The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight8 Kg (approx)
Life Span10+ Years (approx)


Intelligent and alert. They are a small but hardy breed with a soft expression and a loving nature.

They come in four colours - Blenheim(Tan and White), Tri Colour(Black & White with Tan highlights), Ruby(Solid Red) and Black and Tan.


Originally bred in England in the time of King Charles they were his favourite breed and were popular lap dogs among his ladies of court.

In present day times they are a very popular breed, known for their adaptability, wonderful nature and living temperament.


Cavaliers have a wonderfully loving nature. Excellent with children, the elderly or anything in between. They are a hardy breed who will be just as happy with lots of exercise as they are sleeping on the lounge. Their main desire is to be with people and they are not suited to long periods alone.

They are not great fuard dogs as they just love people.

Care / Grooming

Minimal grooming is required although attention should be paid to the 'feathering' on the legs, under the tail and behind the ears etc. A regular weekly brush and comb through would be fine.

They can be prone to over eating (hard to say No to those appealing eyes) but care chould be taken they do not get too overweight.


Generally a healthy breed there are some problems they are more prone to. The main areas of concern should be MVD (heart condition), Slipping Patella (Knees) and eye problems including PRA (Progressive retinal Atrophy) etc.

If you purchase a puppy from a respectable breeder who health tests appropriately then the likelihood of these problems are greatly reduced.

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