Our noticeboard will advise of changes to the Dogz Online site and also changes to shows (eg change of judge etc). If you are a show secretary and need to let our visitors know of any changes, please email the details through to us and we can update our noticeboard.

Hamilton KC - 24th & 25th August - Change of Judge

Mrs S Tringham (QLD) is unable to fulfil her appointment to judge at Hamilton, Mrs M Schelbach (QLD) has kindly agreed to take the appointment.
Saturday Groups 7, 1, General Specials & Baby Puppy Sweepstakes
Sunday Groups 4, 6 & Puppy Sweepstakes

North of the Harbour ABKC - 19th to 21st July - Change of Judge

Please be advised that Mr Mario Divanni will be unable to fulfil his assignment at these shows.

The Committee are very pleased to announce that Ms Joy McFarlane (South Africa) has very kindly agreed to drop everything to come over and judge Mr Divanni's assignments.

Please note also that the Saturday show will also be a Pointscore Show for the Basenji Club of NSW.

Northern Classic KC (Show 2) - 4th August - Change of Judge

Group 5 was to be judged by Michelle Hammond but now will be judged by Mrs Sue Bruno.

Campbelltown & Dist ABKC - 4th Aug - Change of Judge

Miss Christine Timms will now judge Working Dogs at the Campbelltown NSW show being held on 4 August 2019 replacing Helen Durell.

Horsham-Wimmera Shows - 17th & 18th Aug - Schedule correction

Please note that the dates in the Dogs Victoria gazette are incorrect. The dates should read 17th & 18th August 2019.

Also note that camping is available. For camping, please contact the Horsham Ag Society (Andrea Cross) 0400425254

All Breeds Dog Club of WA - 27th & 28th July - Change of Judge

Please note judge changes as follows for these shows.

Saturday 27 July
A Brown to judge Hounds and then Non-Sporting.
Groups 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 at 10am, Groups 3 & 7 not before 11.30am

Sunday 28 July
A Brown to judge Terriers and then Working Dogs
N Abela to judge Gundogs and then Hounds
Groups 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7 at 10am, Groups 4 & 5 not before 11.30am