The Cesky Terrier

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight6 - 10 Kg (approx)
Life Span10-14 Years (approx)


Short-Legged, long haired, well made and well muscled with smallish drop ears, longer in body than height at withers.


The Cesky Terrier resulted from a cross-breeding of a Sealyham Terrier dog and a Scottish Terrier bitch with the aim of developing a light, short legged well pigmented hunting Terrier with practical drop ears, easy to groom and easy to train. In 1949 the originator of the breed, Mr Frantisek Horak from Klanovice a small town near Prague in the Czech Republic started to improve the breed by fixing their characteristics. Cesky Terriers were shown for the first time in 1959 and finally recognised by the F.C.I in 1963.


Though originally bred for hunting foxes and badgers, today they are more a house and a loving companion dog. The Cesky is quite easy to train, somewhat reserved with strangers and has a calm and kindly disposition.

Care / Grooming

The Cesky is an easy care dog but like all long haired breeds needs to be bathed at least every other week and combed out regularly. Nails need to be clipped and ears cleaned. A show dog of course requires more grooming but unlike most Terrier breeds electric clippers are used instead of tedious hand stripping. There is of course a required show clip, your breeder would be helpful in this matter.


A very healthy and strong breed though fertility can sometimes be a problem.

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