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Michayla Nolan
Location :
Bendigo VIC
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The Rabbit (“kaninchen”) sized dachshund is newly recognised by the ANKC, the smallest variety of dachshund in the FCI show rings.

Whilst they are small (chest <32cm for boys, <30cm for girls), they are dachshunds - hunters, diggers, with big attitudes and will. Rabbit dachshunds must contain adequate muscle and strength to sprint after prey, dig into holes, and catch their prey. It’s much more than just producing small dachshunds. How they are structured to is paramount to their health.

Our lines are imported from Japan and in 2023 from Europe. I cannot thank enough the beautiful specialist rabbit breeders abroad who have supported and mentored me in this new breed endeavour, and we hope to do you proud in Australia.
We hope to breed a combination of these beautiful lines to produce healthy, conformationally correct offspring.

As a show breeder, we will be taking to the ring in late 2022 to begin titling in the conformation ring.

We will not have any litters until AT THE EARLIEST mid 2023.

Our adults are health tested, including DNA testing for PRA, and X-ray back and hip scored (looking at the potential inherited risk of IVDD and hip dysplasia), and tested for patella subluxation.

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Contact :
Margi Healey
Location :
Taranaki NZ
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Dogue de Bordeaux Puppies.
Confirmed pregnancy at
Chienrouge Kennels of Almastem Our Girl (Saben)
Litter due around the 12th June.
All enquiries to my email
[email protected]

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