Junior Handlers Competition 2023

Handler Profile

Handler Name : Cassidy Lee-Hartford
Age Class : 13 to under 19 years
Competition State : VIC

Points tally based on top 40 shows (points value) : 41
Number of First Place Wins : 12
Number of Second Place Wins : 0

Cassidy is a third generation handler, born into dogs particularly Golden Retrievers . She commenced handling in early 2014 and has progressed and matured so well through the past few years that she is considered one of the top handlers in our state.
She is efficient in many breeds and competes most weekends

Cassidy has won her age handlers at our royal Melbourne show for the past two years and is the state winner for the past few years for her age group

Cassidy has just turned 13 and now up in the senior class however that has not stopped her for being a consistent winner against much older children

In 2019 Cassidy attendees and showed at the WDS in shanghai and was awarded overall third in the international country challenge , we are very proud of her and she learnt so much whilst handling overseas which she now has used in her handling back home . The competition overseas was exceptional and extremely hard, and Cassidy competed and was awarded highly against much older children up to 19 years of age.
She met and became friends with many international handlers.

Cassidy is well liked by her peers and other exhibitors and goes out of her way to help as many people as she can. She goes out of her way to help those who are new and to give lots of encouragement to them, this is a very important point in any handler ,

She has learnt so much and is very keen to pursue a career in dogs . We thank everyone who has helped her along the way and those who have been supportive in allowing her to handle your dogs .

She has already qualified for the state final once again and will be competing in the senior age group

We feel that Cassidy has a very bright future ahead of her and she wants to pursue judging and handling overseas which she has already been invited to do so.

We proudly post the newest photo of Cassidy and her huge win at the 2019 WDS, the rosette hangs with pride in our home .
Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 40
2-Jan-2023 DV new years show Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) First 2 Y
3-Jan-2023 DV Champ show Australian Shepherd First 3 Y
12-Mar-2023 Bulla extravganza Finnish Lapphund First 4 Y
12-Mar-2023 Bulla extravganza handler final Cairn Terrier First 2 Y
30-Apr-2023 colac Ch Show Saluki First 1 Y
1-Jul-2023 Vic Poultry Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) First 5 Y
2-Jul-2023 box hill KC Siberian Husky First 4 Y
9-Jul-2023 Kcc Park Golden Retriever First 5 Y
23-Jul-2023 Casey Kc Golden Retriever First 3 Y
5-Aug-2023 Castlemaine Kc Golden Retriever First 4 Y
5-Aug-2023 Benedigo Kc (PM show) Cairn Terrier First 4 Y
12-Aug-2023 Lilydale Kc Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) First 4 Y
Pointscore total based on top 40 shows (points value) 41