The Clumber Spaniel

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight30 - 35 Kg (approx)
Life Span10 - 14 Years (approx)


The heaviest of the land spaniels, denoting a strong gentle dog with unique features so necessary to their field work. Well boned, large head, long in body, low set to the ground. Essentially white all over with slight head markings but small body markings acceptable, markings can be either the traditional lemon/yellow or orange.


Named for the Duke of Newcastle's estate in northern Sherwood Forest, Clumber Park, the true origin of the white spaniel is diverse and from across Europe, but was developed into a breed within the Duke's gamekeeper's care.


Referred to as the Gentlemanís Gundog for his thoughtful nature and ability to work thoroughly at a consistent pace day long. Should never show aggression. Can be aloof. Usually fits into any family environment happily. Loves to be part of and devoted to his family. Learns and retains training very well if taught by example not compulsion.

Care / Grooming

Thorough brush out and ear clean weekly, with full bathing as required. Prefers outdoor live but revels in household life if it is active.


When choosing your companion ensure your breeder has taken precautions against entropion, ectropion, hip dysplasia, PDP1, and any other disease or condition. Refer to the breedís club website for mandatory and recommended testing and practices.

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