Our noticeboard will advise of changes to the Dogz Online site and also changes to shows (eg change of judge etc). If you are a show secretary and need to let our visitors know of any changes, please email the details through to us and we can update our noticeboard.

West Australian Terrier Club Inc All Breeds Shows - 29th to 31st March - Schedule changes

Ms K McGhie (NSW) will be judging the following: Friday - Working Dogs, Saturday - Utility, Sunday - Hounds.

Ms M Schelbach (QLD) will be judging the following: Friday - Non Sporting, Saturday - Toys, Sunday - Gundogs.

Wollongong & District KC - 2nd & 3rd February - Change of Judge

Mr D Aitchison (Tas) is unable to Judge and will be replaced by Mrs V Harris (NSW)

Dogs ACT Summer Festival Shows - 19th & 20th Jan - Change of Judge

Please note judge changes for the Dogs ACT Summer festival shows on 19th & 20th January.

Saturday Show
Group 1 Ms S McMahon replaced by Ms Lyndell Hutchcraft (ACT)
Group 5 Mr R McMahon replaced by Ms A Meyn (NSW)

Sunday AM Show
Group 2 Ms S McMahon replaced by Ms A Meyn (NSW)

Sunday PM Show
Group 6 Ms S McMahon replaced by Ms A Meyn (NSW)

Camperdown, Mt Elephant & Noorat Shows - 8th to 10th March - Judge Change & GSD Challenges

please note that Mt Elephant, Noorat & Camperdown CAN give Challenges for German Shepherd Dogs as the German Shepherd National has been moved to April.

Mrs J Sayers has been replaced with Ms J Sach (WA).

Naracoorte KC - 22nd to 24th February - Change of Judge

Ms S Edmunds (NSW) is unable to judge and will be replaced with Mr L Bradney (NSW)

Sunshine Kennel Club Inc - 16th February - Contact details change

Please note new contact details for Show Secretary.

New Contact details :
Phone (03) 431 34818