Blaustein Ghost BH - Gov Service Dog

Blaustein Ghost (Grand National Champion Nordenstamm Tex IPO3 x Nordenstamm Udine BH, TR1)

Blaustein Ghost is widely regarded as the best Nordenstamm Tex son in the country. Ghost was assessed and selected for a role in one of Australia's Defence Special forces units, however due to other reasons he was unable to be sold to the unit.

At the Working Malinois Australia 2018 Championships held at the Gold Coast Ghost achieved his BH title with the judge giving him high praise for his work and character and commended him on his power, speed, focus and workability.

Ghost while having a natural ability to excel in the sport world has been recently developed to join the Policing world and will begin this career in early 2019 with a new handler.

Ghost has extreme prey drive and possesses a full and hard bite. Ghost is extremely fast and agile and loves to work.

Ghost has a deep nose whilst tracking and is very focused in his work.

Ghost is a very loving and affectionate boy with a lovely switch into active aggression when called upon.

Comment from Wassilios Broumas "A very fast and hard hitting male with fantastic in bites. Super Drives."

Comment from Ronnie HUEMKE "I love this dog! He hits so hard on the long bite.

Comment from Queensland Police Service Handler "He is intense!! Intense in his tracking, Intense in his bite work, Intense in his drives. A very high quality dog that you just don't come across in Australia."

Ghost is available in frozen semen only due to now being owned by a government agency and no longer able to be accessed for natural matings or collections.

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Pedigree for Blaustein Ghost BH - Gov Service Dog
Sire : Nordenstamm Tex IPO3 S: Fred vom Brunsbeker Land IPO3 S: Caspar vom Further Moor IPO3
D: Aimy vom Brunsbeker Land IPO3
D: Lilo von der Krähenschmiede IPO3 S: Lupano's Duke IPO3
D: Dinga von der Krähenschmiede IPO3
Dam : Nordenstamm Udine BH, TR1 S: Nordenstamm Hassan IPO3, FH2 S: Yagus van de Duvetorre IPO3
D: Zita van de Berlex-Hoeve IPO3, FH2
D: Nordenstamm Kastra S: Zico van de Berlex-Hoeve IPO3, FH2
D: Nordenstamm Hannah IPO3, Fh2