The Deerhound

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight36.5 - 45.5 Kg (approx)
Life Span8 - 10 Years (approx)


Resembles a rough coated greyhound of larger size and bone. The build suggests the unique combination of speed, power and endurance necessary to pull down a stag, but general bearing is one of gentle dignity.


Deerhounds have a long and regal lineage that can be traced back through the years where they have earned their place in history as The Royal Dog of Scotland. The strong genetic stability of this breed can be seen when you compare the breed photos from the 1800's to those of today. The grace and dignity of these hounds is reflected in the words of Sir Walter Scott who described them as "the most perfect creatures of heaven." Many theories exist about the exact origin of the breed. Sometimes referred to by a variety of names, details of the hunting prowess of Scottish Deerhounds, Scottish Greyhounds, Highland Greyhounds, Scottish Staghounds, etc proclaim the speed, courage, loyalty and hunting ability of this noble breed from the 1500s through to today. There is one theory that the breed goes back over 1000 years. Highland chieftains so prized their deerhounds that battles were fought over the theft of a hound and in the 16th century a leash of hounds were a revered gift from James VI of Scotland to the King of Denmark.


Gentle and friendly. Obedient and easy to train because eager to please. Docile and good tempered, never suspicious, aggressive or nervous. Carries himself with quiet dignity.

Care / Grooming

As with many large breeds it is important to limit free exercise while the puppy is growing. Basic obedience and socialising is recommended.

For pets nails need to be trimmed as the dog gets older,
coat needs regular brushing/combing approximately once per week to keep it in good condition,
trim hair between toes

For show as above plus it may be necessary to strip longer hair from ears


Very few recognized health problems in the breed however the following should be noted

Factor VII deficiency hereditary, can cause excessive, sometimes fatal, bleeding from minor wounds and surgery
Portosystemic shunt - a hereditary abnormality of blood vessels in the
liver that can cause poor growth and various signs of ill health, including seizures and death
cardiomyopathy - can lead to sudden death or gradual heart failure, occurs mostly in mature or older aging Deerhounds
cystinuria - a hereditary abnormality of urine formation that can lead to bladder stones and life threatening urinary tract obstruction, especially in male Deerhounds

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