The Australian Terrier

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight6 - 7 Kg (approx)
Life Span12-14 Years (approx)


Sturdy low set dog - longer than high. Alert, sound and active. Has a distinct rough around the neck to the breastbone. A longish head gives it a hard bitten rugged aussie appearance.


Australia's own Terrier Breed evolved from a variety of British Terriers brought to Australia by early settlers. Bred for Australian conditions for killing snakes and rats but became popular as a companion for their loyalty to owners. Blue and Tan, Sandy and Red colours.


A working terrier, but a great family dog, very loyal with a great disposition. Not a constant barking dog but will let you know if something is around.

Care / Grooming

Easy to care for. Groom daily with a bristle brush if necessary. Mainly keep the hair around and under the feet trimmed and toe nails clipped. Wash if required to keep coat clean - more often if an inside dog.


Rarely any health problems but leg perthes is in the breed occasionally. By buying from a reputable Canine Control Council breeder will help to supply a problem free dog as ATC members are trying to breed out any health faults.

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