The Irish Wolfhound

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight63 - 73 Kg (approx)
Life Span8 Years (approx)


Of great size and commanding appearance. A large rough coated heavily built, greyhound like dog, with longer face furnishings. The tallest of all the breeds.


Bred to humt and kill wolves, but live in the castles to look after the children.


Wary of strangers, but very loving of family and friends. Love to be with people. They must have a good run every day and are then happy to sleep it off on the couch. Not a breed to be left alone for long periods. Needs to live inside with it's family - not a yard dog. Needs gentle, but consistant training without sharp rebuke for correction. Not a good guard dog, although tends to provide some level of deterant due to it's immense size. Does not cope at all with heat.

Care / Grooming

Requires a good 10min brush once a week. Bath once a month. Check/clean ears refularly. Check/Trim claws fortnightly. DO NOT LET THEM GET FAT!!! A daily run is highly recommended for adults with shorter exercise for young growing hounds. Not always good with cats if they run. Needs a large quantity of good food especially when growing so quickly. It's larger food and room requirements makes this a breed that is not right for everyone.


Please ensure you are getting a dog from a breeder who is concerned about hearts. Heart problems (Arterial fibrillation) can be a problem although from clear lines, can live to a good age especially if not allowed to ger overweight and exercised regularly. Cancer (especially osteosarcoma (bone cancer)) is a problem in the breed with no indication until it is too late. And as a large deep chested breed, bloat/gastric torsion can also be a killer. It can be a heart breakeng breed.

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