Junior Handlers Competition 2019

Handler Profile

Handler Name : Kaitlyn Willis
Age Class : 13 to under 19 years
Competition State : NSW

Points tally based on top 40 shows (points value) : 114
Number of First Place Wins : 10
Number of Second Place Wins : 11

My name is Kaitlyn, I am 15 and I have been handling dogs since I was 7 and I am a 4th generation handler. I would like to thank everyone for letting me use their dogs in handlers but also a massive thank you to my mum for everything you do for me and a huge thank you to Sharon Power-Parker for all your guidance throughout my time in junior handlers.
Memorable Wins:
Top 6 in the 13-19 class with (Cocker Spaniel) Beth
3rd in 13-19 class with Arko (German Shorthaired Pointer) out of 13

1st place 13-19's with Loove (Cocker Spaniel) out of 7
2nd place 13-19’s with Arko (German Shorthaired Pointer) out of 8

2nd place 10-13's with Beth (Cocker Spaniel) out of 7

4th place 13-19’s with Merlin(Cocker Spaniel) out of 9

1st place 13-18's with Beth (Cocker Spaniel) out of 6
2nd place 13-19's with Tiger (Doberman) out of 8
1st Place 13-19 with Arko (GSP) out of 9

2nd Place 13-19’s with Merlin(Cocker Spaniel) out of 10
1st Place 13-19’s with Muffin (Cocker Spaniel) out of 11

RDCC and Intermediate in Show with Merlin at the 2018 Cocker Spaniel Specialty (Melbourne)
Junior in Show with Muffin at the 2018 Cocker Spaniel Specialty (Melbourne)
Runner Up Best in Show with Muffin at Camden Haven Ag

Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 40
6-Jan-2019 Mid North Coast Canine Club Australian Silky Terrier Second 2 Y
28-Jan-2019 Dogs NSW Library & Archives Committee German Wirehaired Pointer Second 3 Y
3-Feb-2019 Wollongong & District Kennel Club Inc Cocker Spaniel Second 3 Y
23-Feb-2019 Royal Canberra Show German Shorthaired Pointer Second 7 Y
20-Apr-2019 The Cocker Spaniel Society Of NSW Inc Cocker Spaniel Second 1  
20-Apr-2019 Australian Shepard Association Of NSW Inc Australian Shepherd Second 3 Y
21-Apr-2019 The Whippet Club of NSW Whippet First 3 Y
21-Apr-2019 English Springer Spaniel Association of NSW English Springer Spaniel Third 1  
21-Apr-2019 Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW Inc Cocker Spaniel Second 2 Y
4-May-2019 Hunter Kennel Club Siberian Husky First 5 Y
4-May-2019 Hunter Valley Non Sporting & Utility Club Siberian Husky First 4 Y
5-May-2019 Morisset & District Kennel Club Dobermann Third 2 Y
8-Jun-2019 Newcastle & Merewether Combined Canine Club Inc German Shorthaired Pointer First 7 Y
16-Jun-2019 Toy & General All Breeds Lagotto Romagnolo Second 2 Y
23-Jun-2019 Parramatta & District Kennel Australian Shepherd First 4 Y
29-Jun-2019 Sydney Kennel Club Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Second 8 Y
30-Jun-2019 Junior Kennel Club-Members Handlers German Shorthaired Pointer First 9 Y
30-Jun-2019 Dogs NSW State Finals Keeshond Third 11 Y
30-Jun-2019 Epic Whippet Second 6 Y
20-Jul-2019 North of the Harbour Irish Setter Third 2 Y
27-Jul-2019 Warner’s Bay Dog Sports Club Cocker Spaniel First 5 Y
4-Aug-2019 Campbelltown & District Samoyed Third 4 Y
10-Aug-2019 British Bulldog Club QLD British Bulldog First 2 Y
11-Aug-2019 French Bulldog Club QLD French Bulldog First 4 Y
24-Aug-2019 Toy & Terrier Club Pug Second 2 Y
25-Aug-2019 Port Stephens Australian Shepherd Second 5 Y
31-Aug-2019 Dogs NSW Spring Fair Borzoi First 9 Y
21-Sep-2019 Woodland Charity Show Border Collie First 1  
5-Oct-2019 Cocker Spaniel Club ACT Cocker Spaniel First 2  
Pointscore total based on top 40 shows (points value) 114