-2018 Woodlands Children’s Charity Show Cocker Spaniel First 3  
23-Sep-2018 Newcastle Toy & General Cocker Spaniel First 2  
7-Oct-2018 Rylstone Kandos All Breeds Kennel Club Siberian Husky First 4 Y
20-Oct-2018 Wellington Valley Kennel Club Poodle (Miniature) First 8 Y
21-Oct-2018 Wellington Valley Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel (American) First 8 Y
28-Oct-2018 Tammorth Kennel Club Pomeranian Second 1  
4-Nov-2018 Northern All Breeds Kennel Club German Shepherd Dog (Long Stock Coat) First 1  
10-Nov-2018 Maitland & Kurri Kennel Club Dobermann Third 3  
27-Nov-2018 Dalwood Charity Championship Show Pharaoh Hound First 4 Y
1-Dec-2018 Wyong Shire Canine Club Australian Shepherd First 3 Y
8-Dec-2018 St George Kennel Club Australian Shepherd First 4 Y
16-Dec-2018 Paramatta and District Kennel Club Keeshond First 5 Y
27-Dec-2018 QLD Festive Shows Basenji Second 5 Y
29-Dec-2018 QLD Festive Shows Siberian Husky Third 4 Y
31-Dec-2018 QLD Festive Shows Siberian Husky First 6 Y
Pointscore total based on top 40 shows (points value) 152